From Ken Ditkowsky–“Probate courts have been cesspools”

To: Parris Boyd <>
Subject: Re: Cynthia Stephens suggested I send you my latest blog post
Date: Apr 30, 2016 1:30 PM
For years the probate courts have been cesspools.    I was not aware of there being a statute of limitations on the probate of a testamentary document or even the need for one.   I was aware that attempts to steal the proceeds of estates has been a national disgrace for a long time.    
When I first became a lawyer, I heard a more seasoned lawyer tell his client  “if dad dies, before you call the undertaker, get into the safety deposit box and empty it.”
When I asked the question “why?”  I was told that the undertaker put a death notice in the newspaper and the bank sealed the box – it could be reopened only…

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More censorship from the ABA–aiding and abetting civil rights violations in China

As if the problems with the investigation into the ABA past president salifating to launder money during a recent 60 minutes broadcast was not enough, with no apology from the ABA or explanation, and then they pulled about 100+ comments when my suspension for (honestly) blogging about corruption in the courts in Illinois and elsewhere was not enough for them, apparently the ABA has enough clout to also pull a Wall Street Journal article on how they at first agreed to help a Chinese dissident lawyer publish a book on corruption in China, and then they went and pulled their support.

Since the WSJ article was pulled and now the ABA seems to be complicit, and you know this blog has absolutely no tolerance for any such shennagins, I have published it in full below.

No wonder why the majority of the American public has abandoned mega media and now…

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Senator Kirk’s offices are calling for declarations on court corruption

Today we received an email from Senator Kirk’s offices informing us that the Senator will listen to our grievances about the corruption in the courts, and in particular, probate court, if we can put together as many affidavits as possible.

She suggested at least 25.

I already have 25, but I want more to show him the urgency of how soooo many people have been involved in cases where seniors or disaabled persons were targeted, they were forced into nursing homes, drugged, POA from kind caring relatives stripped away for no reason, and often without justification.

We NEED your input.

Call me or email me so we can put together your declarations.  We have to show the Senator’s offices your complaints and gripes are real.

They are asking fist for Illinois declarations and statements of the “elder cleansing”–“target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, narcotize to death and cremate” but any…

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From Atty Athena Roe–a press release for Probate Reform

Without enforcement of the law there can be no justice
1729 Alamo Avenue, Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 502-0798

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NAPRA Demands Immediate Federal Intervention into Probate Racket Across America
April 11,2016
We must be protected from public corruption, racketeering, mob tactics, and crimes in our judicial system. Federal monitors must be placed in probate courts across the country including in Colorado.
The National Association for Probate Reform and Advocacy (“NAPRA”) is a non-partisan, nation-wide grassroots coalition of non-profit and other volunteer organizations dedicated to helping families in probate courts who have been victimized, harassed, coerced, threatened, and harmed by public corruption and racketeering in probate courts.

In an urgent letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, NAPRA has asked for the DOJ to intervene to obtain an injunction and immediate return of stolen assets by probate lawyers including public administrators. These government employees “the officers of…

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From Ken Ditkowsky —

To: “j. d.” <>
Cc: Tim NASGA <>, …….
Subject: The Tom Brady case/lawyer Disciplinary cases — killing the rule of law
Date: Apr 26, 2016 9:53 PM
The Tom Brady case and the Lawyer disciplinary cases are amazingly similar.
The Post article is critical of the lawyers for not laying emphasis to the fact that Brady is innocent.      Unfortunately,  such an analysis begs the question or fails to understand the question (and the problem).     We in America have several core and basic principles that the Brady and the Disciplinary cases not only ignore, but proactively abrogate.    The presumption of innocence is not only the watch word of American jurisprudence, but,  a lynch pin of our Democracy.
What does the Presumption of Innocence mean?     It means that the plaintiff (or prosecution, or claimant) must prove his/her/its claim by the degree of evidence required by statute, convention…

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From the WSJ–another strong 1st Amendment Decision

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court reinforced free-speech protections for public employees Tuesday, ruling that a Paterson, N.J., police officer can sue after being demoted when city officials learned he carried a campaign sign for the mayor’s political opponent.

The twist in the case was that the officer, Jeffrey Heffernan, said he hadn’t actually supported Larry Spagnola, a former police chief who was running against Paterson Mayor Joey Torres. Instead, he had picked up the sign on behalf of his bedridden mother, who asked him to get a replacement after a Spagnola lawn sign vanished ahead of the 2006 municipal election.

The Supreme Court previously has held that public employees can generally sue when a government agency punishes them for political activity undertaken on their own time. But a federal appeals court in Philadelphia dismissed Mr. Heffernan’s case, reasoning that since he delivered the…

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From Neil Shelton: Restraining Order Abuse, false psych hold and false arrests

The “Nightmare” Neil Shelton Has Lived for Three Years and Is Still Living: A Father’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

Neil Shelton, like Chris Mackney has been thru the ringer in his corrupt divorce case.  He has experienced Gag Orders for his postings on social media, false arrests and a false psycho hold.  Probate is not the only court where this occurs, as most of you know, there are a lot of things in common.

While Neil is from North Carolina, his complaints to the state bar went unanswered, ignored or summarily dismissed, just as we find is happening in Illinois under the tutelage of Jerome Larkin, its head Aministrator.

The following account is reported by North Carolinian Neil Shelton, a father denied access to his son and daughter for “three years now and counting.”

In his account, Mr. Shelton alleges that his sister, in collusion with his ex-wife, lied to have him…

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Omnicare, Seth Gillman, Miscreants–Beware!

Subject: Miscreants beware!
Date: Apr 23, 2016 10:37 AM
Omnicare, Seth Gillman, and now:
CHICAGO NEWS 04/12/2016, 06:46am

Chicago couple accused of $45M Medicare fraud, forced labor

Sun-Times file photo
Sun-Times file photo
A Chicago couple accused of participating in a Medicare fraud scheme that swindled the government out of $45 million has also been charged with planning to force a Filipino woman to work as their nanny and housekeeper against her will.
Richard Tinimbang, 38, and his wife, 40-year-old Maribel Tinimbang, both face one count of conspiracy to defraud Medicare, one count of money laundering conspiracy and one count of conspiracy to obtain forced labor, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s office.
Richard Tinimbang was also charged with one count of conspiracy to pay or receive health care kickbacks, two counts of paying kickbacks to induce referrals of Medicare beneficiaries and one…

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More information on Qui Tam Actions

False Claims Act/Qui Tam FAQ
Warning regarding litigation under the False Claims Act:

The False Claims Act has one of the strongest whistleblower protection provisions in the United States. However, it has many complicated components and requirements, which can harm any person that pursues such a claim without counsel. Due to the potential for a significant financial recovery, it is usually possible to retain an attorney for such an action. If, after reviewing this section, you believe that you may have an action arising under the False Claims Act and need an attorney, please complete our Attorney Referral Service / Report Fraud Now form.

What is the False Claims Act (Qui tam)?
What Actions Are Considered Violations under the False Claims Act?
Who Can File a Qui Tam Action?
Where Should a Qui Tam Action Be Filed?
What Are the Civil Penalties Under the False Claims Act?
What Are…

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From Lisa Nadig — cases on Judicial Immunity

5. The Court In Yates v. Village of Hoffman
Estates,illinois,209 F.Supp. 757 {N.D.Ill. 962}
held that “not every action by a judge is in
the exercise of his judicial function … it is not
a judicial function to commit an intentional
tort even though the tort occurs in the
courthouse. When a judge acts as a
trespasser of the law, the judges loses
sUbject-matter jurisdiction and the judges’
orders are void, of no legal force or affect.
6.The Eleventh Amendment was not
intended to afford them freedom from
liability in any case where, under color of
their office, they have injured one of the
State’s citizens. TO grant them such
immunity would be to create a privileged
class free from liability from wrongs inflicted
or injuries threatened. Public Agents must
be liable to the law, unless they are to be put
above the law.see.OLD COLONY TRUST

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