KKD v JL: Appellate Briefs discussed and the ARDC’s position is to tell the public what to think


All of the briefs have now been submitted to the ARDC, and you can check them out at this link:


Unlike the ARDC blog, this blog has everything, and we will post whatever you request that makes this blog fair sided and even.

Favorite quotes from our Appellate Brief:

An appellate Court must independently examine the entire record in First Amendment cases to ensure that “‘a forbidden intrusion on the field of free expression’” has not occurred. Bose Corp. v. Consumers Union of United States, Inc., 466 U.S. 485

designed and intended to remove governmental restraints from the arena of public discussion, putting the decision as to what views shall be voiced largely into the hands of each of us, … in the belief that no other approach would comport with the premise of individual dignity and choice upon which our political system rests.” Cohen v. California, 403…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Writ of the Month to Supreme Court Press, questions answered


Answers to your questions:

  1. You have my permission to publish or use in any way you desire the answers to my questions.

Operation Greylord.

                As an active practicing attorney in Cook County, Illinois, I had several occasions to appear before Judges who were targeted by the Operation Greylord scandal.         This scandal rocked the legal profession as it exposed not only the extent of the corruption but the venality.     The Chief Judge of the Chancery Division, Judge Shields, was charged with accepting a $200.00 bribe.    Dave Shields had had a reputation as a ‘reformer’ and had been expected to be a future leader of the new era of trust that was about to commence in the Circuit Court of Cook County.     Fifteen Judges, dozens of attorneys, dozens of court personnel etc. went to jail; additional judges quietly retired, allowing them to avoid facing charges.  


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From Jorge R Roig and New York University–computer source code and the First Amendment


This law review article has a very good discussion of how law enforcement wants large corporations (IBM, GE, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, etc.) to build in “back door” subroutines into their software so that when law enforcement obtains a warrant to wire tap or search, they can easily download data, collect emails, and monitor the the bejeezus out of everyone.

It is my understanding that NSA has collected billions of transmissions of communications between ordinary US Citizens under rubber stamped, invasive and overreaching court orders from a court specially designed to obtain these–and the court complies! More interesting, is the fact while they have obtained “a lot of stuff”, apparently that “lot of stuff” is pretty much encrypted and they don’t have the keys and/or have not paid for them, or the encryption designers aren’t interested or will not turn over these keys.

On the otherhand, this blog provides a ton…

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Even the rich and famous have problems in probate==fraud and theft re Randy Quaid



Apparently even the rich and famous are discredited in probate court as massive thefts occur. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Quaid are being labeled as cray and drug addicted, as they tell the story of miscreant lawyers creating bogus trusts to steal money as assets fall off accountings and inventories.

These are things NASGGA, probate sharks, and other blogs choir sing about each day, day in and day out.

This article also has stories from across the US where probate victims are besmirched, labelled crazy and addicted–all without any basis to the claims at all. Why? It’s an effective smoke screen for the miscreants to steal with impunity, as is in Illinois where the ARDC droitly engages in whitewashes and cover ups for favored attorneys, connected attorneys and those that grab the money of disableds who often cannot speak for themselves, and even if they managed to do so, the…

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Great article on many, many issues affecting the Elderly



One of the most interesting issues in this article is that a 92 year old woman from Texas is suing her captors–attorneys and a nursing home involved when she was never deemed incompetent, but she was forced into a locked down facility, her two beloved sons were strenuously isolated from her, and her life fell apart.

According to the article, her sons needed court supervision, they had to pay for, of course, they gave their mother cell phones that were never delivered, mom was given strong chemical restraints–by persons who were not able to diagnose or prescribe, etc.

This is a great article because it tells the truth about what can happen to elderly, wealthy persons to ruin their lives–and without a single court order.

Ruby is now smiling that she can again see her sons. She is no longer chemically restrained, drooling and chewing on her hand, babbling…

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So what does the ARDC say when Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth are pulled?


Answer: nothing. That’s right, thy could find no evidence of attorney misconduct when Alice Gore, age 99, was separated from about 20 close family members by Mirian Solo, then 29 gold teeth were pulled from her mouth. A mentally ill granddaughter was appointed Guardian by the court–with the GAL fully well knowing she had a history of being mentally ill and in and out of psych hospitals. Alice Gore, at age 99 was then dehydrated and starved to death, per reports from her close family members, Ken and Bev Cooper who do the show, Cooper’s Corner, available on the North Shore and on You Tube.

Bev and Ken have been working relentlessly for justice on the 18th floor of the Daley center, probate division. See below and please pray for them and for justice.


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From Ken Ditkowsky, why does the public put up with poor government performance?


From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 20, 2014 6:44 AM
To: Curt Sahakian

Altered transcripts of proceedings

I understand completely why the Illinois Attorney Registration and Deception Commission would object to any attempt to verify the accuracy of the Transcripts of Proceedings. When a government or quasi government agency goes rogue and is being used by its administrator to aid and abet criminal activity it must act with secrecy and must create a paper trail to protect not only the criminals it protects but the continued misuse of government funds. Thus, Mr. Larkin and those who work with him will fight you to the death to maintain secrecy. The mere fact that any objection to making the audio recordings available to you so that you could ascertain the accuracy is an admission of wrongdoing by Larkin.
In my half a century in the practice of law I was surprised…

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