From KKD – some new arguments for Free Speech

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Mar 31, 2014 2:03 PM
To: NASGA , probate sharks , j ditkowsky , Harry Heckert , Lawrence Hyman , Jo Anne M Denison , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk
Subject: Fw: WestlawNext – U.S. v. Stevens

In attempting to write the petition for cert I have been fascinated by the parallel between the argument “I have just been following orders” and the knowingly inappropriate coupling of obeying the law with spurious arguments of Mr. Larkin and the IARDC.    I now understand why Mr. Larkin dropped his argument based upon the Sawyer case.    Reading the case may be a motivation – however, the ruling in the case is so contrary to his position that it is akin to bringing a gun to a knife fight and handing it to the opposition for use.    
Sawyer makes it very clear that Larkin’s…

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Quotes on the Truth

Quotes about the TRUTH

Dedicated to the IARDC

1. Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth. Mondandas Gandhi

2. I believe the unvarnished truth and unconditional love with have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant. Dr. Martin Luther King.

3. Christ said, the truth will set you free, but Truth is not found once and forever, Truth is eternal and the quest for Truth must also be eternal. Max Heindel

4. The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose and it…

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Protected: From New Eastern Outlook–How to crush dissent in the US!

Dear Readers,

I would like to thank talented reported JANET PHELAN from Mexico for this article.  It is very interesting that while local media of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Suntimes refuse to carry stories of elder abuse and guardianship, we have some brave reporters from around the world willing to take up the task with equal or greater readership.  It is my understanding that Ms. Phelan’s posts go to about a quarter million dedicated activist readers around the world.

A thousand angels and gold stars to Ms. Phelan today.

And for more great articles that speak freely about the TRUTH, see


Dear Readers;

Take a look at the article below and it is my understanding that these articles receive about a quarter million views from around the world!



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From Gloria Sykes today–the IARDC decision against Ken Ditkowsky was wrong and not supported by the facts

Dear Ken,

I am most saddened by how the IARDC has treated you and the ISC has sanctioned such treatment: when I saw my Mother on the 22nd of June, 2013, I told her you too were trying to help her.  As you know, she contacted me I believe in Feb. 2010 and begged me to “find” you and “hire” you to “save” her life.  The conversation is stoned in my memory: if you need money to pay (attorney), my Mother told me, take it from my mattress. The next day the mattress was gone and so was the at least $20,000 cash (mostly $100 bills).  You are correct that there is a pack of attorneys who parade around on the 18th floor empowered by a few judges who do what needs to be done to protect them.  For at least 4 years I have learned a lot about…

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From Lanra Amu–his Supreme Court Brief

Dear Readers;

Please take a look at the following:

Mr. Lanre Amu did a great job on his brief to the SCOI, and in his brief he mentions “First Amendment” rights about 20 times and he also carefully lays out the facts of why he is alleging corruption against 5 judges.  He is also following my advice to investigate, investigate, investigate and turn it all over to the authorities.

Now, the obvious problem with all of this, if the ARDC is limiting one’s right to evidence (Mr. Amu finally mentions the fact he served notices for the depositions of the 5 judges and his Notices of Deposition were all quashed.  Then he served 5 trial subpoenas and those were all quashed.

In my case, I took the depositions of Gloria Sykes, Scott Evans, Kathie Bakken and Yolanda Bakken. The IARDC failed to show up and just claimed the Notices “weren’t…

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From a probate victim writing a book, should we mince words?

Dear Readers;

I had a probate victim write me to day and ask the ultimate question–should I mince words.  She opined no one would believe her story, and many probate victims ask if they should write their stories as works of fiction.

My answer.  Heck no!  If you are indeed a probate victim, believe it or not, your story is a precious gift, and you must tell it, if you are a writer or if you know a writer.

And of course, Ken and I must ask ourselves constantly in light of threats from the ARDC, certain attorneys and court, that we must not reveal publicly some shameful behavior we have observed in and out of the courtroom, and we should not tell our truths as we see it, putting aside the Bill of Rights and our First Amendment rights to reveal this insidious evil–the trashing of civil rights and…

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Blogging in probate court today and for Gloria

Dear Readers;

Today was a very sad day.  First of all, Gloria lost her $202k or whatever she had left over from her Lumberman’s suit to fix her home and for her medical care for her cancer–which is what the money was to be used for.  You will see my blogging below.  Next we still have the recurring issue of the bailiffs in probate court interfering with my constitutional right to blog and  be part of a free press in an open and democratic society. Worse of all, there is no written rule on prohibiting blogging.  I have a blogging client.  She has asked me to court watch and to blog.  I see nothing wrong with that.  Today, in court, even Judge Stuart agreed with that!  Hurrah and kudos to Judge Stuart for doing the right thing.

Alas and alak, the deputies argued with me and even the judge.  A…

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From Ken Ditkowsky, leaving a club that isn’t worth it

To: nasga us <>
Cc: NASGA <>, probate sharks <>, Jo Anne M Denison <>, GLORIA SYKES <>, Janet Phelan <>, “” <>, “” <>, “ACLU@ACLU.ORG” <ACLU@ACLU.ORG>
Subject: Re: A Message for you from NASGA Member RE: From Attorney Ken Ditkowsky RE: The latest in the attempt …
Date: Mar 17, 2014 9:02 PM
(this is from a question about suing in the Sup. Ct. of Illinois)
I have filed a Civil Rights suit in the Federal court.    The Court will not take an appeal from the Illinois Supreme Court, but it will address the private usage of state facilities to deny a citizen of his/her Civil Rights.    JoAnne Denison and I have filed such as lawsuit.
Under the Constitution only States can bring lawsuit in the Supreme Court; however, individuals have to file for cert.   Most cases are not accepted.    …

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Corrections to blog….as requested by the IARDC

During the end of my hearing, SO pointed out the following

1) the table of torts was wrong to mention PS as a trouble-feasor (can’t say tort feasor), but put nothing in the verbiage, so I corrected that.  See item 9. (Usu. I correct after getting an email complaint, NOT after someone complains in court, so I’m reminding people if you want a correction, please EMAIL me or just post a comment.  It doesn’t help me much to mention it in court.  I’m an email person.)

2) Apparently the IARDC and the Tribunal doesn’t like the tag “corruption” either, so I’m replacing all the “corruption” tags with “not corruption”, as if that matters.  A search engine listing just directs someone to click on and read an article. If they feel better that the tag is “not corruption”, unlike those powers that be, I know my readers are smart and can…

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From KKD–Where did our Beloved America and US Constitution go?

 Attached hereto is the brief that Mr. Lanre O. Amu forwarded to me.
Indeed, it is the middle of the night and I cannot sleep and upset to the core.
My beloved America has forgotten her origins, her Constitution, the words that appear on the Statute of Liberty, and her heroes.    The sacrifice of Dr. King, et al are all being washed down the drain by a ‘government agency’ (Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) that has run amok!    The Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America have been THROWN UNDER THE BUS!
The Rule of Law has been set forth in vivid terms by the Supreme Court of the United States in the Citizen’s United, Alvarez, Brown, Ashcroft, et al.    Americans who speak out on political and/or content related subjects may do so with impunity!    Americans can even speak out against Judicial…

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