From Ken Ditkowsky — Elder abuse, the Ultimate Betrayal

From Ken Ditkowsky;
JoAnne – you and we disciplined by the Illinois Supreme Court for pursuant to Rule 8.3 and our First Amendment Rights asking for an HONEST investigation of the corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt public officials who were carrying on a WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.   It looks like out persistence and refusal to attorn to the intimidation meted out by Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators is paying off.
A lawyer who I’ve known for about a decade, approached me this morning to inform me that Consumer Reports had a bunch of articles this month dealing with Elder abuse/exploitation.   The treatment of the subject was benign, but at the very least it was a recognition that there is a serious problem.    The corrupt judicial aspect of the problem does not appear to…

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From Michael Volpe–an excellent book on corruption in the courts

My review for Amazon:

Michael Volpe’s Book on Chris Mackney–describes court corruption in amazing detail.

I have just finished Mr. Volpe’s book on court corruption, and in particular the experiences of Mr. Chris Mackney-as he worked his way through a highly troubled divorce with a ex-wife with an interesting family secret that came out during his own internet research: it was there he discovered that his wealthy father in law had been convicted of murder, had likely been involved in much more criminal activity, and his ex-wife conveniently forgot to tell him during their long marriage.

As a result, the father-in-law, a Mr. Scamardo (what an apropos name), went to great lengths to fund a divorce for $1.2 million which of course involved dozens of failures of the court to simply follow the law, set reasonable child support for the father and a fair co-parenting schedule. What happened instead was…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–ALM is taking nominations for White Collar Crime Fighters

I would be glad to nominate anyone that sends me a short synopsis of your personal fight for truth and justice in probate or other areas of the Court System.

Tell me about how you are running a blog, writing or have written a book, have filed pleading after pleading to enforce rights against a corrupt system and I will nominate.

This is our chance to get recognition which is currently nearly impossible because the court connected and appointed attorneys threaten everyone with litigation all the time and engage is slander, libel, defamation and false light.

See below and thanks Ken, for passing this along.

To: National Law Journal <>
Cc: Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Probate Sharks <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Tim NASGA <>, Nasga Us <>, Chicago FBI <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, BILL DITKOWSKY <>, Bev Cooper…

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As usual, Gloria gets in the last word–before they shut the comments down

from Ken Ditkowsky:

The full shame of the American Bar Association ought to be published.   The following is the article from the American Bar Journal.   Pre-teens are required before going into High School to pass the Constitution test demonstrating a rudimentary knowledge thereof.   Apparently the Supreme Court of Illinois, the IARDC, the Review panel, and a few lawyers in Illinois have no working knowledge of the Constitution of either Illinois or America, and certainly the failure of the ABA to exhibit outrage *****.
The entire document is as follows:


Lawyer gets suspension for blog posts about ‘feeding frenzy’ of connected lawyers

POSTED SEP 24, 2015 12:46 PM CDT

An Illinois lawyer who blogged about a probate case has been suspended because of her posts alleging a “feeding frenzy” of court-connected lawyers in Chicago’s “sleazy world of probate.”

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From Ken Ditkowsky — Ethics Statements must be reported even by the likes of the ARDC and Larkin

It has been an axiom that the more pious a political or public figure claims to be the less credible he/she in fact is in reality.     On the political scene it is hard to forget the fact that Illinois had two governors in jail at the very same time, and a few years before more than a score of Judges went to jail in the Greylord scandal.      Indeed, to address such situations it is now required that people who are paid with public funds to file ETHICS statements.    Even teachers are required.       It has been reported in various publications that the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) has not filed the ethics statements.
It also appears that few, if any, of the employees of the IARDC file the said statements.     Why not?    The funds they receive are public funds collected from citizens (attorneys).    There does not…

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New ABA article to comment on but hurry before they shut down any sympathy for me

from M W

I read this article and I know you and Ken Ditkowsky have been advocating for probate victims.

I have sent the article to Colorado Senator Laura Woods who seems to trying to help the probate cartel victims here in Colorado.
Thank you for standing up for the vulnerable.
M. W.

from Joanne

As you will all recall, the last time the ABA published that I was suspended because I was highly critical of the Sykes case and predicted everything would be liquidated and then some to pay only attorneys fees and she would be dumped in a tied in nursing home and more excessive fees would accrue THIS BLOG’S PREDICTIONS WERE ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON.

In its complaint, the ARDC published mostly mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s complaints to the authorties wherein we said there was fraud, theft and embezzlement of nearly $1 million in gold…

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Please remember to Keep Randy and Gale Robinson in your prayers for truth and justice

See how this woman is treated shamefully by a local cop.  The henchman for the OPG (Office of Public Guardian, I mean Greed) is standing in the backgroud.

Gayle Robinson fought off these two for over two hours!  Then they took her away to a 9 day psych hold.  Only problem is they did not have the paperwork so they held her in a cheap motel for 2 days and drugged her because she tried to escape.

Apparently she still suffers nightmares from the entire ordeal.

Please pray for this family, for truth and justice and peace and blessings

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