Who robs the Elderly Most in their Retirement?



The Probate Court’s Dirty Secret That’s Robbing the Elderly in Retirement

Read more: The Probate Court’s Dirty Secret That’s Robbing the Elderly in Retirement
Important: Can you afford to Retire?

Kathleen Dunn’s mother Jacqueline Scott was placed under the care of a professional fiduciary in Florida after a sibling filed in probate court to be her guardian. When a Pinellas County Judge began to restrict visitation with her then 82-year-old mother, Dunn filed a complaint.

“I was under the impression that we lived in America and this is the land of the free but I had no idea that people were being legally kidnapped to be robbed of all their assets and Constitutional rights,” Dunn said.

Dunn is among a rising number of baby boomers and Gen Xers involved in expensive custody battles concerning their World War II generation family members who are expected to collectively pass along $41…

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From Mark Hexum–a letter for every politician!


11123 N. Rhonda Way
Dunlap, IL 61525

February 21, 2016
Dear Presidential Candidate,
The family court system is a $50 billion dollar business where thousands of lives of fathers, mothers and children are destroyed and in many cases ended because of the corruption in the system. For family court victims, there is no recourse. Appeals seldom work, judges protect corrupt attorneys, judges protect corrupt judges, attorney and judicial disciplinary commissions do nothing and the media will not get involved because they say family court issues are “he said/she said issues.” These horrors are not about “he said/she said”, they are about constitutional rights, civil liberties/rights, children, human beings, corruption, judicial abuse of power, judicial misconduct, judicial immunity and money. If an attorney has the courage to challenge and report a corrupt judge, they are suspended or disbarred. Since 2001, 60,000 US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and…

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Sacramento County Court article tells saga of bribes, clout and fixers



I think these are scenarios we call all relate to.  Note this is a watchdog website and not mega media


Sacramento County Family Law Court Operates as RICO Racketeering Enterprise, Charge Whistleblowers

Hyperlinks throughout this special investigative report link to whistleblower leaked documents and other original source material.
Judge William Shubb, Judge Edmund Brennan, Supreme Court, Corruption, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Mariano Cuellar, Ming Chin, Carol Corrigan, Leondra Kruger, Goodwin Liu,  Kathryn Werdegar, Judge Garland Burrell Jr, Judge Carolyn Delaney, , Judge Morrison England Jr, Judge Gregory Hollows, Judge John Mendez, Judge Kendall Newman, Judge Troy Nunley, Judge Allison Claire, Judge Dale Drozd, Judge Lawrence Karlton, Judge Kimberly Mueller, Judge Kevin Culhane - Judge Vance Raye - Judge James Mize
Whistleblowers allege that the family law division of
Sacramento Superior Court operates as a racketeering
enterprise similar to the Kids for Cash scheme uncovered
in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

The family court division of Sacramento Superior Court is controlled and operated by an illegal parallel government structure made up of local divorce lawyers who also work as part-time judges, court employees and clerks, and full-time judges, according to whistleblowerleakeddocuments and court watchdogs.

The shadow government is without the same transparency and accountabilityrequired of legitimate Judicial Branch agencies, and meets the legal definitionof a criminal racketeering…

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It is with great sadness I announce the passing of Carroll Denison, my mother in law


My mother in law, Carroll Denison, passed away peacefully and suddenly in her sleep last night.  I’m sure this is very hard on her two daughters Sandy and Cathy and their families.  Please pray for them and my husband, Calvin.

You may send your condolences to:

Calvin Denison

5700 N Natoma Ave

Chicago, IL 60631

She had 6 grandchildren – Niki and Kristin (Cathy and Dean) and our 4, Sean, Brendan, Matthew and Melissa.

I am certain an obit will appear in this weekend’s Tribune.

She will be missed.

JoAnne Denison

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Another day, another Petition to the Ill. Sup. Ct


MR 27522
In Re:

JOANNE MARIE DENISON Attorney-Respondent-Appellant
Reg. No. 6192441

Illinois ARDC,
Petitioner – Appellee

Commission No. 2013 PR 0001

Motion to Reconsider Order of 2/4/16

Attys Steven R. Splitt, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart and Jerome Larkin
ARDC, One Prudential Plaza, 12th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60601 via USPS, postage prepaid

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on February 22, 2016, I have electronically filed my Motion to Reconsider Order of 2/4/16, a copy of which is attached and served upon you, by filing an original document and twelve copies with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Illinois in Springfile via USPS first class mail postage prepaid from Niles, IL 60714 and mailing a copy to your offices at the address above.

Respectfully Submitted

JoAnne Denison, Pro Se
JoAnne Denison
Denison & Assocs, PC
5940 W Touhy Ave, #120

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Comments from Ken Ditkowsky–Defining terms


Subject: Defining terms
Date: Feb 22, 2016 4:11 PM
Defining who is a disabled person should be easy, except it is not.   Our statutes are vague and difficult.    Who is a person that is not fully able to manage his person or estate?
These are the words of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 2.   
 Do the framers of the guardianship statute realize that 50% of the population of the United States of America is below average!    Indeed, if you think about it, who is at all times relevant able to “fully manage his person or estate.”   If you drawn the standard too high my metaphor seeking a guardian for the President of the United States is not that far fetched.  Every one of the current candidates for the nomination of President would also qualify with flying colors for a guardian!

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Response from the ABA and protecting Whistleblowers!


From:JoAnne M Denison <jdenison@surfree.com>

To: ABA Member Service <service@americanbar.org>, Atty Ken Ditkowsky <ken@ditkowskylawoffice.com>, Atty Barbara Stone <bstone575@gmail.com>, Atty Candice Schwager <candiceschwager@icloud.com>, …..

Cc: Chicago FBI <chicago@ic.fbi.gov>, Chicago FBI Civil Rights <civilrights.cv@ic.fbi.gov>, “fbi@service.govdelivery.com” <fbi@service.govdelivery.com>

Subject: RE: Membership (current and new memberships) +

Date: Feb 22, 2016 3:56 PM

That’s why I was writing you.  The proceeding was a “go after” proceeding for revealing corruption on a blog.

The ABA has to do more to protect the public, whose out cry from corruption in the court room is now deafening.

It is not enough any longer to cite a rule.  The ABA must be proactive in rescuing those attorneys who are honest and ethical and stop protecting a bunch of thieves and felons.

While the ARDC was engaging in a go after proceeding against me,  Atty Seth Gillman was indicted in January 2014 for bilking the Federal and State governments of…

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If you are an honest, ethical attorney in Chicago, Watch out!


But if you steal $100 million from the US Govt, the ARDC will protect you.

From:kenneth ditkowsky <kenditkowsky@yahoo.com> [Edit Address Book]

To: FBI- <fraud_aging@aging.senate.gov>, “FBI- ( (” <civilrights.cv@ic.fbi.gov>

Cc: Eric Holder <askdoj@usdoj.gov>, Chicago FBI <chicago@ic.fbi.gov>, Probate Sharks <verenusl@gmail.com>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <joanne@justice4every1.com>, Tim NASGA <timlahrman@aol.com>, Bev Cooper <bev.cooperscorner@yahoo.com>, Janet Phelan <janet_c_phelan@yahoo.com>, …

Subject: Fw: EVIDENCE OF BAD FAITH ON THE PART OF Mr. Larkin and the IARDC – and 1n 18 USCA 371 cover-up

Date: Feb 22, 2016 10:56 AM

Here is tangible proof of Jerome Larkin’s conspiracy to aid and abet elder cleansings.   The cover-up of the miscreants conduct is a public disgrace and is not limited to protecting Seth Gillman, but includes blanket protections for a cesspool of lawyers practicing in the Cook County Circuit Court – including those involved in the Alice Gore, Mary Sykes et al cases.

Starting at page 90 it…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Alice Gore case


To: Illinois ARDC <illinois.ardc@gmail.com>
Cc: “FBI- ( (” <civilrights.cv@ic.fbi.gov>, Eric Holder <askdoj@usdoj.gov>, Chicago FBI <chicago@ic.fbi.gov>, …
Subject: How long can a public institution (the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) continue it role in the ‘cover up’ of elder cleansing and in particular the elder cleansing of Alice Gore.
Date: Feb 21, 2016 10:44 PM
Dear Mr. Larkin,
The family of Alice Gore really has waited long enough for the resolution of the criminal conduct associated with the Alice Gore estate.    From Probate Sharks, I copied a post that contains some of the material that the family sent to you, to wit:
.  Alice R. Gore Estate value about 1 million dollars: Alice R. Gore, deceased, a disabled 99 year old ward of the Probate Court of Cook County, Judge Kawamoto’s courtroom was hours away from ending up in the…

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An open email to the ABA. Clean up your act. The public is disgusted.


To: ABA Member Service <service@americanbar.org>, Atty Ken Ditkowsky <ken@ditkowskylawoffice.com>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — honest atty unfairly persecuted by ARDC” <loamu@aol.com>, Atty Barbara Stone <bstone575@gmail.com>, Eliot Bernstein <iviewit@iviewit.tv>, Attorney Jeffrey Norkin <jeff@norkinlaw.com>, Atty Dean Loren <deanloren@gmail.com>, angela.drees@yahoo.com, Atty Mark Adams blog fan <markadamsjdmba@hotmail.com>, Atty Richard Fine blog fan <richardfine@campaignforjudicialintegrity.org>, “rgrunds@pshift.com” <rgrunds@pshift.com>, Katherine Hine blog fan <katherinehine@yahoo.com>, “tatiana.neroni@gmail.com” <tatiana.neroni@gmail.com>, Atty Andy Aostrowski <ajo@bsolaw.com>, “cole.stuart@lexevia.com” <cole.stuart@lexevia.com>, “crenshaw-logal@njcdlp.org” <crenshaw-logal@njcdlp.org>
Subject: Re: Email Confirmation
Date: Feb 20, 2016 2:25 AM
This is to confirm my email to your offices in which I stated the following:
I desire to become a free member of the ABA.  I am an attorney who has been suspended in Illinois from the practice of law for 3 years for blogging about corruption.
When the decision regarding my discipline was announced on your website, nearly 100% of the people who posted a comment did so in…

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