From MG: Call your state representative or email them to support shared parenting in Illinois

Right now, too many parents are suffering not seeing their kids on a substantially 50 50 basis.

I believe whatever one parent gets one year, the other parent gets the same the next year.  So if mom has kids Mon to Friday one year and dad has a Wednesday evening and every other weekend, that should be switched in the following year, unless the parties agree to something else.  This should be the default.

And Mom takes the kids to her house of worship on her parenting time, and Dad on his.

The parent with the most parenting time makes decisions about extracurricular activities for the year.

this means less shuffling back and forth for kids.

Oh, and the wealthier parent pays child support and the other one files an accounting. (yes, rent, utilities and mortgage can count).

So take a look below and find your representative and write them…

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From Mike Ference on Clergy sex abuse victims: there may be good news coming

By Mike Ference

The latest scathing report on not one, but six Pennsylvania Dioceses is expected to be out possibly as early as May. Some advocates for survivors are predicting the worst case scenario. I’m one of them.

Is it possible that Pennsylvania government, PA law enforcement, PA media, PA Catholics and several others may have willingly given this institution a pass for sexually abusing innocent children?

As an advocate for Catholic Clergy sex victims for almost 30 years I crafted articles and essays, created a blog, posted on Facebook and comment sections. My views were turbulent analysis that took no prisoners.

Every story, article, comment I wrote took a toll on me; not only financially – as I let my home-based business almost fade away – but emotionally; as the stress was never ending.

When my articles started popping up on and; I knew I couldn’t quit.

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From EB: Texas attorney admits in guardianship, the wards have fewer rights than a prisoner

As we have argued many times on this blog–you have more rights in a prison than you do in guardianship.  And in a guardianship death is 99% of the time the only way out.

New Court Filing Argues the State’s Guardianship System Puts the Disabled at Risk

Posted By Sanford Nowlin on Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 4:05 pm

Thomas Coleman (left), appearing on a talk show aired by the Arc of Riverside County, said failings in the guardianship system put the disabled at risk of exploitation and abuse. - COURTESY OF THE SPECTRUM INSTITUTE
  • Courtesy of the Spectrum Institute
  • Thomas Coleman (left), appearing on a talk show aired by the Arc of Riverside County, said failings in the guardianship system put the disabled at risk of exploitation and abuse.

A group that advocates for the rights of the disabled has filed a class action complaint with the Texas Supreme Court arguing that the state’s adult guardianship system violates parts of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The Spectrum Institute, which made similar court filings in Missouri and Washington, says Texas’ state-appointed attorneys…

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From the Fla Court efiling system: While Barbara Stone rots in prison on false charges, her mother is about to be quietly dispatched–by a evil court order.

Well, I guess everyone knew this was coming. Barbara Stone fought hard for her mom. She created a bunch of blogs and exposed the guardianship corruption in Florida.  For that they took away her New York and Florida bar licenses.

No surprise there.

Next, it became much more evil, with the miscreants telling her to shut up or they would kill off her mom.

I could have told her to keep on yelling, because they will do that anyway, but now we have the proof and the end is near for Helen Stone, who for sure has given up on life because they are drugging her with chemical restraints, placed her in a nursing home and she is isolated from her daughter.

Why?  because Daughter Barbara Stone one day a few years back got a day of visitation with her mom.  Her mom was already on a feeding tube laced…

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From GG: $3.6 million verdict against Ocwen Loan Servicing for FFDCA violations, Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, etc.

By now most of you know OCWEN loan servicing (Ocwen is New Co spelled backward after too many horrible law suits against them, the banks use “loan servicing companies” and “evictions companies” and all sorts of 3rd party vendors to avoid true liability and that should be made illegal–consumer groups, do something about this scam).  Ocwen violates laws all the time, and graft and corrupt keeps these out of control foreclosures coming and coming at consumers.

TILA laws (or Truth in Lending) laws are frequently ignored in Cook County Courts and elsewhere throughout the nation as the banks have our judges in their pockets.

Read on for one small consumer victory. But for this one, thousands of consumers have no access to competent legal assistance, their cases are routinely dismissed, while banks and “mortgage servicing companies” collect massive fine, fees, penalties.  For more information, see the Kang Lee case where…

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From KKD: Medicare/Medicaid fraud rises to $36 billion in 2017

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From VR: Court watchers/court reporter needed for Tues. April 17, 2018 9:30 am for corrupt custody case

This case involves dissipation of marital assets and the yanking away of 2 young girls from a mother that loves them very much.

The mother has not been shown to be unfit.

She was set up by her ex husband to be in another country while he got a default divorce judgment in the US and custody of 2 little girls.

Mother is heartbroken and destitute.  He dissisipated over $300k in marital assets and now makes over $250k per year.

Mother has “supervised” visitation for $100 per hour with some corrupt court room vendor.  But she has no money and no job (if you have one for her, plmk, she works sporadically when she can get work).

Please pray for Mother and girls and contact me if you can court watch on that day, the 17th at 9:30 am Daley Center.

If you are a court reporter and can donate…

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