From Jakkie Pidanick–Very Rare Audio tape of court corruption victim being harassed by state police (SLED)

Most of the time, clients are harassed and there is no recording of the incident.  This situation is rare because they client had numerous friends in the court corruption arena (including me who also forewarned and forearmed her) that once she filed a complaint in Federal Court, or filed a grievance with the attorney registration board (which she did) or filed with the judiciary discipline board, it is not uncommon to expect a wide variety of harassment and intimidation for revealing court corruption publicly.

Well, it happened.  While these state police officers insist they were contacted by Facebook, Jakkie advises me there is very heated litigation ongoing in federal court for her posting to remove her trial court judge on Facebook.  Attorney Marshall Horton immediately sent her a cease and desist letter (get this one) claiming that Mother violated a non disparagement clause in the visitation/custody court order judgment because…

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Important Announcement–Justice 4 Every1, NFP is now a 501-c-3 corporation and your donations are now officially tax deductible.

I just got the letter today.  Because of the letter, we cannot campaign for or against any candidate as a main part of our business. For that reason, please submit your posts in a format that does not identify and particular person who runs for office as a way to support them or discourage voting for them.

Of course, we are still allowed to speak the truth about what happens in court and warn people about elder abuse, it’s just that we cannot make this a main part of our business or make it look like we are endorsing any particular person who runs for office.

Reporting crimes and abuses of the system is different, and the public must be warned.

If you want a tax deduction for your contribution, you must receive a donation letter from us at the end of the year, which we will provide upon request.

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From MG: Parental Alienation Protest–Tomorrow, April 25, 2017 Chicago Daley Center 10 am to 4 pm

Here are the details:

Thompson Center plaza

100 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL

10:30AM – 4:00PM

See you there.


Michael D. Gerhardt (Cell: 312-593-5100)

I think this would be a great day for all the courtroom corruption victims to gather together with protest signs and make their voice known.

There’s always media coverage at the Thompson Center for a large rally, and I know that Mick Gearhart is always a great activist working for fairness and accountability in our nation’s courtroom.

Thanks Mick, for putting this together.

Co parenting 50-50 is always best unless one parent is proved unfit by clear and convincing evidence.

Far too often today the parent with the most money, the parent who sleeps with the judges or attorneys, ends up the winner takes all in custody battles.

This has got to end.

Same in probate.  Certain connected attorneys are allowed to take huge chunks of…

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Fundraiser today for Justice 4 Every1 for rent 5330 W Devon Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago

Now that the move is over, we must continue to do fundraisers. We do not receive corporate money of any kind, nor do we receive any government grants.

During the last month, however, the Office of State Guardian narcotized poor Jay Brouckmeersh, age 92 to death using the ER docs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, so we are all aware that the need to bring justice back to guardianship court is dire and acute.

Please join us today from 2 to 4 pm, as we continue our fight for Justice and Accountability in the Cook County, Illinois Probate Court System.

We will be having (courtesy of a donor) smoked salmon and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and wine and cheese.  Please bring a dish or whatever you would like to share.

We accept donations by:  text, fax or email. Simply take a picture of your check and text it to 773 255…

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From NASGA–hidden cameras show elderly woman being abused by aides in nursing home

SHARON, Mass. – A hidden camera captured a 93-year-old great-grandmother being tossed around and her hair pulled in a Sharon nursing home and rehab last week.

The video, set up by her family in her room at Wingate at Sharon, shows two women toss the elderly resident into her wheelchair. The resident, whose family, has identified her only as Dorothy, then struggles to maintain her balance.

“Get the hell away from me,” Dorothy says. “You think you’re pretty smart,” as one aide shows Dorothy her fist. Seconds later, the other aide grabs her hair from behind and yanks her head around.

The video from March 5 begins with Dorothy, who has dementia, swearing at and exchanging swipes with the pair. She threatens to break one certified nursing assistant (CNA)’s nose and says she will call police. Her granddaughter Kristen says Dorothy was defending herself.

“She can’t really hurt…

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New Recommended Book–Michigan Monsters–the story of murder of an elderly father

Best of all, if you have Amazon unlimited, it’s free.  If not, it’s a bargain at $2.99.

The book does an excellent job of detailing the harrowing end of days of one elderly man, age 72, who was in good mental health, and good physical condition.

Once drugs are dispensed, it’s an easy step to have the person declared incompetent, put in a locked down nursing home where more drugs are dispenses–and every knows (or should know), if you were mentally competent prior to taking these drugs, they will ruin your mind and body.

Psychotropic drugs are not FDA approved for those over 60 or under 20, but they are dispensed all the time to the elderly.  Up to 80% of nursing home residents are dispensed psychotropic drugs, whether they want them or need them or not.  The FDA has declared this is a dangerous practice–so dangerous that in fact…

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From FB: Medical Kidnap–If you don’t think there is something seriously wrong with our justice system, take a look at these horrors

Health Impact News

Earlier this month (October 2014) we reported the sad story of the Diegel family, who had their two daughters seized by Phoenix Children’s Hospital for disagreeing with the doctors over their treatment. We have previously reported many similar stories of hospitals using Child Protection Services (CPS) to remove children from loving parents simply for disagreeing with doctors, such as Justina Pelletier at Boston Children’s Hosptial, and Isaiah Rider at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Behind each of these stories is a link to experimental drug trials for the same medical conditions these children were suffering. This prompted a group of lawmakers on Capital Hill to introduce new legislation to stop this kind of medical experimentation on children who are seized from parents and made wards of the state (see: “Justina’s Law” Seeks to End Experimental Medical Research on Children Seized by Child Protection Services).

History of…

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Center of Concern in Park Ridge needs more volunteers for “Volunteer Day” on April 29, 2017 at 9:30 am

Please come and volunteer if you can. This organization helps keep seniors in their own home.

I have not heard of any situations where they ratted out a senior and put them in a nursing home, but let me know if any one has heard of this and I will publish any documented story..

You can volunteer by going to their website at

thanks for your participation.


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And a Happy Easter to all of you out there who have been erased from a loved senior or disabled person.

I know that this past weekend was very hard on many, many children and nieces and nephews who could not see a beloved grandparent because the state has erased them from your lives, issued false protective orders, issued false directions to nursing homes, etc.– all in the name of money.

Your elderly or disabled person was sold and that was it.

In order to perfect the sale, a letter or order issued in a summary manner saying no one can visit them.

This means they can be abused and abused again and no one will know.

My heart goes  out to you at this time and I pray for healing and comfort for you.

This has happened in soooo many case in Illinois and throughout the nation, it is a disgusting, horrible situation that simply cannot be ignored.

Mary Sykes–isolated for 6 years from 20+ friends and family–no more Easters…

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