Seeking Donations and Need Prayers for….

To Donate to Justice for Everyone:

Paypal us at

we are a 501(c)(3) corporation and all donations are tax deductible

1)  All of our clients:  Dominick Spera, Sylvia, John Wyman, Janie Thomas and their families, MP, LV and other clients I am not allowed to mention, KDD and family for all his hard work.  Bev and Ken Cooper for all their hard work for court victims;

2) Our fine staff:  Aleyce Russell for attending me at trial; Michael Nofsinger for his fine investigative work in Chicago; and Jim Simms for his investigave work and advice throughout the country.

2) Businesses that can help us, and Ryan for advertising services.

3) Those that would oppose bringing sunlight and truth and justice, we pray that they be filled with peace, blessings, truth, love, understanding, empathy, sympathy, and they be bound up from doing or saying harm to anyone:  the ARDC and staff, the court system, probate attorneys.

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