From Ken Ditkowsky–response to ARDC threats to sock him with $1k in costs for a wrongful trial

If you review the Rules of Discipline for attorneys, there is a rule that the ARDC can get up to $1,000 in costs after they win.

The only problem with Ken’s case is he did nothing wrong.  The ARDC accuses him of falsely claiming to represent Mary in a letter to Dr. Patel, but they refuse to link to the letter on their blog, because the letter says the opposite.  They then say he lied about judges, but the record in 09 P 4585 is clear the court never served Mary nor her sisters and is sans jurisdiction.  This blog publishes those claims of Mr. Ditkowsky and challenges the ARDC and miscreants to support their (bogus) claims, which they simply cannot do.  It is all a facade, a house of cards.

So then we ask ourselves, why are they doing this, and we search for health care fraud, insurance fraud…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Between a rock and a hard place

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: May 28, 2014 10:24 AM
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>, “” <>, “” <>, GLORIA SYKES <>, probate sharks <>, NASGA <>, “” <>, Tim NASGA <>, Cook Sheriff <>, Chicago Tribune <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, Eric Holder <>, matt senator kirk <>, Mary Richards <>, mary wooley state police <>, SUNTIMES <>, scott evans <>, Diane Nash <>, “ACLU@ACLU.ORG” <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — honest atty unfairly persecuted by ARDC” <>, “” <>, “Atty Nejla Lane Lane Legal Services. com” <>, JoAnne Denison <>, Janet Phelan <>, John Howard Wyman <>, j ditkowsky <>, Harry Heckert <>, Kathie Bakken <>, “Mr. Kim” <>
Subject: Formal Complaint against Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the IARDC

After reading the Seth Gillman article in Crains and the Sun-times it…

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In re Kendall–3rd circuit–Clear and present danger Speech explained

Dear Readers;

One of the issues my trial stated out with was Atty Melissa Smart of the ARDC going on and on about how my blog is like “yelling fire in a crowded theater” which, I believe, is fairly akin to the Nelson 7th circuit case wherein 2 Aldermen in Chicago (Bobby Rush and Dorothy Tillman) entered the Art Institute of Chicago — one brandishing a gun– and claimed that a painting depicting former Mayor Harold Washington in ladies undies and a garter belt “would incite riots” in the street of Chicago, making that speech a “clear and present danger.”

So when and why is speech a “clear and present danger”.  Is there any belief amongst reasonable people out there that this blog in any means or manner could ever incite any sort of violent action, other than perhaps a paper cut? (pixels generally don’t damage anyone or anything, except…

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Just when you thought you had heard it all by the “elder cleansers”, you find new creative cold hearted cruelty

Janet Phelan emailed this to me, and apparently, VA hospitals hire and do not fire staffers that say “old veterans are worthless and should be taken out back and shot in the head to save money.

Unbelievable.  This whistleblower has also decried the rampant fraud and waste at VA facilities.

Again, many estimates say health care is about 70% fraud in the US created by professionals (not the patient, as the ads would have you believe, but its’ the docs, the investors, the staff, etc) that are involved in the bulk of false claims, shuffling patients between facilities, unneeded procedures (even including amputations and other dangerous therapies) which comprise the bulk of health care fraud.

It’s sad, when so many people need real healthcare, that this is permitted to fester and foster.


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Blogging/note taking interference in the courtroom–EXACTLY what happens to me

It seems that a law professor had now had the same experience I have had, and IT GOT PUBLISHED IN THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.,0,304914.story

I find it even more interesting the guy was in the military “defending our democratic rights” and espousing them on foreign soil, and little did he know that in actual practice, the bailiffs and sometimes even the judges tromp all over them.  I find it amazing when military soldiers tell me “they defend our free and democratic country”, I have to shake my head and tell them that while they are away on foreign soil spouting great words of wisdom that government should be free and open and democratic, there are powers that be in the US currently taking away those rights and they need to return to US soil and blog and protest, blog and protest first, before they need to go elsewhere.  Our Bill…

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From a blog fan who has studied the corruption…

And just to remind everyone, if you send me something, it is nice to send it “okay to publish/post/cross post” so I can publish right away.  Also if you want to remain anonymous, I want to reassure everyone I will claim reporter’s privilege and the Illinois Reporter’s Shield Law and/or attorney confidential information.  I am prepared to go to jail to hide your identity, I don’t wear shoes with shoe laces anyway.  I prefer flip flops, if you all know (but not in the office or court).

From a person that wants to remain anonymous:

“I never thought these criminals to be stupid, I believe that they had a fairly tight organization which may have a few minor cracks.  I know from the millions I have heard about being stolen by other victims who are not afraid to talk, that this organization is well financed.  I suspect that there are some…

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From Ken Ditkowsky — what exactly is “good for us” according to the ARDC

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 12, 2014 10:04 AM
To: Tim NASGA , Bill , probate sharks , JoAnne Denison , NASGA , Tim NASGA , Janet Phelan , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , “”
Subject: Fw: Hey, your name is missing from this petition to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon

If you need an exhibit 1 as to why we have been so ineffective this attached e’mail and its appropriate exercise of First Amendment rights provides a clear and present example.   (yes – even advocating that we be stripped of our First Amendment Rights is protected speech!)
The premise of most assaults on the First Amendment and the assaults on the right to dissent from the policy and practice of government is that the persons temporarily in power have the inside track on what is ‘good for us!’ and that whatever activity or speech that they…

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How far does the First Amendment Go? Harvard Students to Re-enact Satanic Black Mass

Now, this event will not take place in a church, but rather a pub, but it evokes a very interesting concept:  apparently the Satanic “black mass” makes fun of Mother Mary and Jesus or something like that.  We don’t really know, because the RCC and Fox News (the news agency that has suddenly become Roman Catholic (RCC), is sketchy on details but long on criticism of an event which has not happened yet, and for which details have not been released, at least not yet on

So this week we found:

I guess I found the Fox News video to be lame as usual, a stiff collared priest claiming “mockery” of Catholic Religion, etc. but with no details. So this even more lame Catholic student “Tag” just says all Catholic students are up on arms but no one else cares.  Primarily, “Tag” looks like a stuck up rich…

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More good news–Cir. 7th Federal Appellate Brief filed AND accepted!

Dear Readers;

As many of you might know, Ken and I have been working on our appellate brief to the 7th circuit court of appeals.  Ken and I filed a civil rights suit independent of our ARDC disciplinary proceedings complaining about the fact 1) all we did was engage in political speech and wrote the authorities and our friends and other probate victims to complain what is going on in the court system is not fair and not right; 2)  I started a blog (this blog) which posted communicated from myself, Ken, Gloria and others to protest the probate court abuses where the court was regularly not following the law, was ignoring Powers of Attorney, and was paying big bucks to favored attorneys and tied in case managers and such and depleting estates leaving seniors worse off than if they had never gone into the probate system.

I readily admit…

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Breaking News — Judge Stuart suddenly retires today!

Dear Readers;

Today I was in Judge Stuart’s courtroom and there were many, many pretty flowers on her desk.  I thought it was her birthday, which is very nice.  BUT then about 50 or more people came into her courtroom at noon, with a huge cake and I was told she is retiring.

The only thing I can say, is I WISH HER WELL!  I understand she will have a generous pension, and she can move on to new things.

This blog is not about being mean, nasty or rehashing bad prior decisions (we all make mistakes, including and esp. me), it is about making sure the courtrooms are fair and just for everyone.

I know there have been a lot of complaints about Judge Stuart.  A lot from Gloria Sykes who believes she was treated majorly unfairly (and I believe she was and the case deserves a thorough, complete…

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