Demand from Lanre Amu to Jerome Larkin–reinstate my license and pay $35 million in damages!

As you all are well aware, Mr. Amu had a trial by the ARDC that was totally devoid of due process.  No judges showed up that he could cross examine on all their perfidy and corruption, yet Mr. Amu was accused of making “false statements” against judges.

The most inane part of all of this is that if you Google Lanre Amu, you will see his decision in which the ARDC finds him guilty (as they did Ken and myself) of making “false statements” regarding judges, and then right below it is an article on Judge Lynn Egan in which Crain’s Chicago business did an investigative report on exactly what Mr. Amu claimed as corruption–and more. (Amu was appearing before Judge Lynn Egan not knowing that her brother’s law firm was his opponents, appearing on cases–and winning, not surprisingly. When he found out he was furious and accused her of…

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