Alicia Perry – victim of gross corruption in probate, Washington DC

Case Summary: Alicia Perry, a 67 year old woman.
Case No.: 2013 ADM 22; 2014 CCC 118
Jurisdiction: Washington DC
Judge’s Name: Erik P Christian

Alicia Perry’s mother took out a reverse mortgage on her home to fix it up in 2006. In order to do this, Alicia and her mother, Selena Abrams, had to remove Alicia’s name from the deed because she was not age 62 yet. The amount of the loan is unknown. Selena was solicited during a church function.

The home was worth approximately $500,000. Alicia was told she could put her name back on the deed at any time. Then, at age 62, then the reverse mortgage would be rolled over to Alicia Perry and she could live in the home until she passed. When Alicia turned 61, she and her mother put her name back on the deed as joint tenants with rights of survivorship…

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