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From Joanne; a belated Thanksgiving and prays for all of you who have been isolated from your grandparents, siblings and children thru wrongful state action


Dear Readers;

I have heard from many of you who cannot see their own grandparents, parents and even children due to wrongful state actions.  Rest assured you have been in my thoughts and prayers as we battle Elder Cleansing, State and Medical Kidnap and Wrongful Custody cases in the court system.

BP still cannot see his new born child. DCFS is withholding the child from him.  His attorney has asked that the child be immediately returned, but the Juvenile (travesty of justice) court system refuses to do anything, instead putting a good father through a rat maze of spur of the moment drug tests, endless parenting classes and inspections and all sorts of what not.  He has not be charged with anything, no complaints have been filed against him, but on the day his infant son was set to be discharged from the hospital, DCFS swooped in and removed the…

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Question from AD: How to write a proper Brief and Motion


How to write a Motion and Brief in Support of your Motion

First and I cannot emphasize this enough–check the rules first and again when your brief and motion is done.  In every jurisdiction, there may be numerous sets of rules and laws that apply to Briefs and Motion.  Federal Court is easiest at maybe one or two sets of Rules.  Illinois State Court is a pain because there’s the Supreme Court Rules, the Illinois Rules of Civil Procedure the State legislature passes, then each County can have rules, and then each local court building can have rules, particular Divisions can have rules and of course each Judge can have rules on the judge’s website so you have to check everywhere before you file a motion.

The Motion is generally drafter after the Brief, and contains a short (2 to 3) page synopsis of your Brief, hitting all the most…

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From KKD: Nursing home in Fla. killing 11 seniors has long troubled history of corruption–and Esformes involvement



NEW: Owner of nursing home where 8 died linked to Medicare fraud case

John McCall

Police surround the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, owned by Larkin hospital President Jack Michel. The nursing home had no air conditioning after Hurricane Irma knocked out power. Several patients at the sweltering nursing home died in Hurricane Irma’s aftermath, raising fears Wednesday about the safety of Florida’s 4 million senior citizens amid widespread power outages that could go on for days. (John McCall/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

The hospital co-owned by a Florida doctor whose nursing home was the site of eight deaths last week is linked to the biggest Medicare fraud case ever filed against individuals in U.S. history, court records show.

Neither Larkin Community Hospital nor its president, Dr. Jack Michel, is named…

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From PPJ Gazette–Great article on how the government can improve the quality of nursing home care


via CBS12 Investigates PROMO: Government failures cause nursing home nightmares

CBS12 Investigates PROMO: Government failures cause nursing home nightmares


CBS12 Investigates: Government failures cause nursing home nightmares


Airs at 11:00 pm est on Friday -Nov 10th, 2017.  Veterans Day…CBS12 Investigates uncovered reports of true horror stories happening at nursing homes across the country that by law should have been reported to the police.

My wonderful and caring mother- Patricia Dahmer was interviewed with other victims family of Wrongful Death, Neglect, and Abuse in Nursing Homes.  What my father- George Dahmer aka Former Pro Wrestler from WWF/WWE went through was Totally Unacceptable, Injustice, Cruel, Vicious, and Unbelievable.  

My father is not…

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From CS: Great pleading to use for a Motion to Dismiss Guardianship


Daughter, SS, interested person and daughter of Mother WW, submits this brief together with a sworn affidavit and legal authorities demonstrating that the county has egregiously violated Mother’s rights and restoration is mandated. Daughter’s right to be free from retaliation for advocating for the rights of her mother—were violated too. Even if the Court could retroactively determine by appropriate medical expert testimony that she was “incapacitated,” the court would onlybe able to rely on a temporary condition that no longer exists—at best. See Affidavit of Daughter, attached hereto, attesting to the fact that her mother does not suffer from drug addiction or any observable impairment substantially limiting any activity of daily living and lack of medical evidence suggesting otherwise. See attached Introduction to Guardianship and Conservatorship in Michigan, attached…

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From FB: and while one Cal. judge recognizes the rights of parents; another one in LA is stripping away parental rights to protect their children from state intervention in the family



Now, notice it is admitted by DCFS, the mother did nothing wrong, the girl is out of control and incorrigible, so why the need to strip mom of her rights?

Appeals court gives counties more power to remove kids from homes

Wading into a sensitive area of child welfare, a California appeals court panel has ruled that county officials can remove a dangerously incorrigible child from the home even if the parent has responded appropriately to the behavior problems.

The case involved a 17-year-old girl who repeatedly ran away from her mother and gave birth to two children, prompting the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services to remove her from her mother’s custody.

https://d-4111288808855931665.ampproject.net/1509747505247/frame.htmlIn a decision released Thursday, a three-judge panel of the 2nd District Court…

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From CS: the Tort of Expectation of Inheritancy–great article


Click to access newtorts.pdf

what are the elements of Expectation of Inheritancy?

The claim of Tortious Interference with Expectation of Inheritance (West Palm Beach, Florida) sometimes called “Intentional Interference with Expectation of Inheritance” (Boca Raton) affords individuals an opportunity to pursue legal action if another party uses fraud or otherunlawful methods to prevent them from obtaining an inheritance.

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From FB: Karen Federighi may have been released from Guardianship


There have been several posts on FB announcing that Karen Federighi may have been released from a wrongful and abusive guardianship where evil relatives were involved in Miami Dade, Florida, a hotbed of guardianship abuse and corruption.

You will recall that Teresa Tozzo Lyles had a mother, Carmen Tozzo who was murdered in probate there. She is still fighting for justice for her mother.

Karen was told by many to get to Canada or to Mexico and keep on sending the judge evidence of her competence.  She was an experienced nurse with a Masters in Nursing, holding 2 jobs, age 57, one job was teaching young nurses.

An abusive and wrongful guardianship ruined all that.

She was advised by many to flee the country, there would be no justice as long as she was here. She fled to Mexico under cloak of night.  They took her passport and driver’s license. …

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