From NASGA–Body cam videos show 91 year old man tazed by police–407962085.html

In most situations, nursing homes call the orderlies and simply restrain a man and shoot them up with Halodol or Seroquel–both dangerous drugs.

However, for whatever reason in this nursing home in Missouri, Kansas, police tazed a 91 year old man.

Of course, the police found some to say “there was no other way” and “restraining the elderly man” would have been worse. What hogwash.  If police are going to respond to nursing home calls for the elderly, they need to bring with tranquilizer shots and an RN and someone trained in restraining the elderly.

The footage is disgusting and should not have occurred. I can’t imagine how the family feels that put him in such a horrible environment.  The man would have been better off at home with a trained, skilled male caregiver who could de escalate any dementia fits.

The police look stupid in this. The nursing…

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From Jakkie Pidanick –Listing of corruption in her Visitation Case

Published with permission of the author, Jakkie Pidanick who is involved in a hotly contested Visitation Case where he ex-partner consistently refuses to pick up his daughter during mid-week visitation and then blames the Mother for his missed visits–all the while posting pictures of dates and ski trips on his Facebook page.

Thanks, Jakkie, this is a good example of unfairness in the SC court system.



Maddaloni v. Piddanick

Beaufort County Court, South Carolina

Corruption 2014 to 2016


Peter L Fuge


Judge’s Oath

All Members of the Unified Judicial System in this state shall take the following oath of office: I do solemnly swear that: I am duly qualified, according to the Constitution of this state, to exercise the duties of the office to which I have been appointed, and that I will, to the best of my ability, discharge those duties and will preserve, protect…

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From Robin Thompson–the Missing and the Dead in the US–there has to be a connection

One woman who works on cold cases as a citizen volunteer has run across the following video in her work:

If you have a loved one who has gone missing and has worried frantically about them, not knowing if they are dead or alive–and all the police tell you is they probably got tired of living at home, or they ran away, or they live with friends now, and you get no sympathy or good advice, this video is a must watch.

The video explains that there are 80,000 reported missing people on any given date in the US, while at the time, coroners across the US receive 10,000 unidentified bodies each day.

There is no uniform approach or laws to help identify bodies.  Coroners and the police never interact.

In Illinois, while funeral directors must identify all physical damage to a body they receive, that report goes no where…

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From Facebook–Has anyone seen Karen Federighi?

She has not posted anything on Facebook for a while and it is feared she is now in a locked down facility being drugged, which she had feared all along.

She was guardianized, but still publishing on FB, crying out for help.  The authorities did not help her, but a fictitious guardianship continued, with her posts confirming she was of sound mind and afraid for her life.

She was being held in a hotel with someone from the court monitoring her.  While she had a cell phone, some money from pawning jewelry, etc., the court was giving her no money for food.  This is common in guardianships.

She was continually looking for someone to intervene and get her out.

If you have any information on her plight, please contact me so we can let her loved ones on FB know.  If you know where she is, please have her call…

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Christmas and Holiday Blessings for those that are court ordered away from loved ones–in probate and in family court

A major reason I was suspended from law is because this blog writes the truth.  I have seen far tooo many people ripped from their loved one because of a psychopathic guardian or ex partner.  Gloria Sykes saw her mother a handful of times during a 5 year abusive guardianship. The GALs continue to deny their highly abusive behavior to this day and have never apologized to Gloria, nor has the Guardian, her sister. That is horrid.

Randy Robinson, due to the nefarious activities of GAL Mary Robinson is highly unlikely to see his mother, though they both love one another greatly, they are isolated from one another unfairly and without remorse from either Mary Robinson or the court.

Alan Frake has been separated from his father by the court appointed lawyers and GAL and the court. Again, no remorse, and worse yet, Alan Frake has been the subject of…

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From Ken Ditkowsky and the GA Supreme Court–Lawyer’s wife steals $2 million and Court recommends reprimand

But if I publish this article on my blog, according to Mr. Larkin, head Administrator of the Illinois. Atty. Registration Commission, that deserves a 3 year suspension for me and a 4 year suspension for Ken Ditkowsky:

Every single person I have talked to believes that this blog is protected by the First Amendment.  They are shocked to learn that when an attorney speaks out against corruption–a team of nasty lawyers–Larkin, Opryszek and Smart will hound you, harass you and then ask to have you disbarred.

I help people now spot and report corruption in their cases to the FBI and states attorney. They have mostly all been through the grist mill of Circuit Court in Cook County and will readily confirm that there are some very serious problems in the court system with judges issuing orders not in accordance with the law, and lying, sleazy lawyers who will…

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From Ken Ditkowsy–deaths from heroin in nursing homes and-still payments to the Esformes continue!

Troubled nursing home–Continental –5300 N Western in Chicago, 29 residents have felony records (probably something you can ask the court about when your loved on is place there, good point).

from the article:

Chicago nursing home fined after residents overdose on heroin

ate and federal health officials are seeking penalties totaling more than $100,000 from a North Side nursing home after five residents overdosed on heroin inside the facility in February, the Tribune has learned.

The residents of Continental Nursing & Rehabilitation Center were hospitalized and recovered, but at least two used heroin again hours after they were returned to the facility, even though they were supposed to be on close watch, Illinois public health department inspectors allege. One of the two overdosed again.

The department also opened a new investigation into the facility after the Tribune requested information about a sixth drug overdose in September 2015.

In that…

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From “Lawman” blog fan–what to do when facing a 619 Motion to Dismiss

Click to access Daniel%20Gillespie%20AND%20Shawn%20Wood.pdf

Here is an excellent and comprehensive listing of what to do when you are facing a 619 Motion to Dismiss, complete with case law.

Motions to Dismiss are typically filed right after the Defendant receives the complaint and the Defendant has to Answer the Complaint or otherwise plead.

Generally, if your Defendant does not file a Motion to Dismiss, it is generally waived.  However, the Defendant can still file a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings and/or  A Summary Judgment Motion, so make sure your Complaint is on solid grounds.

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From the Illinois IDPR–Morgan and Messina–my corrupt court reporters–gone, gone gone.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional RegulationIllinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Lookup Detail View

JO ANN MESSINA-EGANJoliet, IL 60432-0745
Contact Information


License NumberDescriptionStatusFirst Effective DateEffective DateExpiration DateEver Disciplined
License Information

Disciplinary Actions

Case NumberLicense NumberActionDiscipline Start DateDiscipline End DateReason for Action
2016007446084002114Fine11/14/2016for practicing on a non-renewed license.
2016007446084002114Permanent Inactive11/14/2016for practicing on a non-renewed license.
Click here for definitions of the different types of disciplinary actions the Department may impose.

The Reason For Action from this Lookup dates back to January 1, 1990. Any actions and/or Reason For Action taken against a license prior to 1990 may not be displayed. Note that the Reason For Action is extracted from the Monthly Disciplinary Report. Therefore, the text in this column may…

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Let’s raise money for Rent–$24,000 per year

As you know, Justice4 Every1 provides services to corruption victims for free.  We look at cases and report corruption to the authorities.

In the past, 6 judges have been removed with our efforts and the efforts of many others in reporting corruption.

We do not get any money from the government or any other sources. We depend on your generous donations.

Please help us raise rent money to keep services to court corruption victims for free.



You can donate here:

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