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From AP: Judge Claps drops gun at 26th and Cal. and gets charged



What’s interesting about this story is that the judge is charged for dropping a loaded gun that did not hurt anyone.

However, if a Judge in probate allows the drugging, forcing a senior into a nursing home against his or her will, isolating them from family and friends, selling the home for a reduced price, and all sorts of horrible harm to a ward of the state, no one, not the states attorneys, not the FBI will touch that one.

Mary Sykes, Al Frake, Carol Wyman, Mary Jane Teichert, and the list goes on and on, were all murdered, but THAT the authorities can ignore.

Who care about a dropped gun when the judges are involved in torture and murder of the elderly?


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From FB: Need a Writ of Habeas Corpus for someone wrongfully imprisoned? Here is the Federal Court form and a state court form.


From the US govt forms data base:

Click to access ao241.pdf

From the internet for state court (you have to file in state court first)

here is the link in google docts


please print this out and mail it to all state prisons that you know of.  Many people are wrongfully arrested and imprisoned.  This should be sent to the law librarian at the prison so prisoners can print this out and fill it out and send it in.  It might have to be accompanied by a Motion or Petition for Waiver of Fees (aka “Paupers Petition” or “Indigent Petition.”

Good luck and best wishes to all those out there wrongfully imprisoned.


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From MWD: Useful Words in Court


Remember, in court you can’t call your opponent a liar, the judge a liar, that both the judge and opposing counsel is working to rubber stamp corruption. You have to be more subtle.  Best defense:  give them all a word they have to look up.

So this is a beginning series of Useful Words you can use in court:

Bloviate:  Long winded and wordy.

Example:  Mr. X is a bloviate attorney indulging in numerous obtuse excuses for his client’s illegal behavior.

Sophistry:  Deceptive Arguments

Example:  Mr X’s brief is filled with nothing by sophistry

Or, ah a new pleading from Mr. X filled with his magnificent Sophistry

Asserverate:  Confirm or affirm in an earnest manner

The Office of Public Guardian is always asserverate in dispensing with wards or their property.

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From RM: Ohio Supreme Court finds appointment of GAL in divorce is final and appealable order


you can find this case at:

Click to access 2018-ohio-2417.pdf

selections from this case:

Divorce—A trial court’s order appointing a guardian ad litem to represent an adult
in a divorce case is a final, appealable order under R.C. 2505.02(B)(2)
when adult has not been adjudicated incompetent subsequent to providing
parties with notice and opportunity to be heard on issue of adult’s
competency—Court of appeals’ judgment reversed, trial court’s order
appointing guardian ad litem vacated, and cause remanded to trial court.
(No. 2016-1629—Submitted November 21, 2017—Decided June 27, 2018.)
APPEAL from the Court of Appeals for Cuyahoga County, No. 104579.

{¶ 1} Appellant, Carol J. Thomasson (“Carol”), has asked us to reverse a
judgment of the Eighth District Court of Appeals and hold that the trial court’s order
appointing a guardian ad litem (“GAL”) to act on her behalf in her divorce case is
a final…

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From JC: A List of Tactics Corrupt Judges use to Wrongfully Take Children from Protective Parents


Tactics Judges Use to Take your Children
• Judges often meet in Chambers with all Attorney’s, G.A.L’s to make deals without client present. Where no court reporter is present and no audio video proof of what being said.
• Judges will ignore testimony, facts and witnesses
• They will confuse issues in cases
• They will use Courthouse Security Guards to intimidate people, by interrogation or by following you
• They will collude with G.A.L and make decisions without reason or proof, usually an oral reason with no basis or fact
• They will give you no due process
• Frequently ignore the law and your Constitutional rights
• Make biased judgements against a certain party, where the other party will break court orders with full judicial immunity
• Threaten you to sign paperwork under duress without discovery
• Allows certain parties to create Fraud upon the court, “Perjury” while…

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From SK: Courtroom Justice Activists needed in Wheaton Tomorrow at 9:30 to ralley for justice an accountability


Tomorrow there will be a number of Judges at the Wheaton 4th of July parade that I have received  a lot of complaints about.

Litigants who believe that they have not received justice in the DuPage County courts are welcome to come out and meet up with other protesters to rally for justice and accountability at the following address:

The parade starts out at 5/3 Bank
1500 North Main Street Wheaton, IL 60187
815 715 0930 and ask for Silvia
There will be sign boards and lots of flyers to pass out.
Please call the above phone number if interested.
We are actually trying to get together a group of protesters to do each courthouse in Illinois in each county until we have justice and accountability in our Illinois court system.
for more info see the facebook page for Unified Alliance Illinois

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From MF: Why don’t the authorities respond to complaints regarding clergy sexual abuse?


Mike Ference works tirelessly to help victims of clergy sexual abuse.  These people have no place in our churches.  Pray for our churches to stay pure.  Pray for justice for these victims.

from Mike:

Sadly, more whistleblowers of Catholic clergy sex abuse and cover-ups continue to reach out to me; a $10.00 an hour security guard for help in lieu of government agencies and law enforcement officials. We can only assume they trust me more than any PA government official to do the right thing, or to at least try and do the right thing.
Perhaps, it’s time that PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro hire me as independent agent for his office. I would be willing to work as an independent contractor. I would even be willing to work for a measly $10.00 an hour, no benefits, certainly no pension or 401 plan.
Maybe, some of my passion, dedication and…

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From NASGA: Oh, no no no! Kids for cash judge asks for Clemency?


What Chutzpah.  About the worst criminal on earth, a judge that literally ruined the lives of nearly 2,000 innocent children, he files for Clemency?

Let’s repeat what his buddy said, his partner in crime, Ciavarella, — zero tolerance and maximum sentence, always guilty, no attorney and no appeals.

I guess they don’t like their own medicine.

Judges are not above the law.



Kids-for-cash judge seeks clemency

SCRANTON — Disgraced former kids-for-cash Judge Michael T. Conahan seeks clemency on the 17½-year federal prison sentence he is serving.

Conahan, 66, pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy charges in the scandal and has been behind bars since he was sentenced in September 2011. A searchable database on the Department of Justice’s website that was made public in March shows Conahan has a pending request for a sentence commutation, or reduction.

The database does not provide any information about the reason for the…

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