Tonight–Live on Cooper’s Corner Cable TV show–discussions on 4 Horror Story in the Court Books–Carmen Tozzo, Carol Wyman, Mike Larsen’s Book and American Nightmare

Here is the link to the show:

And we are still looking for 3 little girls (now in their teens) who were human trafficked and raped by a Monster as young as age two.  Their names are Layla, Emily and Annie Thomas. Two are twins. They are reported to be in Texas but could be anywhere.  If you know of where they are, please contact me immediately. There is a grandma looking for them, the biological mother has taken drugs and let the girls be sold to men for sex. The grand mother wants the girls back, safe and sound.

The books:

Each of these books was discussed on the show and how a corrupt court system allowed extremely vulnerable citizens–three young girls and two elderly women, so suffer through horrors propagated by the US court system.

We will be doing a follow up show next week…

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