From FB: 9th circuit revives court case where 3 little girls removed from mother for pictures taken in bathtub without warrant.

This is exactly why children should not be removed without a court order or warrant.

9th Circuit Revives Suit by Couple Whose Children Were Seized Over Bathtime Photos

9th Circuit Revives Suit by Couple Whose Children Were Seized Over Bathtime Photos

A social worker took three little girls from their home without a court order because she thought the pictures were “sexually explicit.”


Brandon K. / Yelp

Yesterday a federal appeals court revivedan Arizona couple’s lawsuit against two social workers who removed their three daughters from their custody for a month based on innocuous bathtime photos that were deemed “sexually explicit.” The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which rejected a federal judge’s conclusion that the social workers were protected from liability by “qualified immunity,” should strike fear into the hearts of overzealous functionaries who kidnap children under…

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from KKD; 54 nursing home death due to neglect and abuse never investigated and no one fined or charged

Naples Daily News – The Florida Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a bill that would allow teams of experts to review deaths of the elderly when abuse or neglect is suspected, and to propose policy changes to prevent future deaths.

Senate Bill 452 passed with no debate. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, did not receive any serious pushback in any of its previous committee stops this legislative session.

The elder death review teams “will be looking for any gaps in services or deficiencies that they want the Legislature and the governor to know about,” Gibson said while introducing the proposal on the Senate floor.

A companion bill in the House sponsored by Rep. Barbara Watson, D-Miami Gardens, passed its first committee hearing last month, but has since stalled. The session is scheduled to end next week.

Elder advocates say establishing elder death review teams in Florida could…

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from KKD: Man Who Bribed Son Into Penn Guilty in $1.3 Billion Health Fraud

A Florida man was convicted Friday of running an 18-year, $1.3 billion health-care fraud that prosecutors called the largest such scheme ever charged by the Justice Department.

Philip Esformes, a 50-year-old Miami Beach resident, used a network of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in South Florida to defraud U.S. government health-care programs while providing inadequate and unnecessary care to patients, prosecutors said.

Esformes made off with at least $37 million for himself from 1998 to 2016, according to prosecutors, using the money to finance a lavish lifestyle of fancy cars and a $360,000 watch. Esformes also used some of the proceeds from the fraud to bribe the University of Pennsylvania basketball coach to help get his son into the school, prosecutors said. The coach pleaded guiltyto money laundering last year in connection with the case.

An attorney for Esformes didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

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From FB: Many prescription and non prescription drugs linked to dementia

Common Prescriptions Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

there are a ton of drugs to avoid, but the real problem I am seeing is:

  1. grandma has money AND greedy children.
  2.  grandma is drugged with psychotropic drugs from an unethical MD
  3.   grandma is kidnapped away from her home and drugged.
  4.   grandma is taken to a psychiatrist and he fills out a form she is incompetent (but in reality she is drugged)
  5.   the form is taken to probate
  6.   one of the greedy relatives is appointed Guardian
  7.   Grandma’s home is sold, she is placed in a series of nursing homes and then narcotized to death when the money runs out.

What safeguards are in place to prevent all of this?

Answer:  absolutely none. Sykes case, Alan Frake case,  Dolores Bedin case, and many, many others.

We wish it wasn’t the case but…

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From FB: New Hamp. is the leader in human rights and civil rights violations. What a goal?

Therapy cages at state prison

(4-9-19) New Hampshire’s abhorrent practice of housing its seriously mentally ill citizens, who have not been charged with crimes, inside a state prison rather than treating them in a hospital is again making headlines.

Governor Chris Sununu sought to stop this horrific practice by requesting $26 million in funding to build a 60-bed state hospital that would be opened by June 2021 with its own secure unit.

But Democrats on the state’s finance committee rejected Sununu’s plan, opting instead to spend $5 million to renovate rooms in an existing state hospital for a limited number of higher-need patients.

What makes this dispute newsworthy is it has pitted two groups, both created to help patients, against each other.

Disability Rights Center-NH opposed building a new state hospital. In a statement, it agreed that civilly committed patients should not be housed in a state prison, but…

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