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From FB: A very scary statute of “chemical endangerment” entices overly zealous prosecutors to charge women who lost a baby at birth or that was stillborn


Here is an interesting article where some over zealous prosecutors are using a statute to go after women who have miscarried, had a stilborn baby or lost a baby shortly after birth on “chemical endangerment”, a statute that was meant to protect children from parents who cook meth at home.

Typically, a state may test tissues from a still birth or birth (generally poor women) for metabolites of drugs, but not the drugs themselves.  Many food items can mimic illegal drugs, as we know (poppy seeds, second hand smoke from marijuana users, etc.) all types of legal activities can be absorbed into the mother’s blood system and turn up as a “metabolite  of a drug” and then the mother might be prosecuted.

Prosecutors must be told to only prosecute when active, verifiable drugs are found in a woman’s system, and even then, it would seem better to send a   woman…

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From FB: Dozens of CPS workers found falsifying records


There has to be nothing worse than losing your child or grandchild to the CPS system based upon the lies of a social worker who just doesn’t care about parental rights. It is utterly heartbreaking and devastating to  a family.

This is one of the most important jobs in a community and many communities are uncovering severe problems ending in the loss of a child or children.

There must be more oversight into these systems.  Parents should not be losing children due to the misbehavior of certain government workers, esp. when these workers at the same time, and the court system backing them is attempting to claim “absolute immunity.”

That is absolutely ludicrous.


By Andrea Ball and Eric Dexheimer / Published January 13, 2015

Houston CPS worker Michelle Robinson testifies during her trial at the Harris County Courthouse in October. Robinson was convicted of falsifying records, sentenced to a…

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from FB: Judges ordered to under go additional training in dealing with domestic abuse


Here is a great article on how little judges know about dealing with, and alleviating domestic abuse and how they need much more training.


Judges to undergo psychological domestic abuse training

domestic abuseImage copyrightLAURA DODSWORTH
Image captionSome campaigners said the new bill “could change Scotland forever”

Judges and sheriffs in Scotland are to receive special training ahead of a new bill to criminalise psychological domestic abuse.

The online training will focus on knowledge and understanding of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018, which comes into force on 1 April.

Participants will also complete a face-to-face domestic abuse course.

The interactive learning package was commissioned by the Judicial Institute for Scotland.

The face-to-face courses will be held in the Institute’s purpose-built judicial learning suite in Edinburgh.

Coercive control

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From AC: What are case management orders all about?


A case management order is often a form issued by the judge that tells parties the following:

  1. a deadline for issuing written discovery (Interrogatories, Requests for Documents and Requests to Admit)
  2. A deadline by which all parties must take discovery of fact witnesses.
  3. In a med mal or pers. injury case, when Plaintiff has to send subpoenas to health care providers by
  4. When expert witnesses must be deposed by
  5. When expert witnesses must provide their expert reports by
  6. When dispositive motions must be filed by (motions to dismiss, summary judgment motions, judgments on the pleadings.)
  7. When discovery will close
  8. The next status date so the judge can inquire of how the case is proceeding and help with any issues or disputes.
  9.  Motions in liminie (pre trial motions)
  10.  Trial Briefs due date
  11. Dates for trial to start and no. of days expected.

These orders help a court keep organized during the…

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From IR/Forbes; Beware of trust mills and estate planning scams



Beware Of These New Estate Planning Scams

Christopher Elliott

Bad advice. High fees. Trust mills. There’s a lot to watch out for when you’re planning for the future, including several new estate planning scams.

“Death brings out the worst in people,” says Francine Kent, an estate appraiser from Sarasota, Fla.

Unscrupulous advisors prey on the elderly and their heirs with questionable legal advice, unnecessary bills, and the ever-present living trust come-ons.

One recent estate stands out in Kent’s mind: a grandfather who had agreed to cover his son-in-law’s college tuition. After the grandfather’s death, his heirs declined to pay for the son-in-law’s bills because he wasn’t named in the will.

“I have seen plenty of awful things,” she adds.

new estate planning scams


You need a plan (even if you think you don’t)

Think you don’t need a plan? Think again.


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From FB: parents cleared after allegations proved false


Sooo many parents are losing their kids nowadays due to false allegations because the states get Title IV funds.  Previously I have published a video where a judge and a DCFS lawyer coached other lawyers to lie on forms to take away kids (always check off the negligence box, no matter what. And no matter what evidence parents present, I always rule against them.  Let them file an appeal or federal court case because the state needs the federal funds. )

So this is one honest judge.  We need more honest judges.


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