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Case citation rules for Pro Se litigants–Cornell Rules of Citation Indigo Book


I had a question today about proper legal citations and where to find the rules for that.

Cornell University has published an online guide for this which can be found at:


Introduction to Basic Legal Citation(online ed. 2016)By Peter W. Martin

This work first appeared in 1993. It was most recently revised in the summer of 2016 to reflect the release of a new, free citation guide, The Indigo Book, and the publication of The Supreme Court’s Style Guide. Like all prior revisions this one also included a thorough review of the relevant rules of appellate practice of federal and state courts, and the latest edition of The Bluebook, released in 2015. It is linked to the new Indigo Book. As has been true of all editions released since 2010, it is also indexed to the The Bluebook and the ALWD Guide to…

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From NASGA–how lawyer scams and high fees hurt abuse litigation against nursing homes


Anatomy Of A Scam: How Lawyers Hurt Clients And Crush Nursing Homes

Photo of Kevin Daley
Supreme Court Reporter

Nellie Keffer won an $80,000 award from a nursing home she claims had brutally abused her husband. Weeks later, her lawyers sent her a bill for $71,000.

There is no shortage of aggrieved nursing home negligence or medical malpractice plaintiffs who express serious misgivings about the quality of their representation, and the fees lawyers assess against them after securing awards. One such attorney is Michael Fuller of McHugh Fuller, a Mississippi-based firm specializing in nursing home litigation.

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation suggests that McHugh Fuller and its allies bankroll a nonprofit that promotes litigation in the states where they practice. The firms then collect a huge percentage of the awards they secure, while quality long term care is compromised by their tactics.


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From NLJ: Interesting Fed. Ct decision on workplace Health Programs incentives for Employees



Judge Tells EEOC to Revisit Rule for Workplace Wellness Programs

Regulation wasn’t vacated outright for concern about “significant disruptive consequences.”

C. Ryan Barber, The National Law JournalAugust 22, 2017    |  Comments

AARP headquarters in Washington, D.C.
AARP headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Photo: Diego M. Radzinschi/ALM

A federal judge on Tuesday sent the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission back to the drawing board on regulations for increasingly popular workplace wellness programs, ruling in part that the agency failed to justify its 30 percent cap on cost incentives for participating workers.

AARP challenged the rule in October, arguing it would allow employers to illegally access private health information and potentially use that data in a discriminatory manner. The AARP, which lobbies on behalf of nearly 38 million people age 50 and older, also alleged the 30 percent limit on health care cost incentives was too high of a penalty for nonparticipating…

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From GG — Correct portal to Illinois Appellate Court Filing Website


This morning, GG tells me he spent 45 min. trying to upload a document on the new Illinois Court of Appeals Website.

So he called the help desk and they told him one of the portals doesn’t work and they forgot to take it down but another one does work.

So here is the correct URL if you are filing something:

from Odessey tech support:
the e-filing website has changed
the old one is not supported anymore and has errors

use https://illinois.tylerhost.net/OfsWeb/   to access their current website

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From AJP–Important class action settlement for those annoying robo calls. Up to $900 if you were on their list!


I just checked AND MY PHONE NUMBER was on the list.

I have no doubt that I receive dozens of these stupid robo calls per week or month.

Go to https://www.rmgtcpasettlement.com/Landing.aspx and put in your cell phone, work phone (if you own a business like I do) and home phone.

See if you are eligible to get $300 per phone call or up to $900 if you received 3 or more phone calls.

I know many of you hate attorneys, but don’t let that stop you. Every once in a while the little guys with no clout win just a teeny tiny bit.


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From SSW–Where is the accountability in the DCFS system?


I find countless cases of erroneous and/or malicious removal of kids from their homes based on any number of questionable allegations; One must ask not only themselves, but certainly the COURTS claiming jurisdiction over the family or subject, on what foundation do the merits of these petitions to remove rest?
Our constitution was written to establish the guidelines that should enforce the protections of ALL citizens involved in any case brought to a court when any person’s human, fundamental & constitutional rights are threatened on either side of a case.

When highly publicized crimes are tried in our living rooms via news or television stations allow us into the courtroom, we are also exposed to the reporters own reaction, no matter how subdued, to any particular component of a case on either side. It is natural for us to assume that what WE see and hear about a case is…

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Mary Catherine Ford is still looking for her Daughter, Lilly Tonkinson


If anyone knows where she is, please hand her a phone and ask her to call her mother please.

As you all know, Lilly is in an abusive guardianship and was removed from her home under false premises (promised more education and a safe place to live) instead, she has been isolated from her family and has been put in a string of abusive nursing homes where she has been beaten and sexually assaulted and not provided with medical or dental care.

Her mother worries constantly about her and she is heartsick.

Please help Mary and Lily, if you can.



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From Ken Ditkowsky–still no justice for 94 year old Mary G. Sykes, murdered in guardianship in Cook County, Illinois


kenneth ditkowsky

10:59 AM (10 hours ago)
Each case stands on its own merits and even though the facts are similar they are distinguishable and different.
In the case dishonest judges, we are dealing with serious allegations and serious breaches of fiduciary relationship.   More important, in the case of guardianship frauds and elder cleansing we are also dealing with felony offenses against the federal health care system – such as the 700% fraud surcharge/medicare fraud.   The amounts of money stolen are so enormous that in asking for any HONEST INVESTIGATION  we are striking a blow at the genesis of the WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED and all its side issues, i.e. theft of assets from ‘wards’, recovery of funds used to pay for appointment to the bench paid to Democratic Committeeman and DNC operatives to purchase judgeship (Chicago, Miami, New York, etc), graft and…

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Sheriff Dart’s Employees continue to refuse to provide copies of Service Papers to Litigants


As most of you know, in the past, when the Mary Sykes case was going on, a fun thing to do was to as Sheriff Dart’s offices for proof of service on Mary when the case was going on for 5 years and she was never served.

The first time you do it and ask how Mary could have been guardianized and a case was running in Cook County for years without jurisdiction, all the employees go nuts and that’s fairly entertaining (of course, Judge Stuart should have just dismissed the case, but she’s long gone.  No clout for her.  But someone pretty powerful is protecting Justice Maureen Connors because she ran the Sykes case for years without jurisdiction and when the stuff hit the fan, she got promoted to the Court of Appeals!  Too funny.  But that’s how it works in Crook County.  You really screw up a case…

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From Ken Ditkowsky on Mandatory Arbitration in Nursing Home Law


Date: Aug 9, 2017 9:56 PM
We have several issues in regard to the nursing home situation.
The most important issue is the care of sick people.    By in large unless the patient has no serious illness and has an advocate everything is expensive but good.    However, the more reliance that is placed on the facility the more dis-satisfied is the patient and his/her family.
A Second Issue is the care of victims of elder cleansing, seriously ill patients, and long term care patients.    This is the major source of problems.   The problems cover the waterfront.    This is the place where a nursing home operation can either have serious cash flow problems or be a cash cow.    Mr. Jaycox came into the quagmire because of…

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