In Chicago, what does a nursing home do when it’s understaffed? Break out the chemical restraints.

Shamefully, in South Holland, this news story was recently reported:

Dorothy Byrd, age 98 died of an overdose of chemical restraints:

Paris said it’s his understanding the nurse used painkillers to sedate seven seniors at Holland Home. Six fell ill and were rushed to hospitals. Byrd died the next day. Rundin and Krynicki died about a month later. The other three residents who were hospitalized on February 3 have now recovered.

According to Paris, Byrd was taking hydrocodone for back pain, but not at the levels found in her body when she died, and she was not prescribed any morphine, which also was found in her system in toxic levels.

Finally someone is noticing that nursing homes chemically restrain residents as desired.

Finally, a coroner is doing tox screens on the elderly instead of saying “oh well, she was old, wasn’t she”.

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ABC news action team-billing for guardianship thousands of dollars after the ward dies

ABC Action News I-Team: Guardian and Attorney Bill Thousands for Years After Ward Dies

excellent video at:

What is the first saying on this video?  “target, medicate, isolate, drain and eliminate”.  how is it that everyone knows the credo but the Illinois Atty Registration and Disciplinary Commission who targets myself and Mr. Ditkowsky for repeating the credo of criminal attorneys and judges (Sykes, Gore, Bedin, Wyman, Drabik, Richards, Frake, etc.)but the IARDC consistently denies any knowledge or responsibility.  Instead, it wants to shut down this blog and distance itself from conducting honest, thorough and complete investigations of the criminal elements defrauding the public, and worst of all, the senior citizens and disabled persons that are targets of these criminals.

When Florida says it is clamping down on bilking estates for tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars of court appointed guardians and attorneys, you know the…

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A reprint of Ken Ditkowsky’s article on the PPJ–the word of Ditkowsky and Denison and Amu is going Viral

and cannot be stopped on the internet, which is free and open and democratic, despite the protests, the shameful conduct of attorneys and judges acting badly and trying to stop those that speak out against harm to the elderly and disabled!

Before we are distracted or otherwise side tracked in our struggle to defeat the corrupt and venal political and judicial officials who are conducting a war on the elderly and the disabled I want to thank every person who has joined he battle on the side of the elderly, disabled, and families thereof.   By persistence and by joining hands piece by piece the word is getting out and law enforcement is enforcing the law and protecting the Constitution.   Yes, the gains are small to date, but, a search of the internet has revealed that the word is getting out.
Mr. Jerome Larkin and his cronies may lack…

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From Sandra Black Go Fund Me and she and her family need a lawyer

Sandra Black would like you to support:

Sandra’s Family Needs a Lawyer

Donate below, or forward this email to a friend now.

As the ARDC gets ready to suspend one of the only truly low cost or pro bono defense lawyers in probate, Sandra Black and her family are looking for assistance too.

I hope a good pro bono lawyer comes to their assistance to help them out.

Let us know how it goes, Sandra.

A message from Sandra Black…

Hello, I am Sandra Black. My elderly mother, family, and I have lived under extreme abuse (not physical) and mental/emotional torture in America due to the State of Indiana’s laws that make it right to discriminate against its disabled residents. We have been cursed out, threatened, isolated/alienated, and had torture tactics used against…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–why is corruption in so rampant and out of control?

To: Matt Senator Kirk <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>
Cc: Probate Sharks <>, Tim NASGA <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Nasga Us <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Chicago FBI <>, “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” <>
Subject: All you want to know about corruption but were afraid to ask or ******(censored)
Date: Mar 19, 2015 12:29 PM
Corruption page 2
The aggregate problems of fiscal solvency of government viewed in a non-political manner filtering out all the rhetoric designed to inflame passions, the problem boils down the fact of bipartisan corruption is surcharging the cost of government to the point that we all will shortly be in bankruptcy.    Corruption is rampant and rapidly going out of control.
The Wall Street Journal reports that health care fraud (including social security and elder cleansing…

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How can you commit no crime but go to jail for 900 days–a new record? Oregon is the answer!

Take a good look at this incredible story of gross abuse of human and civil rights.

The judge and prosecutor who did this to this man are an outrage.

I would have thought the story came from downstate Illinois where we have one man, Lyle Harrison held for 90 days on civil contempt for lousy pro se fillings?  (can anyone drive down my emergency motion to the 4th district court of appeals tomorrow to release him?)

but this is clearly outrageous.


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Nursing home death on morphine and hydrocodone ruled homocide–even at 98!

I wonder if the woman was under a guardianship.

I’m glad tho someone is watching out for this problem.  Far too many psychotropic drugs are being sold to nursing homes.  It’s time the nursing homes are being checked for psychotropic drug toxicities and elders are getting autopsies and toxin screens, even at the age of 98, it’s still not right to poison grandma with psychotropic drugs and narcotics to keep her docile.

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How to handle a DUI or check point stop

I don’t know DUI in Illinois, but maybe someone does know all the DUI case law so feel free to dispute this link.

This link is for Florida only, but I think it would work great in Illinois.

DUI check points are actually the police looking for expired registrations and stickers and all that, broken tail lights, arrest warrants, seized cars, etc.   They are basically a revenue generator.  But I have seen posts where a car’s plates or license was expired and the police left entire families out in the cold to walk home, whadda bunch of jerks.

They are best to avoid.  Feel free to turn around and take an alternate route when you see one.  And keep this flyer in the car.  The lawyer is right, there are no officer friendlies, only a guy trying for a promotion or raise.

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Channel 7 News–again the ARDC is under gun for allowing a lawyer to steal over $1 million

And of course, the complaint goes no where and there is no relief from the Client Protection Program because the ARDC runs it (according to this article) in a willy nilly fashion….

See below and good catch by Joe Dubow.  The ARDC should have paid this claim pronto and helped the family get a good lawyer to get their money back. This, the ARDC does not do.  They discipline Ken and myself for speaking out, but then they need good experienced lawyers who have represented clients for low cost or free (Ken and myself) and who do sue clients for fees (ditto).

ABC7 I-Team Investigation

By Jason Knowles

Thursday, March 12, 2015 10:37PM


The ABC7 I-Team investigated a lawyer who stole more than $1.2 million from his clients, and the victims who say they want some of their money back from an organization designed to protect them.

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Judges acting badly — Ohio Judge berates jurors for their decision.

Judges are supposed to have a poker face and mouth and are supposed to thank witnesses and jurors for their service, no matter the outcome, and not comment on the case.

Apparently this judge blew it.

A judge is not the press, she or he is the trier of fact and law and is not supposed to roll eyes, sigh, make dumb comments, etc. in the courtroom.

I know that many of you experience it and you have to report it to the Judicial Inquiry Board (addresses on this website) when you see it.

Also, attorneys are not to be in the judge’s private area, nor are they to be having exparte conversations with opposing counsel.


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