From DSS: Request to sign petition to free Virginia Jean Wahab from an abusive guardianship

A note from AAAPG founder, Dr Sam Sugar:

I urge all readers who are outraged by this abuse to sign the petition, Release Jean Wahab- an American senior citizen imprisoned for no crime.

Guardians from Hell

The completely legal, utterly grotesque system for undermining the rights of the elderly
June 21, 2018 • 2:00 PM

At 92-years-old, Virginia “Jean” Wahab hadn’t lost any of the vitality and health she maintained throughout her life. She raised two daughters as a single mom and made a home for them in the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Oak Park. Wahab worked on her feet and didn’t retire from her job at a local family restaurant until she was 88.

Fiercely independent, Wahab was quite happy living at home after retirement. She had a healthy social life. She did her own grocery shopping and chores. She so rarely needed to pay a visit to a hospital that her health insurance was barely touched.


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From FB: 13 year old charged with juvenile deliquency over recording the school principal!

While this article gets a number of things wrong (juveniles can only be charged with juvenile deliquency NOT with any actual crime), this article does show several issues 1) no one really understands the Illinois Eavesdropping Act of 2014; 2) Adults in charge of children who don’t want to be held accountable may get an overzealous prosecutor to use it to quell 1st Amendment rights of children in the US and 3)  it’s a near impossible battle to charge anyone with using a cell phone to record an event, they’re so prevalent, we may as just forget that one.  But, if the principal didn’t want to be recorded, he should have just walked away and emailed the student and the student’s parents.

In reality, the principal is a public servant and as such, he should expect to be recorded. Most principals get paid handsomely for a 9 to 5 or…

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From YT: Another country heard from as to why nursing homes just don’t work

However, the highlight of this URL is the following top comment:

Nursing homes are foul disgusting pits of hell, even the nicest ones in the best neighborhoods. The reek of piss and misery and hopelessness. The whole industry is just warped from top to bottom. You can’t warehouse helpless people and then hire unskilled workers and have them care for them with compassion and understanding. The whole concept doesn’t work. These people should be with their families or maybe even foster families. If this was about nursing, these nurses are very uncompassionate. It is usually about getting rid of unwanted old people who need a little extra help in life. I can only imagine what they uncovered and what they didn’t is probably much worse. These people aren’t valued, aren’t considered cute any more, they are looked at as living human waste and dollar signs. Even people who think they…

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Finally, John Oliver does Guardianships!

While the blogs and those who have been burned in gship and their family members and who have gone to mega media over and over again, only to find out they won’t report on this news, they and the media are threatened by the court system with lawsuits, this is for you.

This was published on June 3, 2018 and already has 1.7 million views and 3.9k comments

Thanks so much to Mr. John Oliver for doing this and bringing out an important problem in the US court systems.

It is everywhere across the nation.

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From RM: On restricting access to courts

Here is an interesting article with the basic law and then Kansas cases

and here is an excerpt.

Generally tho, when a judge issues a “cannot file” order, it just means you have to file a motion to file and declaration with your motion.

Most pro se litigants do not know this, so it stops them from filing 95% of the time and the judge’s problem is solved.

Summary of Authorities for Judges Considering
Whether to Restrict Court Filings
This document, which was prepared by the Kansas Supreme Court Access to Justice
Committee, is intended to be a summary of current case law and legislation about restricting
court filings submitted by abusive litigants. The Summary of Authorities does not constitute a
rule or order of the court.
I. Constitutional Right of Access to the Courts.
The Fourteenth Amendment provides a right of access to the courts, which
includes access…

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From AJO: False psych hold of court corruption victim Amy Kush: please help her

Statement of Andrew Joseph Ostrowski

I submit this statement in the matter of the 302 petition, and commitment, of Amy Kush.

I have known Amy for several years as a facebook friend, not knowing anything about her or where she was from.

She reached out to me a couple months ago concerning a mortgage foreclosure matter for any suggestions I had for her, her knowing that I have a background as a lawyer, and have talked a lot about mortgage foreclosures and the court system.

I went to Amy’s house on Monday, May 14, 2018 to look at some of her documents, to see if I could provide her any direction, or suggestions as to anything else she could do to address the situation.

Amy was very stressed about the impending June 1, 2018 sheriff’s sale, as she felt that it was wrongful, and she did not get a fair…

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