Please, before you cite HIPA as prohibiting something, please actually read the law

I am always amazed when people cite laws that they have never read, or even read any scholarly articles about.  HIPA is one of these. 2,000 pages of gobbledy gook, and all it says is that insurance companies can share information.  Interpreted at its best, that means that the insurance companies can spot fraud easier (I’m not talking fraud by patients, but fraud by doctors and 3rd party service providers). Got that.  But what it was really intended for was to deny people coverage or claims (pre-existing condition), despite the fact that a denial of health care for pre-existing condition is illegal in most states now, the insurance companies do it.  I hear complaints and my husband and I even applied for insurance and they denied him based upon his sleep machine (CPAP), etc.  Nothing major, but here we have a top 10 insurance company denying coverage or making it…

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Stop Court Crimes organization in California reporting rampant corrutpion in San Francisco

Apparently a number of scandals have rocked the San Francisco/Marin Valley court system, and the string of corrupt court decisions has been endless.

It is also reported that Orange County recently underwent a sting operation for traffic ticket fixing.

While everything was blamed on one lone clerk, it is hard to believe that thousands of cases were “fixed” and only one person was involved and knew what was going on.


Probate court is where our mothers and fathers life savings are stolen by lawyers and judges who legally steal the victims homes, life saving and possessions by liquidating them in sales and absorbing them in huge legal fees. Think about this, one lawyer at $350 -$500 an hour can reduce hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months. Much of those legal bills are for needless legal actions or
time. Its ambulance chasing at…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–time for an HONEST investigation now that Mary is Dead, Narcoticized to death

To: “” <>, Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Probate Sharks <>, Tim NASGA <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Nasga Us <>, Chicago FBI <>, Bev Cooper <>, Janet Phelan <>, KRISTI HOOD <>, Chicago Tribune <>, FOX News Network LLC <>, “” <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, BILL DITKOWSKY <>, SUNTIMES <>, Fiduciary Watch <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>
Cc: Diane Nash <>, Ginny Johnson <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, “Y. ACLU” <>, AARP Inc <>, Scott Evans <>, Edward Carter <>, Candice Schwager <>, Glenda Martinez <>, RosANNa Miller <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” <>, Illinois ARDC <>, Barbara Stone <>, Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik <>, Jay Goldman <>, “” <>, Alyece Russell <>, Tom Fields <>, Ronald Walker <>, Sylvia Rudek <>, Eric Blair <>, Cook Sheriff…

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Coming Up–National Whistleblower Appreciation Day–July 30, 2015

And the Whistleblower Center has a number of activites and you can check out their website at

National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

Last year the Senate passed Resolution 202, establishing National Whistleblower Appreciation Day (NWAD) on July 30. This wonderful action was taken in order to a) acknowledge and commemorate the contributions of whistleblowers to combating waste, fraud, abuse, and violations of laws, and b) to inform workers and the public about the legal rights of citizens of the United States to blow the whistle.

The events occurring on NWAD will be part of a larger whistleblower event, “Whistleblower Summit: Civil and Human Rights Conference” taking place from July 28 – 31. ACORN 8 is sponsoring the summit, and a full list of co-sponsors as well as additional summit information can be found at All events are free and open to the public. However, please RSVP here

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Prosecutorial Misconduct–from Texas, the Ill. ARDC could teach the course to Tx prosecutors

According to this reporter,

Television personality Kelly Siegler is under fire this month for what critics are saying is a history of unethical conduct as a prosecutor, including the hiding of evidence in capital punishment cases. After a career as a Harris County prosecutor, Siegler became the star in a reality series on TNT called Cold Justice, now in its third season. Siegler’s allegedly checkered history as a prosecutor is reminiscent of the controversy surrounding Nancy Grace, who was denounced an an unethical prosecutor who violated the rights of accused persons but has been retained by CNN as a show host and legal commentator.

Interestingly enough, I believe that Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez appear to operating under the same standard.

During the trial of one attorney suspended, she told the witness, one Justine McGinty, that the attorney in question had told SO…

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Shattered Sense of Innocence now on Paperback and ebook format

Randy Robinson continues to fight for his mother in Detroit Michigan probate

Dear Readers;

As many of you are aware, Randy Robinson can’t return home because he is under a court order (believe this one) to have his mother returned to Detroit Michigan from her brother’s home in California, so (satan’s) “guardian” can put her in a nursing home and liquidate Gayle Robinson’s property.

We all know that Gayle Robinson’s property is toast, they can all kiss that one good bye.  (Satan’s) Guardian in this case is on “Mary Rowan”, an attorney with an incredible notorious reputation for abuse of the elderly in guardianships.  She needs to be removed.

Note the comments at the bottom which are scathing in nature and describe other horrific guardianships under her (mis) management.

Please pray for Randy and his daughter who cannot return home because Mother Gayle has made the decision to leave Detroit Michigan after Mary Rowan and her flying monkeys.

In more…

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Portsmith official sued for trying to silence a $2.3 million whistleblower

some important excerpts:

CONCORD – Auxiliary  Portsmouth police officer John Connors is suing city officials, including the police chief, alleging they violated his free speech rights by placing him under a gag order after he blew the whistle on the allegedly unethical activities by a Portsmouth police detective who inherited the bulk of the multi-million dollar estate of Connors’ elderly next door neighbor. – See more at:
On Oct. 18, 2010, Connors brought his concerns to then-police chief Lou Ferland but the chief told him he should stay out of it, according to the lawsuit. He then told DuBois, who at the time was deputy chief, but he did not respond, according to the lawsuit.

Next, Connors stopped at the home of Commissioner John Russo, who lived near him, and told him of his concerns. “I was wondering where all the police cruisers were going,” Russo responded. Russo…

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China arrests over 100 lawyers and human and civil rights activits in a clamp down

One law firm that represented many activists was deemed “a major criminal organization.”

Jerome Larkin would be proud.  And my favorite is one commentator’s quote of Mark Twain who understood this argument well: “It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either”.

In a country where cell phones and police web cams are giving us shocking footage of how the police really act when out on the streets and the adjustments that need to be made,  I am certain the international backlash to the arrests will be overwhelming.

Today the seniors still at risk and who are not currently defended by independent counsel are:  Janie Thomas of Chicago, Alan Frake at Park Ridge Sunrise Senior Living and Ms. X, who is too afraid to even provide a…

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Time to make all of the Attorneys General in Illinois Do Their Job or Else…..

Refund their salaries to the Illinois Taxpayers!  Yeah!

Read on below.  I think I made a mistake in not faxing them, emailing them and calling them as Ken has shown us the way.

Maybe if we were incessant and relentless, Mary Sykes would not be dead today (narcoticed to death), Helen Rector would not be dead (narcoticed to death).

Let’s make a stink that flooding the elderly with drugs to hold their estates ransom will not be tolerated in the US.

refund their salaries to the Illinois coffers.

see below.

To: Diane Saltoun
Executive Inspector General
fax 312-814-8444
cc: Lisa Madigan,
fax 312 814-3806
Anita Alvarez
fax 312-603-4708    From:                    Admitted Ill., N.  Carolina and Patent Bars
JoAnne M. Denison,     Pat. Atty.  Reg.  No.  34,150
Justice 4 Every1, NFP    FAX 312-553-1307
5940 W Touhy Ave, #120    CELL PH 773-255-7608
Niles, IL 60714    PHONE 312-553-1300…

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