For Jerome Larkin today, It is time to start defending the Constitution and stop ignoring it.

Yes, Mr. Larkin, the US Supreme Court is still recognizing people’s rights under the US Constitution as the law of the land, even if you are not.

I feel sorry for Alice Gore, Carol Wyman, Rose Drabik, Lydia Tyler, Mrs. DB, Ms. LV, Mr. Spera, Mrs. L, Mrs. MP and other Illinoisans who have suffered under your watch and command in the Probate Courts and complaints were filed and routinely dismissed.  GAL’s and probate attys were protected at the expense of these elderly women.

I advise clients who have suffered injustices to write to the ARDC too with their complaints, but don’t expect much, write to the FBI and be specific.

It’s a very sad statement to make.  Let me know when your polices have changed.

And no, your agency does not need more money to simply glance at a complaint, discern the word “probate” and toss the letter in…

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Atty Ken Ditkowsky speaks out-agan, and again, and again, and again—because nothing is being done by the ARDC to protect seniors/disableds

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 28, 2014 3:59 PM
To: GLORIA Jean SYKES , JoAnne Denison , “” , Eric Holder , “” , “” , “” , Chicago FBI , NASGA , LUCIUS VERENUS , Judy Ditkowsky , states attorney , Chicago Tribune , “” , Eric Blair , “” , scottevans , “” , Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan , jim , stevehuntly sun times , matt senator kirk , “” , “”

Jerome Larkin and the attorneys in the employ of the Attorney Registration and Deception Commission – as well as Mr. Stern, Ms. Farenga, Ms. Schmiedel, Ms Solo, Judge Connors, Judge Stuart and all who engage in the cottage industry of elder abuse are culpable.   18 USCA 4 requires that they be reported to law enforcement.  18 USCA 371 affords them culpability.    18 USCA 1341 and other statutes in the…

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Quotes from my favorite case — US v. Washington Post aka “Pentagon Papers”

At one time, back in 1972, Daniel Ellsburg was deemed by the FBI the country’s “most dangerous man”.

His crime (and he had his kids help him with this), he leaked to national media Pentagon Papers that indicated that 1) the war in Vietnam was a sham; 2) the Pentagon and executive branch was publishing outright lies about the war in order to promote it and lengthen it; and 3) this was done for the benefit of US mega corp war profiteers.

The district court dismissed the suit and the US government’s request for an injunction against publishing the Pentagon Papers, The Court of Appeals reverse and an injunction issued.  The US Supreme Court, in a 9 to 0 decision firmly told the US court system that the First Amendment is alive and kicking, and the lower courts should be ashamed for what they had done to Mr. Ellsburg.


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Excellent Excerpts from Mr. Lanre’s Brief–an honest, suspended attorney

I wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Amu has prayed (he is very religious) and has let Spirit guide him.  Which of course means he will be out at the Daley Center every day he can (and the ARDC, I hope) protesting the goings on in the Cook County Court System and in Illinois and the nation everywhere the law is X but what the courts are doing is Y.


photo (c) Lanre Amu, copyright 2014, all rights reserved

He is happy and proud as a clam alerting dozens and dozens of attorneys to the plight of himself, myself and Ken–attorneys that speak out and want TRUTH, HONESTY, JUSTICE and INTEGRITY in our court system are being made martyrs and posterchildren by the ARDC.  People who go to court, read my blog, contact me about what the law X is and how they got Y are in direct support…

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Ken Ditkowsky to another probate victim who suffered the murder of her mother from the powers that be

From: kenneth ditkowsky 
 Sent: Jun 20, 2014 6:31 AM
 To: DX , JoAnne Denison 
 Subject: Fw: [note the article huffington posts on hospice fraud is great] The revelation that your mother was starved to death represents a very serious criminal act that was attorned to by the Courts.    If in fact that statement is a true fact, a homicide has occurred and it is a scenario that has to be addressed now as part of the Petition for your appointment as the executor.  No longer is this a matter in which 'dollars' are involved - we are talking about basic human dignity and integrity.   Taking the liberty and property of a citizen is a horrible; however, the unilateral decision to take a life is beyond horrible.     Look at this problem in a universal sense we have all the elements of a National Socialist state: 1)…

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FOIA Request to the Clerk’s Offices on Orders for Protection

Dear Readers;

One of the main missions of this blog is to make the courts a better place for the attorneys and public.  We want free and open courts, we want to access court documents efficiently and for a reasonable cost.

Unfortunately, right now the cost is 25 to 50 cents per page or more, and you have to go to the court, click on a fairly complicated outdated system to pull up the very nice WYSIWYG system (for many people the system is fairly confounding, even the clerks who use it all the time don’t know how many zeros to put in before the court number and if you have to use P or CH or L in the middle, etc)

Pacer was implemented in 2000 in the federal courts and it is a very simple but efficient system.  Attorneys and others who sign up and pay 8 cents…

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On Attorneys reporting Elder Abuse

From Ken DitkowskyOn Jun 11, 2014 9:30 AM, “kenneth ditkowsky” <> wrote:

Ken Ditkowsky

As some time ‘elder cleansing’ is going to be prosecuted, and some lawyers are going to be targets.       I want Mr. Larkin to be deprived of the excuse that he did not know. I have that vivid memory of Larkin’s attorney walking up to me waving a letter to the Attorney General of the United States disclosing the elder cleansing and asking me if I was repentant for the outrageous act of reporting an ongoing felony.     The fact that  lawyer paid by the State of Illinois was not aware of the First Amendment and asked me if I was repentant for not engaging in the coverup of a felony gets the hair on the back of my neck to *****.

Ken Ditkowsky

Dear Readers

And I would like to remind…

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An article from the Chicago Trib today–news for them, deja vu for me!

This is the comment I posted on in response to the story,0,4718153.story


You can contact me anytime about dozens of stories of corruption in Crook County anytime or read my blog at

my comment:
I am a lawyer in Chicago, fighting corruption and I can tell you over a hundred stories on that issue (there is a reason it is “crook county”). but my story today is HEY, THAT WAS ME. I was told just weeks ago in court room 1804 that I could not blog with my computer. I put it away. Then I was told no note taking, I had to sit there and do nothing. This is FROM THE DEPUTIES OF COOK COUNTY. I had a fit and published on my blog. I gave the deputies a lecture impromptu on first amendment rights. What did they respond? It…

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Just back from the publishers–Ken’s Writ for Cert to US Supreme Court

Ken did an amazing job on his Petition for Writ of Cert and let’s keep our fingers crossed.


The research and writing is astounding.  Our Supreme Press Associate has filed this today and is emailing the ARDC attorneys and Jerome Larkin.


I personally think that after Judge Stuart “suddenly retired” after the discrepancies in the transcript between what she said and what was transcribed (I’m certain they were all in on it–and the Tribunal has said nothing in my case either)




The writing is on the wall–“GAME OVER”.  Judges Kowamoto (remember the Alice Gore 29 gold teeth pulled story, that was her courtroom) and the no jurisdiction for 5 years Judge Stuart are now gone.  What makes the IARDC and Jerome Larkin think they are so…

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