Interesting case, In Re Boyer In re Estate of Boyar , 2012 IL App (1st) 111013, on taking of benefits under a testamentary instrument

From a blog fan who pointed out an interesting legal concept that is alive and in force in Illinois

The Summary from the Reporter of Decisions:

In an action arising from a dispute over the trust established by
petitioner’s father during his lifetime, the trial court properly dismissed
the surviving son’s petition challenging an amendment naming
respondent as the trustee on the ground that under the election doctrine,
the son’s acceptance of benefits under the trust prohibited him from
contesting the validity of the trust, notwithstanding the son’s argument
that the doctrine applied only to wills, since it applies equally to wills and
trusts, his taking of personal property belonging to the trust as a partial
distribution of his interest in the trust ratified and confirmed the trust in
its entirety and precluded him from challenging the operation of the
document, regardless of his claims that the property taken was…

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An appeal to a Floria States Attorney to protect Barbara Stone and her mother from Elder and Family Abuse by the authorities

Sent: August 28, 2014 3:56:18 PM
To:; Barbara Stone; Alyece Russell;
Michael Nofsinger; Kenneth Ditkowsky [Ditkowsky Law]; Sylvia Rudek NASGA;
Ask the Dept of
Subject: The illegal assault, prosecution and persecution of Barbara Stone and her mother
Auto forwarded by a Rule

Dear Mr Horn

I am an attorney in Illinois who writes a blog about probate cases* and I also practice  our probate decision handling dozens of cases involving guardianships where family members are isolated from their loved ones and placed in locked down nursing homes and are drugged.  Estates are drained by tied in attorneys and court appointed agencies who bill but do not protect or even care very much at all other than their financial renumerations.

The use of psychotropic drugs on persons over 60 and under 20 is contraindicated by the FDA and is not an FDA approved usage of…

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From Ken Ditkowsky — Bill of Elder Rights for Floridians is excellent statutory detail

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 27, 2014 12:40 PM
To: “JoAnne M. Denison” , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , Harry Heckert , “J. Ditkowsky” , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , Janet Phelan , Chicago Tribune , Chicago FBI , SUNTIMES , Tim NASGA , “FBI- ( (” , Cook County States Attorney , BILL DITKOWSKY , Ginny Johnson , Illinois ARDC , “Y. ACLU” , Scott Evans , “Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 (” , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Cook Sheriff , Bev Cooper , Edward Carter , Diane Nash , “Chicagotonight (” , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “” , “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” , Fiduciary Watch , “Jim (” , Martin Kozak , 60m Cbs News <>, Human Rights Watch , The Wall Street Journal , “” , “” , “”
Cc: Tim Lahrman , The Disability Discussion Docket – Official E-mail List…

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From Barbara Stone–a lawyer/probate victim in Florida under house arrest–merely for protecting her mother

From: Barbara Stone
Sent: Aug 26, 2014 12:15 AM
To: Kenneth Ditkowsky , “” , Janet Phelan , Eric Holder , Human Rights Watch , “FBI- (” , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Probate Sharks , “J. Ditkowsky” , Harry Heckert , Matt Senator Kirk , ISBA Main Discussion Group ,  etc.
Subject: Guardianship fraud

Certain of the members of the Florida Bar use their organization as a front for their orchestrating and acting as an accomplice to cause atrocities, embezzlement and death of certain classes of citizens, the elderly, disabled and the vulnerable in a scheme operating under the guise of guardianship. 

My 86 year old mother, Helen Stone is being abused, extorted and her death is being orchestrated by a criminal enterprise that operates under a guise of “guardianship”. 

Federal and State Laws prohibit abuse, aggravated abuse, exploitation, embezzlement and discrimination.  They prohibit murder and premeditated murder.


This lawless operation has taken human ownership of my mother. She…

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Finding again the Nation of Laws and effective Law Enforcement

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 23, 2014 6:17 PM
To: Barbara Stone , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , Harry Heckert , “J. Ditkowsky” , Eric Holder , Ginny Johnson , Matt Senator Kirk , Janet Phelan , Chicago FBI , Glenda Martinez , “FBI- (” , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “” , Tim NASGA , Chicago Tribune , SUNTIMES , Illinois ARDC , BILL DITKOWSKY , GLORIA Jean SYKES , Scott Evans , “Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 (”
Subject: verification of claims

Hundreds of citizens have complained to law enforcement, public officials, the courts, lawyer disciplinary commissions and just about anyone who will listen concerning the felonies of elder cleansing.    Most of the complaints have fallen upon deaf ears.
The argument of the miscreants is very simple.   How could these claims have any veracity as a Judge has examined them…

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From Dr. Richard Cordero — a request to work together and cooperate and some great ideas

Dear Readers;

The purpose of this blog is to promote truth and justice.  We must work together. There are too many dark and evil entities out there in the form of lawyers, court appointed workers and companies, judges and others who are victimizing and terrorizing wards and their families.  Justice and truth must prevail.

From Dr. Cordero– another advocate for justice:

Dear Ms. Denison,

Thank you for your email and for your words of appreciation.

You may post the previous email as well as its follow-up, which is below.

Can you, your coreaders, and we work together as proposed in those two emails?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

Judicial Discipline Reform

New York City


First join forces to inform & outrage public re wrongdoing judges, remove them, then new legislation


Dear Mr. Roland and Advocates of Honest Judiciaries,


Thank you…

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From Ken Ditkowsky OVER REACHING and the CRIMINAL violations of Civil Rights of Probate Victims and the Elder Cleansers

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 23, 2014 9:08 AM
To: “JoAnne M. Denison” , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , Harry Heckert , “J. Ditkowsky” , Tim NASGA , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , Janet Phelan , Chicago Tribune , SUNTIMES , Chicago FBI , “FBI- (” , Cook County States Attorney , BILL DITKOWSKY , Ginny Johnson , Illinois ARDC , GLORIA Jean SYKES , Scott Evans , “JoAnne M. Denison” , “Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 (” , Cook Sheriff , Bev Cooper , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Edward Carter , Diane Nash , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “” , Fiduciary Watch , Human Rights Watch , “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC”
Subject: OVER-REACHING – criminal violations of civil rights – 

Overlooked in so many of the Elder Cleansing cases is square one!    In Sykes, it appears that Mary was declared incompetent by the…

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Excellent book on Legal Abuse Syndrome or Post Traumatic Litigation Disorder

Dear Readers;

After talking to dozens and dozens of probate court room victims and their families, I think we pretty well know that people generally do NOT escape the probate court room debacle psychologically unscathed.  In fact, I am absolutely certain that most of you have learned that there are simply hugely damaged victims of court room abuses.

I received an email from someone today that had a byline of the following book:

Legal Abuse Syndrome by Ms. Karin Huffer, Mft and I bought it and was surprised at right off the bat, how she nailed the repeated saying of Legal Abuse Syndrome clients:

1) I am a a good person, clean living person, but this (LAS) is “cruel and unusual” punishment

2) the actions of (court room attorneys) are cruel and unusual, they are not normal, they are persons without souls, they have no conscious, etc.

3) what kind…

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Simple Request to the Attorney General of the US–Eric Holder on behalf of all courtroom victims

August 13, 2014
Attorney General of the United States
Washington, D.C
Re:   Elder Cleansing Scandal
Dear Attorney General Holder
Early this month I wrote you to request a meeting on this issue.  I would like to renew my request for a meeting here in Chicago so that the Midwestern victims and their families can have an opportunity to discuss the blatant Human Rights violations that are being promulgated by corrupt judicial officials (including lawyers) and which violations are being protected by the vary entities and people who are assigned to protect the public.
Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 on behalf of the victims of Elder Cleansing and their families I have been forwarding to you e-mails that I received that are chilling.   The victims who have written me are from all over the United States, but they essentially write the very same thing, to wit:
1)       A loved…

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From Ken Ditkowsky

I heard and participated this morning in a Florida Conference on the subject of elder cleansing.   A promise to do something positive concerning it was made by Florida Bar president Coleman.    Here in Illinois, not only are we embarrassed by being the 2nd most corrupt State in the union, and the number one State in fleeing residents, but we have some of the most unresponsive public servants imaginable.   From my amateur investigation I learned that many of the worst elderly cleansing operators have a locus in quo right here in Illinois.     I therefore, last week wrote the Administrator of the IARDC a letter – which he has not answered.    I am therefore forwarding to him at every e-mail I have for him the following letter:

August 6, 2014.

Last week I wrote you the following:

“Dozens of   friends and family of victims of Elder Cleansing have written to your commission…

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