New report says numerous federal appeallate judges broke Ethics Laws

And while we can’t even get the ARDC to file their ethics reports, even after numerous requests from this blog, (I think even Atty Rhodes went so far as to say that using ARDC email to ask the ARDC to comply with Ethics Law and report on their salaries was abuse of their emails, but I’m not sure that’s what she meant), the federal appellate judges are in some pretty hot water for failing to disclose ownership of stock and other business interests before ruling on cases where they held such an interest.

Even the ownership of one share of stock in a company that is involved in a federal court lawsuit is automatic grounds for a federal judge or appellate judge to recuse himself.

The report, which was in reality, just a sampling of judges and cases, called into question the decision of judges in 26 cases!


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And from another corner of the Universe –Hawaii

From Kathie Bakken, and you won’t believe what the President of Hawaii University is telling his college students.

I wonder what the law school is teaching anyone.

The quotes are utterly amazing.  Almost as good as those out of the ARDC!

It’s almost impossible to believe that anyone educated with a college agree would not agree with basic human rights.  Let’s give those college kids a thousand gold stars today for sticking up for basic human rights and the US Constitution on Constitution Day

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NEW decision from ND Illinois court–Civil Rights Claim Dismissed

Dear Readers;

Please see below.  We recently received an answer to our Motion to Dismiss our Civil Rights complaint where Ken and I complained about the behavior of Peter Schmeidel, Adam Stern (for interfering with my blogging), Cynthia Farenga for assisting, and Jerome Larkin for assisting and for PS and AS calling up and threatening Ken that if he did not drop his investigation of the Mary Sykes case, he would be sanctioned by the probate court!  As incredulous as this seems, I have heard numerous other reports of threats in the probate courts by the “in group” from those that don’t normally practice there but have a client with a juicy estate.  This is abominable behavior.

The decision is interesting, but odd.  We stated a claim for direct violation of our First Amendment rights, but the court says we did not state a claim for Retaliation under the First…

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When the US govt crushes dissent, will I get 3 years like Sina Weibo?

From the Daily Mail, UK:

Sina Weibo has been jailed for 3 years for running a popular Chinese blog on the internet.  Prosecutors said Qin Zhihui had ‘seriously harmed social order’ by posting inaccurate reports on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter (read that, something a Chinese party member didn’t like).  He also apologized, but did a “Joanne apology”– “I don’t want to defend myself” (because the next thing is they take me out back and shoot me and grind up the bits for the river) and “I hope my experience is a good lesson to other microbloggers.” (The govt will seriously crush your dissent and free speech).

So my question to the IARDC and my tribunal now is:

1) will I get 3 years like Quin Zhihui?  Would that be a fitting analogy?  Should Ken ask for a reduced sentence because they give less in Communist China where people have…

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From Attorney Tom Weiss, as published in Disabled World

Dear Tom;

Thank you so much for published in your article your experiences in the probate area of the Daley Center.

I agree with you, most nurses and aides are professional, kind and caring and therefore attracted to taking care of our most vulnerable but precious population–the disableds and elders.

On a darker side, there will always be a strong minority that are attracted to nursing homes for everything they can 5 finger–clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.–even and sometimes especially the drugs.  Nursing homes are chock full of psychotropic drugs that mostly tranquilize, make one happy when you’re not really happy and you forget your problems and sleep instead of being a productive, useful citizen.  They mask pain, real and emotional.   Like Nurse Jackie, many will work in a hospital or nursing home setting.

From personal experience and from the experiences of others, I know of the thefts, the drugs…

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From Ken Ditkowsky, a discussion of Qui Tam or False Claims

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 18, 2014 2:34 PM
To: Curt Sahakian
Subject: Qui Tam complaint against the IARDC

I wonder if a Qui Tam lawsuit against the IARDC would be appropriate.
The fact that Larkin et al fail to file the Ethic’s reports is a starting point.   A second point is the fact that Larkin is using his position with the IARDC in clearly ultra vires manners, to wit:
1) Violations of First Amendment.  Larkin as an attorney is well aware of the Recent Supreme Court cases and the fact that he is swimming uphill.   Several cases were filed – mine, JoAnne’s Amu’s etc.  Where does Larkin get his authority.
2) Use of IARDC assets and money.   The assets of IARDC cannot be used to violate Civil Rights, to violate copyrights, or to provide defense to officials who violate civil rights.   The mandate of…

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