RAFFLE TICKETS now on sale to benefit Justice 4 Every1, NFP


Raffle tickets are $20 and will benefit the victims of crime in the courts and provide innocence project assistance to those of your who have experienced corruption in the courts (no jurisdiction, changed transcripts, judges obviously not following the law, summary orders to terminate POAs, Health Surrogate terminations, wrongful arrests, wrongful convictions and so many other unconstitutional and Fraud on the Court Proceedings.)  We can find plenty of attorneys and others to help you in pro se pleadings and I will help you report these crimes to the authorities, but we need money to pay rent, Comcast, transcript fees, court fees (for judges that wrongfully deny pauper’s petitions as a way to keep people from appealing unconstitutional decisions).  Our attorneys work many long hours for free for you. All we need to pay is overhead so we have a private place to meet and get you the assistance you need…

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From FB-90 year old woman foreclosed upon and evicted from home of 60+ yrs in reverse mortgage scam


For those of you even considering a Reverse Mortgage or wondering why they are such a scam, read on:


The highlights of the article are:  woman takes out $180,000 loan after paying off equity credit line.  Home is worth $300,000.  Woman falls behind in tax payments which trigger automatic foreclosure for fail to pay taxes.

Next thing you know she is in foreclosure court.  But wait, there’s more. The loan has now, in 10 years, blossomed to a $300,000 balance. How did that happen?

I believe that once the foreclosure process has been started, even making the taxes current won’t stop the lender from foreclosing and taking the home.

What a lucrative way to do business!

The courts don’t seem to care and there are few regulations in place to allow elders and their families to get those tax payments current.

What a shame for this woman.

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From NLRG – great resource on Statute of Limitations in Civil Actions


Click to access il_statutes_of_limitations.pdf

LEGAL RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, AND ADVOCACY FOR ATTORNEYS Founded in 1969, NLRG is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of legal research services to attorneys. We have served more than 50,000 attorneys in private practice, corporate legal departments, and state and local government offices at the rate of 3,500 cases per year. Our attorney staff, chosen for their outstanding academic credentials and writing ability, most of whom engaged in private practice before joining us, have on average 18 years of experience, and specialize according to area of law. Preliminary consultations and cost estimates are provided without obligation. How to contact us: E-mail research@nlrg.com Phone 800-727-6574 Fax 434-817-6570 Web http://www.nlrg.com Address PO Box 7187, Charlottesville, VA 22906 Illinois Statutes of Limitations How to use our services: • Call 1-800-727-6574. • Tell our telephone receptionist that you need to speak with the Senior Attorney who specializes in the area…

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From FB: Ashton Kucher’s efforts to save children from Sex Trafficking


I know that a lot of people have contacted me about their families being affected by the Sex Trafficking industry.

Today on Facebook, I found the following video submitted by several concerned members:

Apparently Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are cofounders of Thorn which builds software to track down and eliminate sex traffickers.

I found the address of their nonprofit, Thorn, NFP, which is

Thorn nonprofit public benefit corporation CALIFORNIA 544 4th Street Manhattan Beach CALIFORNIA 90266

If you need help with your case, this charity might help and I commend these two fine actors for becoming involved in this field, where there seems to be no help for these victims.

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From Candice Schwager–On Judicial Immunity–Sparkman v. Stump is actually an Indian Tribal Case!


On Feb 16, 2017, at 8:10 PM,
Indian Country is defined in Title 15.

The key case for Absolute Judicial Immunity is Spark v Stumpman. But both Spark and Stumpman were Native Americans living on the reservation. The Court Stumpman was a judge for was a tribal court, not an Indiana state court. Most lawyers don’t have a clue that the nations have their own civil and criminal laws. There is some state and federal overlap in the area of criminal law. Those are the major crimes act, the minor crimes act, the assimilative crimes act and Public Law 280. There is no state or federal overlap in tribal civil law jurisdiction. Under 1 Stat 20 section 34 the federal courts are required to use the law of the state for all state law claims. The federal court in Indiana had to use Native American civil law in resolving that…

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From GSN Groups–End child brides in the US


While the US maligns other 3rd world countries regarding human rights abuses, we still have yet to fix our problems in our own backyard–and that is the serious problem with child brides.

If a girl is pregnant, with parental consent, a shocking 27 states have no law at which marriage is simply too young.

And a girl aged 17 or younger can be forced into a marriage she does not want, does not need and does not understand when she is young and has no real options to escape.

The US has to end child marriage NOW.  Girls can no longer be forced into marrying men, often those much older than themselves.  Many of these men will beat them, keep them at home without transportation, and the girl has no real escape options.  Children often grow up with a violent, distant father figure and are emotionally, if not physically scared…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Fixing the broken and trouble Cook County Probate System–where is Larkin on this?


Indeed, it is good to hear from you.   It is not good to be reminded thatIT IS UNSAFE TO GROW OLD IN AMERICA AND IN PARTICULAR COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS.  So far, the Ill. Atty. Registration and Discipline Commission, headed by Jerome Larkin, is giving favored attorneys a pass on perfidy in the court room. Why these attorneys are not investigated is completely unknown at this time, because all probate lawyers and many general practice lawyers know this is a serious problem, yet nothing is done by the authorities and the ARDC is used to cover up the problem.   
Under Illinois law, and in particular 755 ILCS 5/11A – 3b the Illinois Legislature has made it clear that guardianship is not  an invitation to exploit and abuse under corrupt court supervision convenient elderly people. A guardianship is very strictly limited to essentially helping a disabled person…

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A good video on taking care of the elderly and making their final years fun


This  is why seniors centers are necessary and help seniors connect and have fun.

This is a heart warming video on taking care of the elderly in an excellent, thoughtful manner.  Other suggestions are pairing the elderly with college students where they life with the student in dorms (because dorms already are serving food and have exercise and athletic facilities and entertainment and parties) and pairing them in exchange for reduced room and board and tuition.  I think that’s a great idea.

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In Illinois–where to report abuse and/or neglect of a person



Now I’m not saying the authorities won’t do much or you might have to report it over and over until they do something, but reporting abuse and neglect is very important.

Persons with Mental Illness or Developmental Disability
OIG 24-hour Hotline 1-800-368-1463

To report abuse/neglect of persons with a mental illness or a developmental disability at a DHS-operated facility, call the OIG 24-hour Hotline 1-800-368-1463 Voice/TTY.

All other calls will be referred to the DHS Customer Help Line:

  • (800) 843-6154 English or Español
  • (800) 447-6404 TTY

Si usted sospecha que un individuo discapacitado ha sido abusado, descuidado o estafado económicamente, repórtelo a la Oficina del Inspector General del DHS al: 1-800-368-1463Voz/TTY.

Todas las otras llamadas serán transferidas a la Línea de Ayuda para Clientes del DHS:

  • (800) 843-6154 inglés o español
  • (800) 447-6404 TTY

Other Allegations of Abuse/Neglect

For other allegations of abuse/neglect of individuals, please…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–108 arrested in sex ring in Illinois, 752 across the US


Finally, the authorities appear to be cracking down on the sex rings that ruin primarily young girls and women.

I know personally they are a mess after having survived human trafficking and there is NO help whatsoever for them and they are heavily damaged.


There are several building that everyone knows are filled with human trafficked people, and the authorities do nothing about it, but apparently the clouted and elite want their pretty women–even at the expense of ruining them.  Generally, it’s the aldermen and the DNC that are involved and they protect these disgusting life ruining businesses.  These young people should be in high school and college, not held against their will for sex for the rich and powerful.

We all know that DT has lawsuits and claims against him for rapes that occurred during paid sex, and there are sex rings that exist for the wealthy and…

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