Another harrowing probate case in Florida–Fran Grady Gilhooly, RN

Another family who carefully cared for their handicapped, special needs son all his life has the son ripped from them, all because they reported a federal agent for covering up cocaine sales to a judge!

The penalty for being a whistleblower in Florida, if you are a woman, is to have your children ripped from your care and your visitation.

Another similar story is Patty Reid, now in hiding from the law, because she testified for Barbara Stone, another whistleblower in a case where Roy Lustig, attorney and Michael Genden, knew of severe abuse to Helen Son (rushed to ER with contusions, lacerations, pneunomia, bed sores, rashes, dehydration and malnurtrition, spent 3 weeks in the hospital) and incredulously Judge Genden returned Barbara’s complaints of abuse right back to the abusers–Atty Lustig and Guardian Lapides.  The day after Patty Reid testified that Lustig was a liar and abuser, her parental visitation rights were terminated.  She has left the state.

Please watch these two brave women who bucked the system and do what is right and for this they isolate them from their precious children.

Please pray for Helen Stone who has gone up and beyond her call of duty to stop corruption in the system of Florida by writing countless documents, pleadings and filing grievances with the judges, the courts, the judicial inquiry boards, the attorney disciplinary boards.  You name it, she has done it all to protect her mother.  And every time she finds more corruption and reports it, or more abuse and reports it, they jail her!

Right now Barbara is in jail and it’s for who knows what.  Typically, when Genden gets mad he calls his buddies at the state’s attorneys offices and makes a complaint and then they arrest  Barbara for “interferring with the care of disabled”, meaning she reported abuse.

Please pray for all these brave ladies.



PS–it should be noted that in mid-eastern countries when women fight for equal rights, the authorities likewise take away custody of the woman’s children.  It is indeed a sad day when you have to explain to a disabled person, a senior citizen or your own child that you are going to report corruption and fight it and therefore they must be prepared they might not see you again for a long time or ever, but it is something you have to do.

The code of silence is not working.




Throughout history, mankind has been faced with the problem of what do you do with someone when they have lived beyond their useful life.    As most people did not live long, it was a minor problem; however, the advent of modern health care, better nutrition, and a bunch of other factors people started living longer and longer.    The problem is become acute and move and more people suffer heinous illnesses and require greater and greater care.     This problem masks a new industry that has developed.    The least desirable people in our society have discovered respectability without pain and without resort to overt criminal activities.

After WW2 as part of fringe benefit packages companies offered ‘health insurance.’  Suddenly one of the poorest paying professions became one of the most lucrative.    The dedicated physician who donated his time to free clinics for the poor wherein…

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From Atty Sassower in New York–policing the judiciary and eliminating rampant corruption

the link:
Published on Aug 25, 2015

“New York’s court-controlled system of attorney discipline cannot survive an evidentiary presentation, ” declared Center for Judicial Accountability Director Elena Sassower. In powerful testimony at the August 11, 2015 public hearing of New York’s Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline, Sassower offered up boxes and folders filled with evidence that New York’s attorney disciplinary system is “dysfunctional, politicized, and corrupt”. Will the Commission confront this and other evidence? – consistent with its mission of a “top-to-bottom”, “comprehensive” review? Based on this footage, what do you think? And what do you think about the documented evidence presented by Sassower and others? You can examine it, for yourself, from the Center for Judicial Accountability’s website,, accessible via the prominent homepage link “Confronting the Front: The Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline” or via this direct link:… You be the judge – and share your…

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Illinois Approves Camera monitoring in nursing homes…

The only problem is, the senior and the roommate must consent and you know that these “professional” guardians (of death) will never consent.  Also, there will be sign posted the room is electronically monitored, so it will be interesting to see if more seniors die more quickly in non-monitored rooms.

The nursing homes should love this because they will know right away whom to blame and whom to fire if there is a problem.

It also does not say if the family members will get a real time feed of what the staff is really doing to their loved one.

It also does not address the problem of seniors being narcotized to death and then there is no tox screen and no autopsy, no preservation of hair and nails for long term drugging.

All that needs to happen too.

Illinios must keep its seniors safe.  The narcotizing of seniors…

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From the Wall Street Journal–the more offensive the speech, the more it must be free

From the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

And in the time honored Jerome Larkin, the article describes in detail why Melissa Smart was ciing improper case precedent when she started out my trial with this blog is “like yelling fire in a crowded theater”.  Of course, this blog is not and that standard decision by Justice Holmes had to do with war time speech and divulging war strategy information.  It since has been replaced with the speech must incite its audience to imminent violence, an din fact do so.

One more case misquote from the ARDC who dismisses out of hand the complaints in the Sykes case (where everyone predicted Mary’s assets would be liquidated primarily for attorney’s fees–they were, she would be put in a nursing home a place she did not want to be–she was, her estate would be drained and then she would be narcotized to death).

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Taking away a patient’s right to sue via the Arbitration Clause

from Ken Ditkowsky

The article from the Register addresses the situation in which a senior is placed in a nursing home = it does not specifically address the placement by a guardian for profit (i.e. a Court appointed guardian).

It you follow the political news, when political figure finds himself/herself in an unfavorable limelight the weaseling begins which results in the drip, drip, drip torture of expose after expose.   The ‘elder cleansers’ all have been playing the system for a long time and the growth of opposition parties to the War on the Elderly and the Disabled has not gone un-noticed.
These are very smart people.   The have enlisted cadres of corrupt jurists, judicial officials, and public officials to do their dirty work.     As Trump and Clinton both have pointed out – dollars talk.    Here in Illinois a simple request for an HONEST INVESTIGATION…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–a letter to the Illinois Treasurer–collect the taxes on ill gotten gains

Dear Mr. Freichs – Illinois treasurer.
Why is Illinois refusing to collect the taxes due from the miscreants who are using our courts to isolate, abuse and exploit the elderly and the disabled.   A breach of a fiduciary relationship is a taxable event.   A conspiracy to breach a fiduciary relations is taxable jointly and severally for each member of the conspiracy.

Now let’s get down to specifics.   Here in Cook County acting in concert two guardian ad litem, a guardian, an attorney, a judge and some other miscreants failed to inventory or report a million dollars in gold coins that we removed by the plenary guardian from a safety deposit box of the Ward and the younger daughter of the Ward.  (See Cook County case 09 P 4585)    A total of approximately $3 million dollars was stolen.

Jerome Larkin jointed the conspiracy when I and several…

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And now a feel good story–

I hope someday this blog will turn into an endless string of these.

This week I saw one story in Oregon where a man planned on painting a senior’s home that had become decrepit, put the plan on his Facebook and thousands turned to support him, help paint an and pay for supplies!

Today, Kris Hood (thanks Kris) had on her Facebook the following story and a must watch video:

These are seniors learning FaceBook to communicate with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  How wonderful is that?

Take a couple of minutes and look at this amazing video trailer of teens teaching seniors who have never used a computer how to write and read email and access Facebook and Youtube where a world of information awaits them.

All good news, all feel good.

We need to stop asking “what’s in it for me” but rather “how can I save…

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Finally, in the mainstream media, one ward gets out and speaks out about an abusive g-ship

While the likes of Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek are running around and saying the Sykes case was not a lie and a scam, it was, one brave woman in Florida was able to escape and this got in the mainstream media for a change–abc

Mary Sykes is now dead.  All her money went to attorneys or over priced nursing home bills when she wrote in her POA for health care specifically she did not want to live in a nursing home, she wanted to stay at home.  The Connors-Stuart-MacCarthy team ignored all that, forced her to live in a nursing home and took away all her rights to be and live with her daughter Gloria.

Eventually she was narcotized to death.

The ARDC and Larkin say I was lying, the flying monkeys in probate say I was lying, but the world knows better now.

I am still suspended…

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From Candice Schwager in Texas — more blood on the hands of probate appointed attorneys–Ruby


Buyer’s Remorse: When a “deal” for Mom’s freedom goes bad


Just when I think I cannot get any more disgusted with these reprobate lawyers, they hit a new vomit, want to punch someone in the face decibel. Sarah Pacheco is about the worst of the reprobate and cannot even see it. There is any icy cold feeling of PURE ARROGANCE in the room when she enters. She is the most despicable of them all, so be glad Terry. But the two of you could really do some damage! Russ Jones is right up there. And this is my opinion, you den of thieves. I hope you like it HOT!

Today in Court, I was shocked at the freudian slip of the century out of the mouth of a true sow: Sarah. Unbelievably, after  getting sanctioned $15,000 for screaming too loud to save…

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