New Project–Corruption victims going to Washington

I have already contacted the Senate Subcommitte on Aging to find out when their next hearing and I will be bringing with all the forms I have been collecting on abuses in guardianship.

Below is a link to the the survey form on abusive/horrific guardianships

If you were in one of these, please print out the form and email it to me at

There are also forms for if you have been in an abusive custody battle, or in a state custody kidnap battle

1)   Abusive Guardianship form.  Where elder or disabled guardianized under corrupt  “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, medicate to eliminate, cremate.”

2) Corrupt Divorce/Custody battle where children were removed by state wrongfully and placed (sold) into foster homes

3)  custody battle with state or state kidnap form:

please post and cross post.  I want to go to Congress with the results…

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