From Sandra A. Black–another probate tale of horrors

Ms. Joanne Denison, I thought I would write a short few paragraphs to try to capture words that describe the pain and suffering of a family destroyed.

I have always been the glue to hold our family together.  Each branch of personalities so vastly different from the next, so harshly entangled with thorns and thistles of racial oppression.  I am a graduate of Tuskegee University with a conferred Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.  Through harsh brutal torturous racism, three different positions, two different States, and ten years (a decade), I went through a life similar to Carl Brashear as portrayed in the movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Men of Honor, in the nineties.  Is this the twilight zone?  Still in the nineties, this is happening!!!  White managers gather to watch me nearly lose my life in a work assignment just as they did in Carl’s divining assignment.  I…

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