Property Records (ARDC OPG judges–pay attention

Once again, I am publishing the questionable property records of judges, attorneys for the OPG and ARDC which seem to indicate a patter of one person taking out a loan and another nefarious person paying it off to avoid passing cash over the table or bench and the appearance of money laundering, Hobbs Act and Dishonest Services violations, which it is.

I have had a request from an annoying person who couldn’t find it on the blog and started to be a pissant, even tho she is a professional highly talented writer, blogger and activist.

I have no idea why her self esteem is so low.

I am only a poor lowly nobody who serves the poor, the trod upon and the disenfranchised.  Why she seems to think I am some one special is way beyond me.

So here it is again.  I have already reported this to the…

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