From Ken Ditkowsky–a discussion of problems in the court system and nursing homes

Some background.  Patrick Murphy was running the Office of Public Guardian at the time the famous fire c. 2006 broke out killing 6 people at 69 W. Washington Ave.  They died in the stairwells because “someone” locked them.  That “someone” committed manslaughter and has never been brought to justice.  There needs to be an investigation.  News articles initially on the internet reported the fire with boxes of documents and accelerant.  Later this would change to a fire in a storage area and a faulty light fixture was the cause. Right.  Investigation anyone?  Apparently all the older lawyers in Chicago know what happened, why don’t the authorities and why don’t they publish truthful reports?

Next, Morris Esformes is by far the slumlord of for profit nursing homes (and to begin with, even the best of nursing homes are nothing but slums, interrment camps, gulags and ghettos for the elderly and disabled)…

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