From RM: Great video from Shawn McMillan on corruption in child “protective” service

This is a must watch for those of you with corrupt children’s cases and lying social workers, DCFS workers and others in the court room.

In the video attorney McMillan gives a lot of case law citations on lies in written testimony and lies told as a witness in court by the police, DCFS workers, social workers and consultant and provides many, many case citations.

This is a must watch for all you corruption fighters out there

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From FB: Baby Alfie dies at 2:30 am and parents left heartbroken

The question now is whether or not parents will gain more rights to determine what happens with their own child and whether guardianship laws will be curtailed to allow them to do this and not leave precious babies (and our elders) at the hands of cruel judges and lawyers (barristers) who know nothing and care nothing about a child or grandparent.

Let’s see what happens.

Maybe this cn change gship laws in the US.

so sad, prayers


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From FB: Interesting turn of events from Baby Alfie family–stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with hopsital?

The goal now of Baby Alfie’s family, having been denied the right to take the baby to Rome where Italian doctors will treat when UK doctors won’t, is now from the 21 year old father, stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with the hospital in hopes of taking our baby home.

How many times have you all heard that from DCFS, DFS, APS, the probate court system etc.–all you have to do is cooperate, stop the ralleys and protests, work with us and cooperate and then you can take your child home.

Did it work for Barbara Stone?  Nope, they’re getting ready to kill off Helen Stone as Barbara rots in prison on false charges.

Did it work for Ilwanna Lahoody where the son was promised, you can take mom home, if only you cooperate.  Well he lost his home, his $600k bank account and his mom.  I’m…

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From FB: Baby Alfie still alive but UK courts will not release him to Vatican Hospital by airlift

In yet another episode of heartless and cruel court systems and a child under guardianship, read on:


Who is Alfie Evans, how long has the baby been at Alder Hey hospital and who are his parents Tom Evans and Kate James?

The child’s life support has been switched off after his parents lost the latest in a string of legal battles

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from FB: Baby Alfie is still alive after life support removed 36 hours later

Here is your update on Baby Alfie and I hope everyone is praying.

The UK courts and doctors said he is terminal and to remove life support and doctor filed affidavits the baby would not last more than 5 minutes after life support was removed.

The parents contacted a Vatican doctor who agreed to take the child and provide any and all life sustaining treatments for him. The UK courts basically said F that, we know when life is over.

Or do they?

Check out the story here:

The reality is, real scientists will tell you NO ONE on planet earth really knows when life begins or ends.  We have some grasps of quantum physics, chemistry and biology, but we are no where near the truth yet.

Baby Alfie so far has defied the odds.

So far he has shown all the alleged “expert” MD’s and for sure he’s…

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From FB: yet another report of forced hospice/Medicare/Medicaid fraud

Medicare Fraud Case Claims Optum Put Patients in Hospice Care Who Weren’t Terminal

The U.S. Justice Department has decided to join in a federal lawsuit filed by two Colorado whistleblowers; it alleges that a national palliative care provider improperly billed Medicare millions of dollars for hospice services provided to patients who weren’t terminally ill. The suit against Optum Palliative and Hospice Care claims that the company offered hefty bonuses to employees who kept the numbers of patients up and fired those who attempted to weed out patients who weren’t eligible for hospice benefits.

“Hospice care plays a critical role in our health care system, providing for end-of-life care as opposed to curative life care,” said John Walsh, Colorado’s U.S. Attorney, in a statement announcing the…

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From MG: Call your state representative or email them to support shared parenting in Illinois

Right now, too many parents are suffering not seeing their kids on a substantially 50 50 basis.

I believe whatever one parent gets one year, the other parent gets the same the next year.  So if mom has kids Mon to Friday one year and dad has a Wednesday evening and every other weekend, that should be switched in the following year, unless the parties agree to something else.  This should be the default.

And Mom takes the kids to her house of worship on her parenting time, and Dad on his.

The parent with the most parenting time makes decisions about extracurricular activities for the year.

this means less shuffling back and forth for kids.

Oh, and the wealthier parent pays child support and the other one files an accounting. (yes, rent, utilities and mortgage can count).

So take a look below and find your representative and write them…

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