From Janet Phelan–what statutory authority in Cal. permits the AG and IAG to exclude probate cases from investigations for criminal activities?

From: Janet Phelan <>
Sent: Jan 26, 2015 4:25 PM
To: JoAnne M Denison <>, “” <>, Janet Phelan <>
Subject: JoAnne….

JoAnne, can you publish this?
My contact with Kamala Harris’s office was relevant to bundled reports that were sent into that office a few years back by one Marilyn Peters, documenting criminal activity by professional guardians in California. As Harris’s office stated that she doesn’t “do probate,” I requested the legal authority under which the Attorney General for California is allowed to ignore criminal activity by professional guardians.
Sending me a letter issued in 2007 does not address my request to your office.
On the phone a couple of minutes ago, you told me that your office was declining to answer that question. As it is my understanding that there is no legal authority which allows you to ignore these complaints—and you continue to ignore these complaints–…

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Press Release from Tim Lahrman that Fannie Mae is in receivership…..

and that means a good defense to many of you embroiled in Foreclosures since if a bank sold a mortgage to Fannie Mae and Fannie Mae is in receivership, that means the servicing agent must get the permission of the receiver to file and prosecute a foreclosure, which is never done, at least to my knowledge.

So, don’t be shy and explore this option with your foreclosure attorney if you are in foreclosure.

January 22, 2015
Elkhart County Indiana: A WARD’S LAMENT
A ‘ward’ is a person or entity who has, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, been placed under conservatorship/guardianship, and in a clash of two opposing wardships an Indiana resident under guardianship has sued Fannie Mae who is under conservatorship of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
On January 20, 2015, Indiana resident Tim Lahrman filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the…

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From Texas–changes to the guardianship laws

First the story:

Now the most interesting quote:

A stream of witnesses told emotional guardianship horror stories alleging total disregard of any due process by the courts, denial of access to loved ones and expensive legal battles stemming from

questionable court actions.

While apparently the law did not pass, apparently there is much, much malcontent down in Texas on guardianship issues.  From the comments I get, it is the same here.  Illinois has a great law, the Illinois Probate Act, but for some Judges and court connected attorneys and agencies, it is in pristine condition, because apparently it is little used and quoted in the Illinois courtrooms.

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Ruby Peterson–3rd Amended Complaint for an Injunction

From Candice Schwager in Texas, some great ideas for an injunction against harming disableds by targeting them, forcing them to live in a nursing home and then selling assets to pay court connected attorneys fees and nursing home fees, draining the estate and then plan of final demise via drugs and despondency:

Click to access plaintiffs-3rd-amended-app-for-injunction.pdf

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From Tom Fields — How the authorities in Australia are using the court system to limit damages to court abuse victims

Abuse compensation priority for commission

By Australian Associated Press

Published: 18:44 EST, 22 January 2015  | Updated: 18:44 EST, 22 January 2015

I think everyone can see the interesting parallels between cutting even modest damages paid to court abuse victims and church sexual abuse victims when the government wants to limit claims when they put kids in abusive state run facilities, and when the church has had abusive contact with children.

Both are seriously and ethically morally reprehensible and wrong.


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And while the ARDC denies that corruption exists in the courtroom, Philadephia is facing the music…

Apparently, legal problems aren’t over in Philadelphia when 6 judges are arrested for fixing tickets.  Some were for a set price and some just because they needed to take care of their friends.

It’s the hardest thing for an honest lawyer to charge your client when you know you get to court and there will be no justice for your client when everyone else has clout or an envelope of cash or some unfair bargaining form you’re not going to partake of, ever.

In most cases, the hard part is not that you’re going to lose, it will be that others will be gloating saying, “don’t you ever notice you never win” but you’re charging your client to go to a place where there will never be any justice, yet dozens of citizen complaints have been filed already regarding the practice and the FBI is silent and does not…

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The Latest in the war against Disident honest attorneys in Illinois, JMD’s Petition for Interrim Suspension.

Dear Readers:

See below.  While the Petition for Interrim suspension was most likely written by SO, a champion against the rights of the public to a fair and just court system, and againt the First Amendment in all forms, the claims are that this blog “threatens irreparable harm to the public, my clients (I have no client complaints, please), and to the orderly administration of justice.”

No where in the 9 pages that were filed, is there any allegation made of a client willing to testify against me (many were contacted, and all politely declined, well, some not so politely, they told me), and how does a blog affect the orderly administration of justice.

Judges aren’t even supposed to read blogs.

The main claim to “orderly administration of justice” is that the Sykes case was “overly litigious” by Gloria due to this blog.  How is that?  It is never clearly…

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From Barbara Stone–Her list of Felonies or ‘Table of Torts” to help us all–victims and lawyers for probate victims

  • First degree felonies under Florida Statutes 825 committing financial fraud and exploitation in a sum of $100,000 or more from an eldery person
  • First degree felonies of abuse and aggravated abuse under Florida Statutes 825
  • Perjury
  • Tampering with evidence (spoliation of evidence)
  • Obstructing justice
  • Dereliction of Duty
  • Violation of Bill of Rights, 1st & 6th Amendment
  • United States Constitution Art 3 Sec 3 (right to jury trial often denied)
  • Conspiracy under 42 USC 371
  • Theft and Fraud, fraud on the court, intrinsic and extrinsic fraud and fraud in the inducement, misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, consumer fraud (nursing homes that lie and say a disabled person cannot leave without someone signing for them, or a doctor’s note or some nonsense)
  • Tampering with court records, transcripts and other records (see, spoliation of evidence)
  • Forgery (of POA’s and wills)
  • Securing writings by deception (also see the tort of intrusion upon seclusion–for violation of…

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Why is Tim Lahrman a “disabled adult” in Indiana–read his press release!

Tim Lahrman is one of the most intelligent, thinking and philosophical persons I know.  His cognitive skills are excellent and have been through the many years that I and others have known him.  But, back when he was young, he built up a very successful and profitable electrnoics business.  He ran it successfully.  Bad news for him, he had an evil greedy brother with an evil greedy attorney and a rubber stamping court. So despite his prowess and business accumen, that meant nothing to a probate judge and next thing he knows, at approx. age 21, he is stamped a “disabled adult”, primarily due to the fact that the court was told he uses cannibis setiva for recreational purposes.  Now coming to the age when medical marijuana is starting to become a right and a recognized and effective treatment and cure for problems from depression and anxiety to cancer, and…

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As per Ken Ditkowsky’s prediction, Assisted Involuntary Suicide for the Disabled may be closer than you think.

Perhaps the IARDC and Jerome Larkin aren’t so unethical as we think.  Perhaps we are turning our morals and ethics back to 1930 Germany when Hitler said it was okay for parents to euthanize infants with defects that “weren’t good enough” for their parents.  What do you think?

Dutch doctors euthanize woman suffering from ringing in the ears
By Wesley Smith
Euthanasia is a voracious beast, its hunger never assuaged.
Now, in the Netherlands, a woman was lethally injected because of severe tinnitusFrom the story:
A special clinic in The Hague, set up to help people whose doctors do not support euthanasia, has been reprimanded for helping a 47-year-old woman with chronic tinnitus to die, broadcaster Nos says on Monday. The independent commission charged with monitoring how Dutch euthanasia rules are applied recognises that extreme tinnitus could be a reason for mercy killing…

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