From Ken Ditkowsky on another Dishonest Response from the ARDC as it pertains to the Sykes case

Now as we all know, and from all the publicity surrounding the Sykes case on Facebook, blogs and other social media, the Sykes 09 P 4585 case is nothing but a classic in the world of guardianship were the mantra “target, guardianize, isolate, drain the estate and then narcotize to death” clearly applies.  The murder of Mary G. Sykes, for whom this blog is named, has clearly not been investigated, nor has some $3 million missing from her estate ever been investigated.  No Trust accounting for Trust assets was ever filed with the court or provided to Gloria.  The court never seemed to care, why is that?

Worse yet, documents have recently been uncovered which were dumped in her court file–not stamped by the clerk–but indicate ex parte communications between Judge Stuart and Cynthia Farenga and others that they knew about the disappearance of valuable coins fro the get go.

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From FB–White House Announces Plans to cancel Meals on Wheels for Seniors

Throughout his campaign for president and since his election, DT has promised to reduce the size of government, cut taxes, eliminate regulations and slash numerous social programs, even as he boosts defense spending by billions.

His recently released budget proposal makes it clear he’s going to follow through on those threats.

One popular program facing elimination is “Meals On Wheels,” which uses federal funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to mobilize volunteers, businesses and donors to provide nutrition to thousands of senior citizens on a daily basis. It supports over 5,000 community-based organizations across America, reaching people in both urban and rural areas.

The money for Meals On Wheels is part of the Older American Act, first passed in 1965 as part of LBJ’s Great Society, and endorsed by every president until DT. The total cost, which includes other programs, is about $2 billion a…

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From Eliot Bernstein–yet another Gship horror story — Dizenso in Conn.

How does gship slavery happen, sooo many different ways to enslave, strip of all assets and kill the elderly.

This article is at:

Marcia DiZenzo was only 46 years old when she says she fell ill and was admitted to a hospital in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. That was some four years ago and DiZenzo was never returned to her rented condo near the beach.

Instead, she says she walked out as a ward of the state of Florida under the command of a professional guardian.

“I didn’t have health insurance at the time and somebody filed an emergency guardianship petition with the local court while I was hospitalized,” said DiZenzo who moved to Florida from Connecticut for the sunny climate.

DiZenzo is among the 58% of Americans who became wards of the state based on a probate court order of emergency temporary guardianship, according to the Americans Against Abusive…

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From Paul Abramson in California–Demand to ARDC to reverse my suspension

This is  copy of a fax Paul Abramson sent to the ARDC:

March 9th 2017
Re:13PR0001   request for reconsideration of Suspension of JoAnne Denison 
(sent by email and fax)
Dear Counselors (Smart and Opryszek)
I request you to reconsider the suspension of attorney JoAnne Denison which I believe was a wrongful conviction. Ms. Denison is a citizen of the United States of America and has the First Amendment right  of free speech to voice her opinion (in this instance judicial corruption in Illinois).
She is a tireless advocate of the unfortunate victims of the Illinois Judicial system which also in my opinion is a swamp that needs to be drained. The little guy seeking justice in your state does not stand a chance. That is why we need more people like Ms. Denison who not only should be exonerated of all the ARDC charges against her but commended…

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Fundraiser on Sunday 2 to 4 pm 5940 W. Touhy, #120–Justice4 Every1, NFP

On Sunday from 2 to 4 pm we will be holding our first in office fund raise and selling raffle tickets, drinks (wine) and providing free cheese and crackers from Whole Foods (healthy and all natural).

I will have printed out my famous “list of supplements” that will keep you healthy and energetic during your unfair court room battles.  You all need the stamina and have no time to be sick.

I will have a number of beautiful handmade quilted art wall hanging for a donation too.

Drinks will be $5 and you will purchase a ticket for each glass of wine.  Please come and donate a hot dish, salad, dessert, bottle of wine and buy a raffle ticket. All leftover food will be donated to Pacific Garden Mission on the near South Side.  We will hold the drawing during a  fundraiser and have one of our court room crime…

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From JL–Court orders are voidable if Opposing Counsel has not filed an appearance or Leave to File an Appearance

Click to access 1112401.pdf

Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel
Springfield, Illinois | | 800-232-0169
IDC Quarterly | Volume 23, Number 1 (23.1.36)
Civil Practice and Procedure
By: Edward K. Grassé
Busse, Busse & Grassé, Chicago
Leave to File an Appearance?
Yes, it is Required.
A recent Illinois Appellate Court First District decision has found that leave of court is required to file an appearance if 30 days has lapsed since service was perfected, and this is true even if the appearance is an additional appearance for a party already having appeared.
In J.P. Morgan Mortg. Acquisition Corp. v. Straus, 2012 IL App (1st) 112401, an attorney
attempted to vacate an order of foreclosure which had been entered against his clients after the attorney had filed an appearance for his clients. The court reviewed the order of foreclosure and sale and found that since the attorney had not sought leave of court to…

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From Ken Ditkowsky and the US Supreme court–Jury secrecy not protected if racial bias alleged

 Fairness in our Courts is required and mandated!
Now let’s apply this to the guardianship proceedings and even traffic court!   It would be very nice have judges who have integrity by definition!   Of course this would mean that ‘cover ups’ such as are going on in Illinois and some other states by lawyer disciplinary commissions would be illegal!
They are not protected by any alleged “secrecy” or “privacy” to the Disabled Person. In any instance where corruption is involved, it is not protected by “secrecy” or “privacy”. That’s why the videos in the Mary G Sykes case are so valuable and must be protected on the internet. This woman was clearly not incompetent. Why then did the Tribunal in Joanne Denison’s case refuse to take a look at the video evidence that there was indeed corruption in…

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From Ken Ditkowski –caught in the act

Subject: Re: Caught In The Act <; [but still being covered-up]
Date: Mar 4, 2017 8:14 AM
In Illinois and many States we have guardianship supervised by our Courts.   What this means is that there is an active JUDGE assigned to each guardianship who supervises the elder abuse/exploitation, and dehumanization of the elderly person.   I point to the Mary Sykes (09 P 4585) and Alice Gore cases as exhibits 1 and 2.   After the elder cleansing (i.e. isolation, abuse, exploitation, theft of savings and other assets, and denial of all human and civil rights) was completed that designated victim was subjected to involuntary suicide.   Calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION resulted in a campaign of intimidation directed against the caller followed by a cover-up of massive proportions.   Millions of dollars of State of Illinois money (public money) was and is used in…

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From CNN/Facebook–Rapes and Sexual Abuse in US nursing homes

Some of the victims can’t speak. They rely on walkers and wheelchairs to leave their beds. They have been robbed of their memories. They come to nursing homes to be cared for.

Instead, they are sexually assaulted.


Six women. Three nursing homes. And the man accused of rape and abuse

Luis Gomez appeared to many to be the perfect nursing aide. He loved his job and went the distance for residents in his care. But now a different image has emerged: Gomez, who insists he is innocent, is accused of being a serial abuser — moving from facility to facility despite a history of allegations against him. CNN documents his trail.


My mother was raped at 88

A daughter describes the resilience that helped her family not only heal but fight for reform.

The unthinkable is happening at facilities throughout the country: Vulnerable seniors…

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From Law 360–More indicted in $45 million Medicare/Medicaid Scheme

Law360, Springfield (December 16, 2016, 4:21 PM EST) — Two more nurses and an office manager pled guilty in Illinois federal court on Thursday to one count to commit health care fraud in litigation involving several Chicago-area home health care companies in a $45 million Medicare scheme.
Registered nurses Mary Mendoza and Ronald Malalis, along with office manager Janet Guerrero entered plea bargains in the alleged scheme run by the owners of Lincolnwood-based Pathways Home Health Services LLC, Donnarich Home Health Care Inc. and Josdan Home Health Care Inc. The owners of the three home health companies, Josephine, Richard and Maribel Tinimbang, are the alleged ringleaders, with help from staff.

In their time participating in the Tinimbangs’ scheme, Mendoza and Malalis allegedly made patients out to be sicker than they were, in order to gain a higher payout from the Medicare program. The nurses allegedly falsified patient care paperwork…

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