Our Goals and Statutes violated

Our goals are 1) to run a blog to bring daylight to the court system;

2) to help people assemble together packets for law enforcement which list wrongful actions taken which comprise elements of criminal violations (fraud, theft, embezzlement, lack of jurisdiction, etc.) and to use same or similar packets to put together packets and/or draft complaints for Federal District Court for gross violations of civil and human rights, that is fraud, theft, embezzlement, conversion, wrongful imprisonment (placement in a nursing home against the will of the alleged ward and/or the ward’s consent or advance directives), wrongful eviction against caretakers and other family members living in the home with out due process of law–a summons and complaint for eviction, assistance from state agencies to place these elders elsewhere where they will be cared for; theft of caretaker property by unnoticed lock outs (no court eviction proceeding), etc.  I’ve watched the judges do it, day in and day out.

3) (long term), start a network of volunteer local counsel and attorneys knowledgeable about state laws so that parties can go to law enforcement and it will assist attorneys in filing complaints in federal district courts across the nation (where there is less corruption).

Your local attorney (as I am) is licensed only to practice state law.  S/he cannot opine of suggest laws in other states, except in very general terms and to suggest Uniform Laws or Federal Law may apply.  You will have to hire local counsel or look for a volunteer attorney.

In many of these cases, Federal Laws will apply.  The most basic Federal Law is 42 USC 1983 and it can be used where the GAL’s or court violates basic human rights by placing your loved one in a nursing home when the local state court has no jurisdiction and s/he was basically railroaded into the guardianship.

These are some sample laws from Illinois as they pertain to the Sykes case

42 USC sec 1983 – for all court attorneys acting without jurisdiction — Illinois law requires that Mary be served and proof be filed (an affidavit of service) and that was never done, leaving all court orders void and without force and effect.  From this, follows, fraud, theft, conversion, wrongful imprisonment (forcing Mary to live in a home against her advance directives), wrongful eviction (Mary wanted to live at home with Gloria, Gloria was “evicted” by sister Carolyn under her “color of authority”.

18 USC 1001 – lying to the federal government or “misprison of felony”.  This can occur for the $1 million in Sykes that was not inventoried and put on Mary’s tax return and for lying to the authorities.

Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud

Mortgage Fraud – If a home is sold, and it is greatly undervalued, and the mortgage may have been assigned or increased before hand for miscreants to pocket cash, this may comprise mortgage fraud.

Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud is self evident–using US mail and the internet and fax to propagate lies and to separate disableds with their property and liberties

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