About the Header

The picture on the far left is the Lady Justice or Goddess Themis or “Spirit of Justice” from the US Dept. of Justice.  It is the same Lady Justice that Mr. Ashcroft thought too immodest so he had special drapes installed for a cost of $7,000 to be shut when there was a press conference.

What a guy.

Apparently less offensive is “Majesty of Law” or god of law on the right.  He does not require special draperies but both of his breasts are showing.

I’m still researching the other Lady Justice, if anyone has a clue.  I think this Goddess of Justice appears at the top of a court house in the eastern states.

2 thoughts on “About the Header

    • excellent sleuthing. you are right! thanks. you should see the stories on the “old bailey” in London, amazing. 1,000 years of criminal history, from the times of pirates and thieves and such.


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