From Ken and Judy Ditkowsky–home health care fraud flourishes in Chicago

It appears that Judy found a Chicago Tribune article that is worth reading, to wit:
The article unfortunately did not reference the four GAO reports to Congress,  the umpteen disclosures in the Probate Sharks, NASGA, AAAPG, MaryGSykes blog, the Philip Esformes bullion dollar fraud case, etc.    The authors are reinventing the wheel; however, it is an important start and an update on exactly where we are in the human trafficking scandal.    (As reference point we are one meter into the 250 meter dash! and every one is reinventing the wheel)
Even though the Philip Esformes case was covered by the Chicago Tribune, and the Seth Gillman case received mention the “media investigators” failed to build on what should have been learned from the said cases.
Maybe our best hope is the Department of Treasury (Internal Revenue Service).    The trillion dollars in ‘booty’ that…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Federal Report shows that Illinois leads in nursing home abuses cases

It would be very nice to be naive.   A naive person could believe that the ARDC is interested in protecting the public from dishonest lawyers.   A naive person would believe the words and phrases of Chicago’s mayor.    A naive person would believe that words of the candidates for governor and in particular believe that ‘fat man’ who tots his difficult childhood as the child of billionaires!   A naive person would believe that Chicago elections are honest and every vote counts!    **** Indeed, it would be nice to have just fallen off the cabbage truck!   BUT SUCH IS NOT THE CASE.
If I was ever naive, I was cured of the disease shortly after I received my law license and a Judge called my home and stated: “THE BID IS 5”    Of course I had no idea what he was talking about, BUT I SOON LEARNED.   I came…

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From FB: What is up with our Cook County Board–Tim Evans sues Preckwinkle?!?!

This is absolutely ridiculous.  With filing fees reaching $400 per case and the system being mostly computerized, how is it that the court system needs more money.

I think Evans should be suing Dorothy Brown to fully computerized the court system, put recording devices in every courtroom, provide computers to transcribe and put everything online like Pacer for 8 cents per page.

Pacer must be raking in millions.

The Federal Court system isn’t struggling, so why is Cook County so screwed up?

The key to all of this is getting rid of non tech savvy anyone in the court system and automating everything.

The beverage tax was a disaster.  The bag tax is just as bad.

What they really want (the Mayor and the Cook County President) is a tax on breathing Cook County air, so just go ahead and do that.

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From Ken Ditkowsky–update status on Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 case

To: White House <>, Chicago FBI <>, ……..
Subject: Fw: Re: MARY G SYKES
Date: Dec 6, 2017 10:59 AM
Few cases involve the infamy that this particular case has.   IT IS A MONUMENT TO PUBLIC CORRUPTION that is heretofore unmasked in American jurisprudence.    Indeed, judicial corruption has been exposed before, but, few cases match Sykes.
Please let me explain  –  The record documents in this case are replete with irrefutable evidence of FRAUD.     The miscreants were open and notorious in their misbehavior – in fact they were proud of it.    Let’s start with the service of summons.
Mary Sykes sought an order of protection from the person names as plenary guardian because she caught that person alleging stealing several thousand dollars from her.   The plenary guardian countered by filing a Petition for guardianship…

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From KKD: New Chicago Task force for Health Care Fraud Formed

With Chicago being a major center for health care fraud (see the tales of death of Jay Brouckmeersch, murdered in probate, Mary Sykes, Dorothy Baker, Helen Rector, Alan Frake, etc.) this comes as no surprise:

United States Attorney’s Office in Chicago Creates New Unit to Prosecute Criminal Health Care Fraud Violations

CHICAGO — Joel R. Levin, Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, today announced the creation of a new unit dedicated to the prosecution of criminal health care fraud violations.

The newly created Health Care Fraud Unit will operate within the office’s Criminal Division. The unit will be tasked with prosecuting defendants in all types of health care fraud, from providers who engage in fraudulent billing schemes to doctors who falsify patients’ diagnoses to justify expensive tests or procedures that aren’t medically necessary.

“Every year, health care fraud causes millions of dollars in losses…

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