from PS: the New Yorker recognizes that Guardianship is akin to workhouses and gulags–a place to be sent to wither and die.

Finally the NEW YORKER recognized that guardian ships are in too many cases akin to Gulags – with a profit motive.   (The usual Gulag is political – however, it is appearing that the level of corruption associated with the criminal enterprise that a political motive may also exist)
Why protection of the elderly from the abuse of guardianships has not been a high priority is not a mystery!     The money to be garnered is outrageous!   (Sykes 3 million, Gore 1.5 million, Tyler 8 million***** plus MEDICARE FRAUD – plus sur charge of 700%   AND the 18 USCA 371 co conspirators being ignored by the STate and Federal Taxing authorities).
Under ADA and the Federal and State Constitution many of these guardianships are patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL  = BUT the fraud is way too profitable.   (Philip Esformes was indicted for stealing a billion dollars – here in Illinois the GAL who allegedly…

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