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From FB; Great article on how judges often award visitation to the abuser and ignore the warnings of the protective parent



Domestic violence victims struggle in family courts to retain custody of children

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From FB: $21 million missing from the US treasury, is anyone shocked?



Forbes magazine just yesterday became the first major media to blow the lid off of $21 trillion that have gone missing from the US treasury. The entire article is copied below. To give an idea of how much money that is, if you divide the entire US population of around 325 million into $21 trillion, the amount missing is equivalent to $65,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country.

CBS News in 2002 was the first to report on the much smaller amount of $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon, as acknowledged by then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in a report on the Dept. of Defense website. Rumsfeld’s report was later strangely removed from the website, but is still available on the Internet archive.

No other media picked up on this mind-blowing story. What should have been a top headline-grabbing story of highest concern to…

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From FB: Video of mom having phone grabbed, surrounded by sheriffs, all for trying to set motion hearing


from https://custodywars.com/2018/07/alex-jones-exs-custodywars-com-announces-video-series-footage-the-jury-never-saw-2/

When Judge Orlinda Naranjo refused to even set a Hearing for Kelly Jones’ Emergency Temporary Restraining Order, Kelly said she wouldn’t leave the Courthouse until her Motion was set.

The Emergency TRO was filed the same week that Kelly’s ex, Alex Jones, was taken off YouTube and Facebook (blocked) for Hate Speech and Child Endangerment.

When an Emergency Ex Parte TRO is filed, it is the Judge’s duty to hear it immediately.

Kelly stayed in her car overnight with her friend, Dawn Balli, who lost her daughter in Naranjo’s Court.

The next morning, when Kelly went to the Administrative Court to get the Hearing set, she found herself surrounded by five Sheriff’s Deputies.

One grabbed her phone.

Kelly has experienced years of bias, intimidation and injustice in the Travis County Court system.

Please watch and share this far and wide. Kelly needs people to understand and get outraged about…

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From FB: WH issues decision that it is okay to abuse and neglect the elderly in nursing homes


We all know that nursing homes are the gulags and poor houses for the elderly. The courts force them there. Every resident in a nursing home cries out to go home or go to a home like setting. Their civil and human rights are ignored because they are over 70, over 80 or whatever. They are in wheel chairs. They are drugged with chemical restraints. No one cares. Unless they have insurance or medicare money, then they are traded like chips at a casino for profit.

After my numerous faxes to the White House about the death and destruction of the elderly, what happens?  Read on.


Trump gives nursing homes shocking green light to abuse elderly to point of death

The Trump administration has told nursing homes that they can feel free to abuse or neglect the elderly, even to the point of death, and…

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from Forbes: Follow the money: 35K state employees in Florida earn $100k or more



Follow the Money in Florida: 34,873 Public Employees with $100,000+ Salaries Cost Taxpayers $5.5B

Adam Andrzejewski

Top 10 highly compensated small town and city administrators in Florida (FY2017).OPENTHEBOOKS

When our team of auditors at OpenTheBooks.com reviewed the most highly compensated employees at every level of government in Florida, we found more than 35,000 state and local government employees brought home six and seven-figure salaries, costing taxpayers $5.5 billion annually.

Since last year, the headcount of these high-compensated Florida government workers jumped by nearly 4,000 employees.

The list of high earners includes an airport director accepting retirement payments and a working salary; a city attorney making $436,918; a junior college president making $386,578; and a county administrator making $346,722. There are even 26 small-town, village, and city managers out-earning every governor of the 50 states.

Using our interactive mapping tool, quickly review (by zip code) the 34,873…

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from MG: the APA or American Psychological Association is currently soliciting comments on Custody Evaluations



When you visit this link, please be aware that it times out in 20 minutes so you might want to type up your comments first and then cut and paste them into the browser window.

You may wish to comment:  1) therapists should be trained and certified in the area of Custody Evaluations; 2)there must be set in forth strict standards as to how long the professional must meet with the parties, their children, teachers, the family’s health care professionals and anyone licensed who spends more than an hour or two during each year observing and/or working with the children and/or family in the area of heath, welfare and behavior; 3) the therapist should be familiar in the area of parental alienation; 4) the therapist should subject to online evaluation by the parents who have used the therapist in the past; 5) a budget should be set in advance…

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from PS: the New Yorker recognizes that Guardianship is akin to workhouses and gulags–a place to be sent to wither and die.


Finally the NEW YORKER recognized that guardian ships are in too many cases akin to Gulags – with a profit motive.   (The usual Gulag is political – however, it is appearing that the level of corruption associated with the criminal enterprise that a political motive may also exist)
Why protection of the elderly from the abuse of guardianships has not been a high priority is not a mystery!     The money to be garnered is outrageous!   (Sykes 3 million, Gore 1.5 million, Tyler 8 million***** plus MEDICARE FRAUD – plus sur charge of 700%   AND the 18 USCA 371 co conspirators being ignored by the STate and Federal Taxing authorities).
Under ADA and the Federal and State Constitution many of these guardianships are patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL  = BUT the fraud is way too profitable.   (Philip Esformes was indicted for stealing a billion dollars – here in Illinois the GAL who allegedly…

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from fb: court watchers needed tomorrow Jul. 25, 2018 in both NYC and Chicago


In New York City:

I need people to come to NYC 60 centre street tomorrow afternoon 1:45 2:00 p.m. room 212 supreme court Judge Matthew Coopers room for court watching and legal friend support. This is evette mobile is 917 902 5798 thank u.
Wednedsay July 25th, 38th anniversary, really ironic.
In Chicago:
Probate Court, decedent’s estate, Chicago.
Name of case: Teichert.  11:30 am.  Client Linda Scully.  18th floor Chicago Daley Center.  Judge Malone.  phone 312 549 2112
thanks to all out there that can go

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Medical Kidnap: Justina’s story from probate in Mass.


Computer Hacker Who Defended Justina Pelletier When Medically Kidnapped Speaks Out From Jail Where he has been for 2 Years Without a Trial


Health Impact News

MartyG: “My Prosecutor Quit His Job”

by Marty Gottesfeld
from jail

Was a recent courtroom confrontation the last straw or was there more?

My name is Marty Gottesfeld and I defended Justina Pelletier and her parents’ rights when she was medically kidnapped by Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) in 2014.

Shortly thereafter the FBI and U.S. Justice Department began systematically trying to destroy the lives that my lovely and courageous wife Dana and I had built for ourselves in nearby Somerville, Massachusetts.

They nearly succeeded. This month marks the beginning of my third year in jail awaiting trial for helping to save Justina’s life.

It also marks the beginning of the end of the 5-year federal criminal statute of limitations on the crimes perpetrated by…

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