From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to take action and fight the good fight to save seniors and disableds from nursing home purgatory

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Dr. Reinstein takes massive kickbacks for risky drugs..psychotropic drugs!

Today, from the Chicago Tribune

$600k in kickbacks, a prolific prescriber, he once prescribed 490 prescriptions in 5 days!

And we wonder why the Tribunals at the ARDC and Jerome Larkin at the ARDC are engaged in a massive coverup.

They either knew or should have known of the kickbacks–just like Gov. Ryan went down for.

No one ever proved that Gov. Ryan took a kickback from any $200 no test CDL, but he was convicted and sent to prison for many years nonetheless.

Jerome Larkin has received dozens and dozens of client complaints of cottage industry schemes in probate, and ignores them all, sending out nonsensical letter in Sykes, Gore, Tyler, etc.  He and his staff do not file Ethics Reports under the mandatory reporting act of 2009.  If you complain to the Ill. Supreme Court, they send you to Atty Zimmerman, who I am told was placed…

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Great article on Probate Exception — why is there a probate exception and not a contract exception, PI tort exception?

So Barbara Stone and I were wondering, what is this “probate exception” that keeps normally tough and anti corruption Federal Courts from providing a second look at what is going on in Probate Court that sometimes can only be described as utterly down the rabbit hole.

Where does this come from?  How does “probate exception” scare even the toughest of judges when the public is clamoring for a RICO presumption in probate, the Federal Court judges cower and dump anything that mentions probate as a regular course of business.

I mean, by that measure, they should dump all personal property disputes, maybe there should be a business partnership exception (probate is much like winding down a business, assets are sold and liquidated and disputes between the partners as to valuation and ethics in transactions are carefully scrutinized by Federal Court judges all the time when there is diversity, etc.)  I…

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From Tim Lahrman–a man on the inside of the diability game

With all due respect to each and everyone of you —–  I am on the inside — I am a ward and have been for 28 years … it has been quite the learning curve and experience, and at times enjoyable being the village idiot — a few years back I tried to buy a large corner lot just off a highway/bypass ramp near my home.  I had visions of building an office building, hiring three paralegals from each state and building an legal advocacy org for the guardianship issue — of course I dream big … but that is how I built the company I lost in my guardianship those many years back —  In sum, ladies and gentlemen — if the journey through guardianship were a long winding pathway — I am well down the path in this journey … I will not look back and join in the experimentation…

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From the LA Times, if the police arrest you, first thing to ditch is the cell phone?

From Eliot Bernstein, this article explains how some protestors, who engage in peaceful protest, work to protect citizen’s rights, are first advising to ditch cell phones when arrested.

Technically, an arrest is anytime the police start talking to you and you believe you must respond and cannot walk away.  You should always ask the officer, “may I leave now?”  If the answer is “no” at anytime, you’re under arrest.  And it’s not that I don’t love talking to strange and new police officers, but you have to be sure to talk about the weather, tell jokes, ask if you can help them with anything, ask if they’d like a free knitting or crocheting lesson, but general talk about crimes and criminality is off limits.  I just tell them I’m not a PD or prosecutor, so I don’t know anything about X so I can’t answer any questions, but if they…

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From Mr. Lanre Amu–how did this happen in the US?

This is not North Korea, this is not the mideast or Egypt with severely dwindling human and civil rights!  In Iran they take away a woman lawyer’s children when she advocates for equal rights!

In the US, Mr. Amu was found guilty of practicing law while black!

’Lanre O. Amu

The Peoples Lawyer


B.C.E. (UMn,’84), M.S.C.E. (UMn ’86), M.B.A.(UIC,’89), J.D.(’95)

Lawyer Amu is Innocent, Reinstate His Law License Now!

A Call for an Independent Investigation of Judicial Corruption!

Watch Youtube: Attorney Amu

This is a Peaceful Petition to Reinstate Lawyer Amu’s Law License Now; to Investigate Corruption in the Judiciary, the Entire Court System, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC); and to Reform Our Court System for the Betterment of Our Lives. Given the Impact These Institutions Have on the Lives of Everyone in Our Society, We the People Must No Longer Consent to be Held Hostage…

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Elderly Man beaten at NW memorial Hospital by security guardss – suit recently filed

Very scary.  An elderly man eaten in the cafeteria was drug into the basement of the hospital and beaten, after he was told to leave the hospital.

One of the problems with security guards is they often have no background checks done, they have little or no training and are not certified in their jobs to prevent issues before they arise.

If anyone knows more details, please contact me.


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From the Frake Estate–why is he being drugged with a cocktail of 4 psychotropic meds

All without meeting the standards of In Re Tiffany, and all over objections of the family members, and the Judge, Carolyn Quinn, just hands back reports of abuse to the abuser!

What this means is YOU can be stripped of your paid up home, placed in Sunrise Nursing Home in Park Ridge, be given these drugs–if your “crime” is being a pain in the butt:

The ward has no known drug allergies [NKDA] and takes the following medications:
Effexor (antidepressant); Lithium Carbonate (mood stabilizer); Donepezil (dementia);Risperdal (mood stabilizer); Tegretal (mood stabilizer); Metoprolo! (blood pressure);Simvastatin (cholesterol); Ducosate (stool softener) and Vultaran Cream (facial

(just for everyone’s edification, Effexor, Lithium, Risperdal and Tegretal are all basically horse tranquilizers.  They are derived from Thorazine, a horse tranquilizer developed in the 1930’s. )

In prior weeks this blog reported excessive drooling and a drool bib.  The court…

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From a disabled woman in Mass.–stripped of her new born days after birth!

From a harrowing plight–

BOSTON (AP) — She was 19, a brand-new mother with a developmental disability. Two days after giving birth to her daughter, the state took the infant away and placed her in foster care.


Massachusetts child welfare officials contend the young woman couldn’t properly care for a newborn and insist they acted in the child’s best interests. But the federal government disagrees: It says the state violated her civil rights by discriminating against her because of her disability.

In a new report, the Justice Department and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services say the state Department of Children and Families — which has moved to terminate the mother’s parental rights — needs to compensate her and give her a chance to prove she can care for her daughter, or it could face a federal lawsuit.

Finally, someone admits that these types of state actions…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–for black history month, Mr. Amu was practicing law while being black!

The practice of law encompasses not only representing a client but also the maintenance of an environment in which the citizens have confidence in the Judicial System.      Unfortunately, the organized bar and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (and the Supreme Court of Illinois) have taken the position that what the public does not know about the Judicial system will not hurt them.    Ergo, 18 USCA 371 cover-ups are the Rule and not the exception.
To Illustrate, the Illinois Supreme Court has put forth the Himmel decision wherein it decreed that Lawyers much report unethical activity to the IARDC; however, in the Amu case when an American of African Dissent reported corrupt practices of four Judges over about a half decade of practice he was summarily suspended in a racially tinged proceeding for three years.      When I requested an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of the very suspicious…

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