from MG: the APA or American Psychological Association is currently soliciting comments on Custody Evaluations

When you visit this link, please be aware that it times out in 20 minutes so you might want to type up your comments first and then cut and paste them into the browser window.

You may wish to comment:  1) therapists should be trained and certified in the area of Custody Evaluations; 2)there must be set in forth strict standards as to how long the professional must meet with the parties, their children, teachers, the family’s health care professionals and anyone licensed who spends more than an hour or two during each year observing and/or working with the children and/or family in the area of heath, welfare and behavior; 3) the therapist should be familiar in the area of parental alienation; 4) the therapist should subject to online evaluation by the parents who have used the therapist in the past; 5) a budget should be set in advance…

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