From J. Ditkowsky–Letter to AG Loretta Lynch re: misuse of public funds by Jerome Larkin

From: j. d. <>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:36 PM
Subject: response to one of your recent letters
Jerome Larkin, Director of the Illinois Attorney Registration and
Discipline Commission, has formerly charged Jo Anne Denison for the
printed copy of the entire contents of her blogs (, which
were inadmissible as testimony at her hearing before the IARDC, as they
had to be displayed in the original form, and which were downloaded by a
company which is noted for piracy and pornography,  AND the transcripts
of her hearings before the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline
Commission, which were recorded by a(n) unregistered court reporter.
Both of these were totally unethical actions. The second action went
directly counter to Illinois State Statute. The Illinois Supreme Court
dismissed Mrs. Denison’s motion to void these charges.  Since a Supreme
Court has to be presumed to know the law…

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From Ken Ditkowsky — Re: govt assault on the 1st Amendment

Subject: The governmental assault on the First Amendment is being noticed.
Date: Jun 29, 2016 9:00 PM
Yesterday the WSJ had an article on how there was a move to criminalize any opposition to the current popular and government sponsored opinion.    Today CBS reported a clandestine meeting between our Attorney General and William Clinton and made no attempt to hide the fact that it thought that this was negotiation for a ‘fix.’   Of course AG Lynch denied the accusation.
The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission’s attempt to muzzle JoAnne Denison is picking up, and so sure is Jerome Larkin (the administrator) that he has ‘wired’ the Supreme Court of Illinois he and his 18 USCA 371 cronies openly admit that they hired in violation of statute unlicensed court reporters, and in spite of a direct statutory prohibition Larkin breached his public trust and dipped into public funds to…

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Nova Scotia must review dozens of cases because hair strand drug testing too unreliable

Apparently darker hair absorbs more chemicals and drugs than lighter hair, and women using alcohol based hair care products can make the alcohol portion of the test unreliable.

Nova Scotia has become the fourth known province to suspend or ban the use of drug and alcohol hair testing in child protection proceedings, after New Brunswick, British Columbia and Ontario.

“The department has decided to suspend hair strand testing for child protection cases in Nova Scotia effective immediately,” said department of community services spokeswoman Heather Fairbairn Tuesday.

The move comes in the wake of a 2014 Star investigation into the Hospital for Sick Children’s Motherisk laboratory, which found that prior to 2010, the lab was using a hair test that was not recognized as the “gold standard.”

An independent review deemed the hair test results “inadequate and unreliable” in 2015.

They were used in potentially thousands of child protection cases…

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From Janet Pipes — Quotes of the Day on Guardinship

Professional Guardianship Fraud Quotes
“A simple slip-and-fall can put someone into the guardianship of unknown persons with no knowledge to family and friends until the deed is done. Forced incompetency; get control over everything and the ward (senior) loses all rights.” Robert W Melton, Pinellas County Internal Auditor, “Dirty Tricks of Guardianships – The Need for Change,” April 2004
“You are a target because you have assets. You don’t necessarily have to be very old. You can even be quite lucid. That won’t stop these predators. When it comes to removing your rights and your money, these folks are experts.” Money Magazine.
“It’s difficult to believe it happens, but forced guardianship fraud runs unchecked throughout international probate courts. Deemed incapacitated by the courts, elderly citizens are robbed of all decision-making rights and assigned professional guardians whose only-interest lies in profiting from their vulnerable charges’ estates.” The Washington Examiner
“There is a web of murderous profiteering, all sanctioned by…

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Alabama state works on destroying a family

Whether you are pro life or pro choice or whatever is going on here, this is the bizarre story of a 14 year old girl who was raped, decided to keep the child, had the child, and then soon as the baby was born, the brilliant state of Alabama took both the mother and newborn, nursing at the breast into state custody.  Mega media was silent.  The State of Alabama also let the alleged father and rapist see the baby at the hospital against the wishes of the girl and her family.

BUT the internet went viral.  Millions of hits, all over the place.  MedicalKidnap, the Daily Haze, and dozens of smaller blogs just got the thing buzzing like nuts.

So what did DCHS from Alabama do next?  The right thing, return this mother and child to where the 14 year old wanted to live with her grandparents?  For sure…

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Need more proof the IARDC is hoplessly corrupt?

Here is proof that at my Review Board hearing the court reporter was told “not to set up”, that “we don’t do that here”.  Amazing. So where are we, North Korea?

This is the very basis or root cause of corruption in the Illinois Court System–the changed transcript or the court reporter told “not to set up”.  This happens all the time in secret child custody meetings with the judge and in other arenas.  In the Phillips case, the judge manipulated a settlement discussion meeting so a “court reporter could not set up” and that cost the estate $300,000.

It is the common stated goal of an open, honest, transparent and free democracy to have open and public court hearings–nothing must be done in secret.  But here we have the ARDC advocating and even insisting on kicking out the court reporters.

You will recall when I published the covered…

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From KKD – Licensing of Court Reporters and fraud

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To:” <>; and 50 others
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 12:07 AM
Subject: In Illinois the Supreme Court has ruled that no one needs a license – or in the alternative the Federal and Illinois Constitution is void

Fact:  Illinois requires all professional court reporters to be licensed, non-licensed Court reporters are not to be paid for their court reporting (section 13 of Act).
Fact:  Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission engaged several non-licensed court reporters to provide record of proceedings in their kangaroo panel hearings.   (see affidavit of IARDC attorney filed before the Supreme Court)
Fact: Jerome Larkin, apparently knowing that the employed court reporters were unlicensed authorized their payment even though barred by Statute and common law.  (in the Denison case he authorized about $15000.00 of illegal payments).  NB.  …

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Special Sale on Books John Howard Wyman and Teresa Tozzo Lyles

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Fundraiser Justice 4 Every 1, NFP

Right now we are raising funds for airfare or an airline ticket so I can go to Washington and talk to the Senate Subcommittee at the next subcommittee hearing to help corruption victims who have experienced a loss of a loved one in Probate or Custody through corruption (lack of jurisdiction, changed transcripts, lying in court, false evidence, lying shrinks and courtroom vendors. I want to ask this Subcommittee to appoint a special investigator and return the loved ones to their families with a POA and an Elder Assistant volunteer who meets with the elder once per week and helps them pay bills and make decisions. Also, all monies taken from fraudulent proceedings, the attorneys, nursing homes and court vendors will be returned to the loved one and their family members.

I also have a $500 Comcast bill to pay by June 27, 2016.

Travel to DC will cost about…

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From KKD–why is Jerome Larkin not in Jail?

You know that if any other attorney did what he did–present an utterly false and hopeless bill, not serve the other side, obtain a judgment, when the fraud was called out, then often prosecution is initiated for obtaining a false judgment and in this case with State of Illinois Funds entrusted to the public.  It has been weeks now.  Last pleading by SO, she wanted 2 weeks, for what? Damage Control?  More excuses?  I have not received an apology, I have not received my license back.  If it were you or I, or Ken, or Lanre Amu, for sure we would be sitting in Jail for trying to bilk $14,000 from the State of Illinois by using people who were not licensed to generate a fake bill, then file a motion exparte, then get a judgment and fight it.  It was very fortuitous that I just happened to try to…

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