CLICK HERE TO DONATE to clean up the courts!


PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD:  Signup for paypal (if you don’t already have an account) and you can donate with your credit card or bank account via Paypal to

FAX, TEXT OR EMAIL YOUR CHECK:  Text, Fax or email us your check made payable to JUSTICE4 EVERY1 NFP.  Our fax number is: 312-553-1307.  Our email is:  Joanne’s cell phone is 773-255-7608 (easiest).

all donations will be acknowledged.

Donations will be used to help with this pro bono work to many, many courtroom victims, and to fund transcripts for indigent clients for their appeals for courts acting without jurisdiction.  We are a  501(c)(3) charity and your donations are tax deductible to the greatest extent allowable by the IRS.

This website is NOT a commercial, money making enterprise.  We help people who are desperate and have been refused elsewhere because the work is too difficult/impossible, demanding or complicated.  I lose tons of money, time and sleep on probate victims.

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