From Ken Ditkowsky–the elderly must not be tortured, humiliated and abused.

Subject: Re: The Real Deal Interview: Guardianship Goes Bad, Reporter Flees and Files OAS Human Rights Petition
Each state has its own guardianship statute and rules.
The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment is the Federal limitation on the appointment of guardians.    In most statutes a guardian as a fiduciary has even less authority than has been historically assumed by the cottage industry of Elder Cleansing.   The guardian even in the situations wherein the elder person is totally unable to care for himself is still held to a very exacting standard.   The disabled person must not be humiliated or otherwise be an object or ridicule or exploitation.   What this means is that everything that was done in most of the cases that have been reviewed by the GAO, Probate Sharks, NASGA, MaryGSykes,  AAAPG, etc. are wrongful intrusions on the Civil and Human Rights…

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From Rob Panzer–an Entire Book on the Stealth Euthanasia for Money

This is an entire book which is too large to publish on WordPress, even though it shows a license of fair use to use and copy and place on your own blog for non commercial purposes (which is what we are).

So I will be publishing the most pertient portions of the book as I get time, below is in the introduction and I want to thank Mr. Panzer for making this available to everyone as his gesture of kindness and goodwill.

You can find a link to the entire book here: Use Disclaimer


Stealth Euthanasia:
Health Care Tyranny in America

(Hospice, Palliative Care and Health Care Reform)

                           By Ron Panzer

Copyright � Ron Panzer 2011-2013
HTML/web version

Published by Hospice Patients Alliance, Inc.
4680 Shank Street, NE
Rockford, MI 49341

For more information: Tel. 616-866-9127

This book is also available in the following E-book versions:


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From Probate Sharks Blog: Hijacking a Fla. Estate for millions from Chicago

On the pages of the Probate Sharks blog is the following: Irving Faskowitz probate court case. Irving’s 2 million dollar estate was high jacked by Chicago and New York non-relatives who were also named Faskowitz. The real Faskowitz heirs never were informed of Irving’s death and never saw a penny.

One of the biggest problem that exists today is the unequal enforcement of the law, or the enforcement of the law to protect particular interests.    There is no question that when a person is placed in a police vehicle while in custody, and emerges dead there is a problem that the community should be concerned with.   The prosecutor knew that the individual was not murdered and no intent crime could be proven; however, in the true spirit of an opportunist unethical member of the political elite five police officers were ‘over charged’ with crimes that could not sustained.

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From Mike Volpe-Bad Gorcyca decisions keep on coming out

With today’s social media, there’s just no place for a bad judge to hide.

In this story, a young teen tells how Judge Gorcyca ripped her from her mother and the home she has known for 12 years and placed her with an abusive father:

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From Ken Ditkowsky on the lawlessness of the ARDC decision in my case

A honest review of the file in JoAnne Denison’s disciplinary case causes any person familiar with the Constitution of the United States and/or Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution to wonder if last night we were invaded and our core values removed.   The actions of the IARDC (Illinois Disciplinary Commission) are unprecedented.    Ms. Denison ‘runs’ a blog that discloses corruption and in particular judicial corruption in Probate Court.
Even though by statute 47 USCA 230 her action is protected and even though the First, Fifth and Fourteenth amendments protects her action the IARDC misrepresented to the Supreme Court of Illinois the Sawyer and Alvarez cases and wrongfully claimed that her disclosure of the misconduct of the Court in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.
As if the assault on the First Amendment was not enough perfidy, it was discovered…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–talk is cheap–save our senior citizens!

As I’ve written many times – TALK IF CHEAP- Promises are easily made, but not so easy to keep.

The elderly and the disabled of America are being systematically herded into guardianships wherein they are isolated from their loved ones so that corrupt judges, guardians (including guardians ad litem) lawyers and the political and judicial elite can strip them of their humanity, civil rights and assets. Herein Illinois JoAnne Denison, an attorney, has complied a list that contains many of the victims which she has and will make available to you. On he list you will find Mary Sykes. Without even colorable compliance with due process or the guardianship statute, Mary was spirited away from her home, and prior life. She was isolated from her sisters, her younger daughter and her life so that control of her property could be stolen. A safety deposit box was secretly accessed an a…

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Court corruption victim needs housing

Court corruption/domestic violence victim left penniless is looking for home or loft apartment renting or sharing arrangement for $700 dollars/mo in safe neighborhood area–preferably on north or northwest side. Also, Pets have to be okay. One small dog, one Medical assist Dog.

This court corruption victim has been put thru the psychopathic wringer and is looking for quiet safe spot.  Older woman.  Reliable, kind.
Please email joanne and she will give details.

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From Joanne Denison–how about a law that before nursing home placement, the judge has to stay there…..

For at least a few days.  In fact, the GAL’s and attorneys and OPG should join her. You know, eat the same slop, be held down and shot up with Roxanol, Seroquel, Halodol–the drug de jour.

Also, they will not be able to use phone or internet and they cannot receive visitors.

Arm and leg restraints shall be used if they object.

In addition, if they have contact lenses, glasses, those will be taken and the glasses will be forced onto one of their friend that does not need glasses.

Then they can listen to patients cry out all day for justice, to go home and to see their loved ones.

I really like the trick in one recent case I heard of. So Nurse Ratchet could act as personally bully to a patient, he could not be left alone in his room, so he was kept at the nurses’…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Chicago Courts during the Depression

Subject: Re: Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski – disciplined lawyer series – lawyers for judicial reform
Date: Jul 26, 2016 1:05 PM
Having had experience with the cover-up of the elder cleansing cottage industry and in particular Jerome Larkin I very much agree that the corruption of the attorney disciplinary process is deplorable and wrong.   The regulators have to be just as Caesar’s wife and have to meet and exceed the standards of conduct imposed on lawyers.   The Lanre Amu case as an example – suspended for three years for exposing the corruption of Judge Egan – i.e. Practicing Law while Black, is outrages and it in of itself should result in the disbarment of Jerome Larkin and every attorney involved in the prosecution of the matter.   In addition Judge Egan herself ought to be disbarred and removed from the bench.

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From NASGA – Elder Abuse Report & Separation of Powers & Cheating man out of Life Savings

National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse

The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 12:53 AM PDT

The fraud research community has long suspected that losses due to elder financial abuse were worse than the $2.9 billion previously estimated. True Link’s data science team, looking for clarity and an accurate assessment of the problem, decided to tackle this question head-on.

The results of this research, The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015, reveals that seniors lose $36.48 billion each year to elder financial abuse — more than twelve times what was previously reported. What’s more, the highest proportion of these losses — to the tune of $16.99 billion a year — comes from deceptive but technically legal tactics…

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