A special mother’s day belated blessing to all the mothers and children


I do hope you have all survived the weekend.  I know for many of you it has been hard.  I have received scores of emails from mothers and children separated by corrupt courts in both probate and in (anti) family court.

I wish you all a belated happy mother’s day.  My mother is gone, but I still love her and miss her and talk to her everyday out loud but unseen.  She is not dead, but lives on in a different dimension.  A much happier and more wonderful dimension.

I have heard from all of you, and I want to pass it on, that having a mother you cannot see because a guardian, a GAL, a court ordered it, was not possible creates the worst mother’s day possible. I still hear from scores of children, depressed in grief, the cannot see their elderly mothers at all, cannot even call them…

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