From Charles E Lincoln–Burdick v. 5 Justices and how Judicial Immunity is destroying the US and its Judicial System

I just received this brief on an Alabama civil rights Lawyer complaining about how the concept of Judicial Immunity really has nearly no place in the US legal system and in fact is destroying it.

You can find this amazing brief here:

And it has tons of quotes regarding limiting judicial immunity to the bare minimum, how the concept of Judicial Immunity isn’t even in the US Constitution, and how the founding persons of this country actually rejected the concept of absolute Judicial Immunity in favor of strictly constrained Judicial Immunity in favor of transparency and accountability.

It is explained in this Brief how it was the English Common law system that created Judicial Immunity based upon the fact that the King of the land was chosen by God, and therefore sat as God in a courtroom and could never, ever, do anything wrong.

However, going back as far…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Chicago called center of fraud in Home Health care Medicare/Medicaid

Subject: Health care fraud – Time for that honest investigation that Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission are fighting so hard to prevent.
Date: Jan 29, 2017 9:58 PM
It appears that one of the large nursing home operators is reported to be worried that he is soon to be indicted, and another who allegedly lied to the FBI is concerned that his frugality with the truth might have consequences.    We know that the United States Government is interested in preventing medicare and other health care fraud and we also know that the political and judicial climate is creating some severe head winds.    Indeed, Mr. Larkin has written to the Supreme Court of Illinois that a blog that exposes judicial and other legal industry corruption is akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”   We know that scavenging in the mouth of an…

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From Candice Schwager–Deaf Woman settles ADA suit for $750k

NEW YORK — A New York City woman, who is deaf and says NYPD officers wrongfully arrested her and then ignored her pleas for an American Sign Language interpreter, has settled her lawsuit against the city for $750,000, a sum her lawyers say is the largest ever deaf discrimination settlement for a single person.

“Our client is pleased that she can now move on with her life and put this horrific situation behind her,” Andrew Rozynski and Eric Baum, the lawyers representing 58-year-old Diana Williams, said in a statement Tuesday.

Diana Williams won a $750,000 settlement in a lawsuit against the NYPD.

“Due to the immense barriers they face when trying to communicate with the hearing world, Deaf individuals often find themselves without a voice to assert their rights,” Rozynski and Baum added. “Deaf individuals have rights, and…

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From JPi-what is “color of authority” and “color of law” under 42 USC sec 1983?

From Edmunson v.

Similarly, it is clear that in a § 1983 action brought against a state official, the statutory requirement of action “under color of state law” and the “state action” requirement of the Fourteenth Amendment are identical. The Court’s conclusion in United States v.Classic, 313 U. S. 299, 326 (1941), that “[m]isuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer is clothed with the authority of state law, is action taken `under color of’ state law,” was founded on the rule announced in Ex parte Virginia, 100 U. S. 339, 346-347 (1880), that the actions of a state officer who exceeds the limits of his authority constitute state action for purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment.[13]930*930 The decision of the Court of Appeals rests on a misreading of Flagg Brothers. In that case the Court distinguished two…

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From Anonymous-A story about corruption in metal health court

Here is the video about a mental health corruption victim in Chillicothe, Ohio.

We all know the state has a program of medical kidnap for kids, and it appears there is also one for adults.

Forced psychiatric drugging is clearly illegal in Illinois according to the Illinois Supreme Court Case In re Tiffany.  The Ill.Appellate court denied the appeal, but after filing a Petition for a Supervisory Order, the Ill. Supreme Court granted it and vacate the order to drug poor Ms. Tiffany.

Please pray for this young man.


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From P.M. – the need for stronger Ethics Act in Illinois

This article explains why Illinois still needs tougher ethics laws and standards.  In other states, a politician must recuse themselves from voting when a close relative (grandparent, parent, child, grandchild or their spouse, brother and sisters and their inlaws) hold financial interests in companies affected by the legislation proposed.

This article explains:

Medill Watchdog examined statements of economic interests of public officials, lobbying registrations filed with the City of Chicago, Cook County and the state, and records of state bills and local ordinances. The investigation found 14 elected officials from Cook County alone who, while not lobbyists themselves, are related to or in business with lobbyists.


The review found more than a dozen instances in which an official took action that benefited the lobbying client of a family member or business partner.

Reformers say Illinois has a historic tolerance for corruption. “There are people who believe that’s just…

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More breaking news on corruption at the ARDC–the court reporter’s IDFPR request for taking a transcript at my trial without a license

Dear Readers;

You just can’t make this stuff up.  I FOIA’d (Freedom of Information Act) all the documents at the Ill. Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation relating to my court reporter when she took 5 days of transcript at my trial, never said she was unlicensed and then proceeded to render doctored transcripts, all in favor of the ARDC’s kangaroo hearing. She then voluntarily and permanently surrendered her license and paid a fine of $2500. All of this should be on the website.

It’s the most disgusting mess I have ever encountered in my life (I know my court corruption victims have suffered more, but this is way over the top).

Here are the FOIA responses and they are an eye opener:

The ARDC has filed some ridiculous affidavits with the Ill. Supreme Court that she has applied for relicensure.

Here is the ARDC response to…

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From Ken Ditkowsky on the wrongful suspension of Lanre Amu by Jerome Larkin, head Aministrator of the IARDC

On practicing law while black.

Subject: Practicing Law while Black
Date: Jan 18, 2017 5:42 PM
Mr. Hurt,
Overt racism is rare in today’s world.    Gone are the days when a person who happened to have a skin color that was a deep hue is confronted by a raving racist.   Today’s racist is must more subtle.   He (I use this pronoun as I have a particular he in mind – Jerome Larkin!)subverts the legal process to feed his malady and all the while he is engaged in discrimination or other activities of racism he uses the facade of liberalism, public office, party affiliation, attorney discipline,  or some other guise to engage in his JIM CROW mantra.   Sometime his co-conspirators are people who have the same skin coloration as the victim.   These “uncle Toms” have very little of the commodity known as self respect. In…

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From Ken Ditkowsky and getting paid to protest?

I gotta tell every one, I am waiting for the day I get paid to protest any injustice.  That will be the day.

See below:

Subject: Rent a criminal – DO NOT bother ME WITH THE FACTS – I’VE MADE UP MY MIND (MOTTO OF THE IARDC)

I heard two rumors that I believe to be accurate.    
The First is that the unlicensed Court reporter who Jerome Larkin illegally paid had her license removed from her for some sort of misconduct.   As Larkin represented to the Supreme Court that the court reporter’s lack of license was merely an oversight – he did not explain he inaccurate reporting that left out Judge Stuart’s admission of perjury during the JoAnne Denison hearing – it appears that Larkin told another lie to the Supreme Court of Illinois.   It therefore appears that the Disciplinary proceeding against Ms. Denison was…

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From Rochelle Williams–what is it really like to be in a guardianship case in Probate, 18th floor Daley Center

Dear Rochelle;

Thank you so much for coming forward.  Unfortunately, you describe a situation that is far too common on the 18th Floor.

I currently have a case where they are trying to force a DNR on a Greek Orthodox woman and drug her with Ativan.  Horrors.

No one would ever believe what they do on the 18th floor, that why stories from persons like you are so very important.

Thank you for writing what you did for us today.  You are very brave.


From Rochelle

I know what you mean. The corruption is real. I am the guardian of a disabled person who has a 12 million dollar estate and I along with Northern Trust is the Guardian of the estate and Northern Trust for over 10 years keep saying that the estate don’t make enough money to purchase the disabled person an assessable home. The home that…

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