From FB: WH issues decision that it is okay to abuse and neglect the elderly in nursing homes

We all know that nursing homes are the gulags and poor houses for the elderly. The courts force them there. Every resident in a nursing home cries out to go home or go to a home like setting. Their civil and human rights are ignored because they are over 70, over 80 or whatever. They are in wheel chairs. They are drugged with chemical restraints. No one cares. Unless they have insurance or medicare money, then they are traded like chips at a casino for profit.

After my numerous faxes to the White House about the death and destruction of the elderly, what happens?  Read on.

Trump gives nursing homes shocking green light to abuse elderly to point of death

The Trump administration has told nursing homes that they can feel free to abuse or neglect the elderly, even to the point of death, and…

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