From FB–A Revolution in Psychiatry-no more psychotropic drugs! Goodbye to this nonsense, says Norway.

Åsgård psychiatric hospital in Tromsø, Norway is a rather tired-looking facility, its squat buildings mindful of institutional architecture from the Cold War era, and in terms of its geographic location, it could hardly be located further from the centers of western psychiatry. Tromsø lies 215 miles north of the Arctic Circle, with tourists coming during the winter months to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Yet it is in this remote outpost, on a hospital floor that had been closed but was recently refurbished, that one can find a startling sign on the door to the ward: medikamentfritt behandlingstilbud.

The translation to English: medication free treatment. And this is an initiative that the Norwegian Ministry of Health ordered its four regional health authorities to create.

Magnus Hald, at the entry to the medicine-free ward in Tromsø

The title—medication free treatment—does not precisely capture the nature of…

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“Professional” guardian Mary Rowan kidnaps again, places disabled man in uninspected “group home” and he dies in fire 2 days later.

You would think that they took out April Parks 3 weeks ago for having hundreds of wards she kidnapped, forced them into dangerous group homes and nursing homes against their will, drained estates by churning bills and strife in families, Mary Rowan would be next.

Think again.  She’s still hot on the trail of being an infamous serial murderer of the disabled and elderly victims she guardianizes and then drains estates and kills them off.


Video above: Mary Rowan ward Raymond Davis among five men dead in fire in uninspected group home; husband John Cavataio featured in footage

Probate Court judge ordered Davis seized from his own apartment by Rowan and Detroit police March 7, 2017; two days later he died in fire

Well-known country music star Sharmian Lynette Worley’s mother…

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From–Health Care Fraud blog by US DOJ–many, many indictments! Over $130 million in fraud alone in Mar. 2017

From Ken  Ditkowsky;
 Law enforcement is working!     The Philip Esformes indictment in Florida and Seth Gillman plea of guilty in Illinois are the lodestar cases of Health care fraud as they lead directly to one of the most lucrative and prolific criminal enterprises in the United States.    Here in Chicago our local miscreants are so strong that the CALL for an HONEST INVESTIGATION are fighting words.   Any attorney who uses these words as is applied to judicial corruption or the massive Medicare frauds or the Elder Cleansing scandal will find himself/herself in the ‘sights’ of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.    If not intimidated the lawyer will find himself/herself with a suspended law license.   God Help the lawyer with a skin color that is dark.  (Lanre Amu got an interim and 3 year suspension of his law license because he was caught practicing…

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From PA–One Sex Abuse Victim tells his story – the Hurting.

This is from a psychologist who is helping him who wrote this for publication on my blog:

Exposing America’s Most Damaging Secret
 On Friday, May 27th, ABC featured a startling program about Bill Cosby that exposed his long history of drugging and raping dozens of young women. Earlier this Spring, Brock Turner a student at Stanford University in Palo Alto California, raped a nearly unconscious woman. He was sentenced to a slap on the wrist by a judge who apparently did not want to harm his athletic career. Brock’s father stated that the minor sentence was too much “just for getting 20 minutes of action”.
 What do these sexual abuse incidents tell us? Plenty. In nearly 50 years of full time practice as a clinical psychologist, I have witnessed many damaged and destroyed, suicidal women and several equally damaged men who were unable to get relief from…

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Looking for free or cheap office space to help clients blog about corruption and report to authorities

Lost my lease and now I have to move.  I need a kind, caring and understanding landlord that wants to clean up the court system.  NW side of Chicago w/parking for clients needed.  $800 per month or less.  Need one office and access to conference room space. I also write books about corruption in the courts.

Call me if you know of  anything or have anything.  773-255-7608.



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From Ken Ditkowsky–Ferreting out corruption in the courts

Subject: Re: [JudicialMisconduct] Fwd: Petition to Reinstate Law License and Notice of Claim for Damages against IARDC – Corrected Version
Date: Mar 24, 2017 1:48 PM
Ferreting out corrupt judges is NOT a task for the faint hearted.
With title records now on-line in many jurisdictions it is now relatively easy from the computer literate to find out where a particular judge resides, see how the title to his/her home is listed, and review the various transactions that have been placed of record.    Indeed, it is not that difficult to even ascertain the moderately hidden transactions in the spouse’s or children’s names. However, the task becomes a little more sophisticated when devices such as Land trusts and corporations are used as conduits for extra – circular remunerations.
In the blogs Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes and a bunch of others Janet Phelan’s investigations are chronicled as she unmasked…

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Tonight–Live on Cooper’s Corner Cable TV show–discussions on 4 Horror Story in the Court Books–Carmen Tozzo, Carol Wyman, Mike Larsen’s Book and American Nightmare

Here is the link to the show:

And we are still looking for 3 little girls (now in their teens) who were human trafficked and raped by a Monster as young as age two.  Their names are Layla, Emily and Annie Thomas. Two are twins. They are reported to be in Texas but could be anywhere.  If you know of where they are, please contact me immediately. There is a grandma looking for them, the biological mother has taken drugs and let the girls be sold to men for sex. The grand mother wants the girls back, safe and sound.

The books:

Each of these books was discussed on the show and how a corrupt court system allowed extremely vulnerable citizens–three young girls and two elderly women, so suffer through horrors propagated by the US court system.

We will be doing a follow up show next week…

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