From Sandra A. Black–another probate tale of horrors

Ms. Joanne Denison, I thought I would write a short few paragraphs to try to capture words that describe the pain and suffering of a family destroyed.

I have always been the glue to hold our family together.  Each branch of personalities so vastly different from the next, so harshly entangled with thorns and thistles of racial oppression.  I am a graduate of Tuskegee University with a conferred Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.  Through harsh brutal torturous racism, three different positions, two different States, and ten years (a decade), I went through a life similar to Carl Brashear as portrayed in the movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Men of Honor, in the nineties.  Is this the twilight zone?  Still in the nineties, this is happening!!!  White managers gather to watch me nearly lose my life in a work assignment just as they did in Carl’s divining assignment.  I…

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New Project–Corruption victims going to Washington

I have already contacted the Senate Subcommitte on Aging to find out when their next hearing and I will be bringing with all the forms I have been collecting on abuses in guardianship.

Below is a link to the the survey form on abusive/horrific guardianships

If you were in one of these, please print out the form and email it to me at

There are also forms for if you have been in an abusive custody battle, or in a state custody kidnap battle

1)   Abusive Guardianship form.  Where elder or disabled guardianized under corrupt  “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, medicate to eliminate, cremate.”

2) Corrupt Divorce/Custody battle where children were removed by state wrongfully and placed (sold) into foster homes

3)  custody battle with state or state kidnap form:

please post and cross post.  I want to go to Congress with the results…

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Good news–Disabled person Lillian Tonkinson found

While I won’t reveal the details, your prayers and I hope posting and cross posting on this blog worked to find this young lady.

Apparently LT fears for her life in the new home and the parents are once again contacting the authorities to bring this woman home, so keep on praying.

I have advised them to file more police reports, complain to all the state attorneys general, file objections in court, file with the Inspector Generals because assuredly state health care funds are used to do this.

So please keep on praying.  It’s our most powerful tool.

Miss LT needs to be returned home and end this nightmare for her mother, father and brother.

Thanks to all of you who posted and cross posted this mother’s plea.

keep up the good work


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Alicia Perry – victim of gross corruption in probate, Washington DC

Case Summary: Alicia Perry, a 67 year old woman.
Case No.: 2013 ADM 22; 2014 CCC 118
Jurisdiction: Washington DC
Judge’s Name: Erik P Christian

Alicia Perry’s mother took out a reverse mortgage on her home to fix it up in 2006. In order to do this, Alicia and her mother, Selena Abrams, had to remove Alicia’s name from the deed because she was not age 62 yet. The amount of the loan is unknown. Selena was solicited during a church function.

The home was worth approximately $500,000. Alicia was told she could put her name back on the deed at any time. Then, at age 62, then the reverse mortgage would be rolled over to Alicia Perry and she could live in the home until she passed. When Alicia turned 61, she and her mother put her name back on the deed as joint tenants with rights of survivorship…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–a discussion of problems in the court system and nursing homes

Some background.  Patrick Murphy was running the Office of Public Guardian at the time the famous fire c. 2006 broke out killing 6 people at 69 W. Washington Ave.  They died in the stairwells because “someone” locked them.  That “someone” committed manslaughter and has never been brought to justice.  There needs to be an investigation.  News articles initially on the internet reported the fire with boxes of documents and accelerant.  Later this would change to a fire in a storage area and a faulty light fixture was the cause. Right.  Investigation anyone?  Apparently all the older lawyers in Chicago know what happened, why don’t the authorities and why don’t they publish truthful reports?

Next, Morris Esformes is by far the slumlord of for profit nursing homes (and to begin with, even the best of nursing homes are nothing but slums, interrment camps, gulags and ghettos for the elderly and disabled)…

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More SCOTUS first amendment postions shame the ARDC

from Ken Ditkowsky–
This morning I noted an e-mail that referred to the most recent Supreme Court of the United States decisions and alerted the public to the aforesaid decisions.   As is my habit I sent copies of the e-mail to everyone is sight.   I do this because even though I recognize the fact that Jerome Larkin, the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission, and the Illinois Supreme Court do not believe in the rule of law and ignore the FIRST AMENDMENT as well as ABA Rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4, 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 241,242, ***** these decisions are very important.    Unfortunately the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court are not alone and lawyers who express complaints against corrupt judges, lawyers and judicial officials are intimidated and silenced.  The perfidious miscreants in black robes and similar garb continue their evil ways unabated.
That said…

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A special mother’s day belated blessing to all the mothers and children

I do hope you have all survived the weekend.  I know for many of you it has been hard.  I have received scores of emails from mothers and children separated by corrupt courts in both probate and in (anti) family court.

I wish you all a belated happy mother’s day.  My mother is gone, but I still love her and miss her and talk to her everyday out loud but unseen.  She is not dead, but lives on in a different dimension.  A much happier and more wonderful dimension.

I have heard from all of you, and I want to pass it on, that having a mother you cannot see because a guardian, a GAL, a court ordered it, was not possible creates the worst mother’s day possible. I still hear from scores of children, depressed in grief, the cannot see their elderly mothers at all, cannot even call them…

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The Brian Kinter story–father loses custody based upon secret hearing with children

One of the most troublesome problems in custody proceedings is where one parent loses all contact with children. In this case. Brian Kinter lost access to his children when the judge said she wanted to hold an in camera closed meeting with the kids.  Brian objected, and the judge took retaliatory action. Brian feared his ex would coach the children to say they were abused when in fact they were not.  The mother had filed allegations of abuse one after the other with Child Services. Even Child Services said that the allegations looked suspicicous because they were filed either before a court hearing, or they were filed as soon as Mother found out that one had been dismissed.

Judges often suspend parental rights and parenting time soon as one of these allegation is filed.  That is what happened to Brian. To add insult to injury, when the judge asked for…

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New Case–Autistic Girl abused in Missouri

Please read the below case.  This lovely young girl has been severely abused in Guardianship court and needs her mother. The mother is distraught and heartbroken at losing her daughter to a state system that is only interested in this girl’s trust fund.

If anyone knows where Lillian Tonkinson is, please contact me or the mother Mary Catherin Ford on Facebook IMMEDIATELY.

Below is the story of her abuse:

23.    Lillian Tonkinson    Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045

Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045
Lillian Tonkinson is a young lady who is 20 years old and has always lived with her family.  She is a high school graduate.  She has mild autism and slightly diminished IQ.  Mom is in a wheel chair due to hip trouble.  LT has a 14 year old brother who wants his sister home.  While in a facility, Mother was only allowed to have supervised visits for 1.5 hours every…

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From Mark Adams–taking a case to a Grand Jury

I know a lot of people are very interested in taking their cases of courtroom corruption to grand juries because the FBI and prosecutors and the police look the other way and just want to do speeding tickets and drug arrests, which are relatively easy peasy, but for those of you that want justice back in the courts and want lying, thieving attorneys and judges (think “Kids for Cash” we have elders and disableds for cash and Kids for Sale to the highest bidding shrinks and “evaluators”), time to take a look at how to get directly to that Grand Jury.

from Mark Adams, JD

From: Mark Adams
Sent: May 3, 2016 5:33 PM
To: Gregory Todd

Subject: RE: From Greg Todd, please see – The Peoples Branch Manual!


It sounds like we agree about what needs to be done to the bankster scum who have stolen most of…

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