New Case–Autistic Girl abused in Missouri

Please read the below case.  This lovely young girl has been severely abused in Guardianship court and needs her mother. The mother is distraught and heartbroken at losing her daughter to a state system that is only interested in this girl’s trust fund.

If anyone knows where Lillian Tonkinson is, please contact me or the mother Mary Catherin Ford on Facebook IMMEDIATELY.

Below is the story of her abuse:

23.    Lillian Tonkinson    Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045

Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045
Lillian Tonkinson is a young lady who is 20 years old and has always lived with her family.  She is a high school graduate.  She has mild autism and slightly diminished IQ.  Mom is in a wheel chair due to hip trouble.  LT has a 14 year old brother who wants his sister home.  While in a facility, Mother was only allowed to have supervised visits for 1.5 hours every…

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