From KDD–very important case–$2.5 million verdict for atty whistleblower!

CHICAGO (AP) – A Cook County jury awarded $2.5 million to a former Chicago State University lawyer who claimed he was fired for reporting improprieties to the Illinois attorney general.
The Chicago Sun-Times reports ( ) 47-year-old James Crowley was awarded $2 million in damages and $480,000 in back pay. The jury also said CSU needed to reinstate Crowley to his position as senior legal counsel at the school.
Preston Pugh is an attorney for the school. He said they were considering an appeal and says Crowley wasn’t fired in retaliation. Instead, CSU says he was fired for misusing school money to pay for parking and directing scholarship money for friend, among other issues.
An Illinois Attorney General spokeswoman says the case may be the first whistleblower claim under Illinois’ decade-old ethics act.

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Donations Needed Today!

1) of course, funding.  you can donate at by credit card and mark your payment donation to Justice4 Every1, or you can paypal a donation to

2) Therapists.  We always have a need for trained therapists to work with our clients who have been emotionally abused and damaged by courts lacking ethics, integrity and honesty.  If you are a licensed therapist, please contact me because we are in urgent need of free therapy for some of our members. Therapists should be experienced in PTLD or Post Traumatic Litigation Disorder.

3) Office Space.  While I have a very kind lawyer who has donated desk space to me for the current time, we are looking for reasonable or low cost office space near the courts.

4) Volunteer Lawyers and law clerks.  We are looking for a system of volunteer lawyers and law clerks that can work on and research and…

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Next mission — free Mary Sykes!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Feb 26, 2014 6:45 PM
To: Tim NASGA , Kathie Bakken , John Howard Wyman , NASGA , probate sharks , scott evans , Jo Anne M Denison
Subject: Re: Next step – Save Mary Sykes!

In the 1940’s one of the radio shows commenced with the words: “the path of crime bears bitter fruit”
In reviewing this claim of JoAnne and discussing it with her it is abundantly clear that Mr. Larkin (and/or his surrogates) copied her blog with the only purpose of harassing her and attempting to intimidate her.  Certainly Larkin was and is aware that the Supreme Court of the United States made it abundantly clear that government cannot regulate content based speech.  To a limited extent it can regulate commercial speech, but, the call for an Honest Investigation of the elder cleaning cottage industry is protected by the core values of America and the First Amendment.   How therefore does…

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Looking for today…….

1) Donations of office space.

2) M.D.’s who are willing to go against the powers that be in probate and tell the truth that certain wards have ample cognitive abilities and prepare reports.

3) CPA’s who can verify accounting statements are true and accurate when miscreants are willing to lie, cheat and steal over them.

Please email me if you know of any reputable, honest M.D.’s or CPA’s willing to help and provide court testimony.

We need to band together to reintroduce honest, ethics and morality into the Probate Courts.

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From the IARDC more pleadings and more rulings

Dear Readers;

After Gloria broke down and said that she did not want to provide any privileged or proprietary information, I asked the IARDC for a Protective Order, which are routinely granted, both in the TTAB and in the Federal District Courts.  Amazingly, when typically every case I’ve been involved in the parties just agree and submit an agreed Protective Order (this is actually what you are supposed to do at the TTAB), the IARDC denied the request for  a Protective Order!

This is the response from the IARDC.  In this Response Brief you will see that the ARDC never acknowledges that Gloria is a probate victim, should be given special treatment and is entitled to a Protective Order.  They go on about imaginary “violations of discovery” when in fact, this is normal and typical discovery for both sides.  If they can’t find a violation, they make one up and…

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From Gloria Sykes, her need for live Testimony on her side of the story

This is from Gloria today regarding her side of the story

Subject: Re: I’m being banned from testifying?  Or are they making it as difficult as possible?

I will be doing a LIVE testimony and people will be able to call in and ask questions after the formal testimony given. I will provide everybody with date and time- including the ARDC and Tribunal.

In America no person or animal should be tortured, deprived or otherwise handcuffed without due process and in particular by the courts meant to find justice no matter how great she hides.

My father was a vet too and although his appointments have been hero secret he had in his possession three medals if which two had to do with ‘sharp shooting’  I had found these metals and the papers which Toerpe found and destroyed as she stole and destroyed all of the writings, police reports and…

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From Ken Ditkowsky — 60 minutes exposes Russian government corruption

And he notes the erie parallels to the elder cleansing situation here:

It is an excellent program explaining how government officials confiscated corporate ownership documents of Bill Browder, changed them  to their own and then proceeded to take income without paying taxes.  Next thing, Bill Browder and his staff are arrested, tortured and one is even murdered in a Russian jail.

Many of the instances of forging documents, hiding money, courts that don’t care and look the other way have parallels right here in the US.

Bill Browder now works in London to investigate and expose the corruption on his website.

After making his money, he has the financial resources to effectively fight, investigate and expose.  There is a warrant for his arrest, death threats and fear, he continues to expose the corruption in a hopes to eliminate it.

You go, Bill Brower!

And 60 minutes, you need a…

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An open letter to Mr. Lanre Amu–stand up proud and report those who overlook, engage and promote unethical and immoral behavior in the courts!

Dear Readers;

This morning, Mr. Amu provide Ken Ditkowsky with a copy of his brief to the Ill. Supreme Court.  Atty Ditkowsky expressed his disappointment that Mr. Amu didn’t mention the most important right he has — and that is to unfettered non commercial speech under the First Amendment to the US constitution.  (Sawyer, Alvarez, Citizen’s United, etc.)  Apparently some people are telling him that if he “lays low”, goes along with the program, shuts up and does not mention “corruption” or the fact his judges have public records indicating reasons for their bias, or further investigate the root cause of the corruption which he alleges–all will be forgiven.

Then Mr. Amu says he will not go on the cable TV show “Cooper’s Corner” because it would further inflame his situation with the IARDC.

NOT.  This is the road to perdition.  The slippery slope. The wedge with the edge. It’s…

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From Ken Ditkowsky on Limitations Period for Civil Rights actions

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Feb 14, 2014 10:19 AM
To: Jo Anne M Denison , Tim NASGA , NASGA , probate sharks , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , Lawrence Hyman , “Mr. Lanre Amu — honest atty unfairly persecuted by ARDC” , GLORIA SYKES
Subject: Fw: WestlawNext – Jones v. R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.

Apparently the Supreme Court of the United States decisions are a nuisance to Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel.    The attached case holds that civil rights suits are governed by a 4 year Federal Statute of Limitations not the shortest State Statute.   In addition please note:
1. Legal Standard for Rule 12(b)(6) and Statute of Limitations
123 A defendant may raise the affirmative defense of statute of limitations via a Rule 12(b)(6) motion when the facts that give rise to the defense are clear from the face of the complaint. Smith–Haynie…

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From Ken Ditkowsky

In 1933 a funny looking no-account rose to power in Germany and by 1936 had International acceptance was a ‘world leader.’    In Russia a similar situation was occurring.  The world was fully informed of what was going to be tagged as the Holocaust, but, nothing was done.  Today, many countries exist with hostile neighbors on all sides and our Department of State overlooks hostile acts.   Americans watch, moan a bit, and contribute money to the very people who promulgate the outrage [munitions dealers].

Elder cleansing is not a new scenario.   The Bible reports incidents, do you think that our Churches do not know that some of their congregants are victims or family members of victims?   do you think that the ACLU is not aware of cases like Mary Sykes/Alice Gore etc?   Bev Cooper, Janet Phelan, Gloria Sykes, JoAnne Denison and many others have been screaming…

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