From–Health Care Fraud blog by US DOJ–many, many indictments! Over $130 million in fraud alone in Mar. 2017

From Ken  Ditkowsky;
 Law enforcement is working!     The Philip Esformes indictment in Florida and Seth Gillman plea of guilty in Illinois are the lodestar cases of Health care fraud as they lead directly to one of the most lucrative and prolific criminal enterprises in the United States.    Here in Chicago our local miscreants are so strong that the CALL for an HONEST INVESTIGATION are fighting words.   Any attorney who uses these words as is applied to judicial corruption or the massive Medicare frauds or the Elder Cleansing scandal will find himself/herself in the ‘sights’ of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.    If not intimidated the lawyer will find himself/herself with a suspended law license.   God Help the lawyer with a skin color that is dark.  (Lanre Amu got an interim and 3 year suspension of his law license because he was caught practicing…

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